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[News] November 22nd Shard-Wide Meeting with EMs and UO Developer Mesanna Transcript

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Sunday evening EM Kasaven and UO Dev Mesanna took some of their valuable time to meet with the players of the Catskills shard to discuss adding a teleport system for players to travel to Player made towns. This is a move to encourage more player interaction and to reward those players who take the time to build their own city that they take pride in. To say it went smoothly would be a fabrication on my part. So the following Transcript had to go through heavy editing. Though the major questions of the evening are here along with the answers they provided.

    Mesanna says: How is everyone this evening? Ok guys. We are here to talk about towns and the possibility of town teleporters. Now, here are the rules. If you are not here to talk about this, I would appreciate you being quiet if you do not have anything to say. If you keep interrupting I will take actions, and anyone else, can you please change your text if you are using green or light blue.

    EM Kasaven: Good eve, everyone

    Mesanna: ok now to make this easy. Please let Kas know if you want to speak So everyone can hear what is said, please let us do this one at a time.

    Katherine Elle: I wish to speak for myself, and I have comments from Hawkeye Pike of the United pirates as well. Who unfortunately wasn't able to make it here tonight.

    Mesanna: Cern will not be able to join us tonight

    EM Kasaven: If you have questions, comments, about player run towns and teleporters. Raise your hand and I'll put you in the que.

    Mesanna: ok so let us begin. who is first Kas?

    EM Kasaven: Elle is first, with Sage in que

    Katherine Elle: Alright, I'm speaking first for Hawkeye Pike

    Mesanna: Hi Katherine

    Katherine Elle: Hellooooo. I'll have to read his words word for word. *fumbles around for notes* Okay, here it is. *unfolds the paper* Nifty features won't make guilds and community active; the things we can already do and make with custom housing are great. the village signs are nice and appreciated but what would help most is promoting player run events better in game. My suggestion is a more reliable, in game way to contact the EM's. A good way would be a mailbox for them, to drop a rune and book down in so that the EM's can recall to the house and leave their response.

    Mesanna: I am glad you brought this up. May I respond?

    Katherine Elle: I'll pause before the next parts of his statement, of course.

    Mesanna: ok this is my idea that will do just that. Banners will be connected, the ones in your towns' will also be placed here. Like this one. Now, when you earn teleporters they will be placed by your banners, but in the mean time to promote your events the EM's will lock down a book under your banner. You can keep a record of your player run events for all the players to be able to check. Now, you will be responsible for updating this book, not the EM. That is the first step in supporting your events.

    Katherine Elle: Will there be any way to prevent someone from coming by and copying over the books?

    Mesanna: yes

    Katherine Elle: Okay, then that sounds great.

    Mesanna: I can put no use on the books so they cannot be changed

    Katherine Elle: How will we change them then? I'm confused on that part.

    Mesanna: I can remove it

    Katherine Elle: Oh! That makes sense.

    Mesanna: or you can get the book replaced with an updated version. May I ask you a question?

    EM Kasaven: (by placing in my mailbox, when I get one)

    Katherine Elle: Sure, but these so far have been Hawkeye's points not my own, so I can try and answer, but I'm not sure.

    Mesanna: as a player how far in advance do you plan events?

    Katherine Elle: Usually I try to at least have things in place a week or more in advance.

    Aneirin: For the pirates, anywhere from a few minutes to a month or more.

    Mesanna: few minutes we might have an issue with. Week in advance is acceptable. Go ahead.

    Katherine Elle: Okay, he had two other points. He wanted to know if there is any way that a tool could be implemented for the future to allow things to be 'set' and readable, like books, in the forest. To help aid players in making scavenger quest, hint quests, or investigation quests. The tool could let something be unmoved until it's decay time, and then it decays normally.

    Mesanna: Usually if something is locked down it will not decay. Same as in a house. I am not against you working with your EM's to help in this manner.

    Katherine Elle: That's what I thought, but I promised to bring forth his suggestions.

    Mesanna: but, it will have to be advanced notice and for everyone.

    EM Kasaven: May I? I'm more than happy to lock things down, temporarily, for player run events, books for scavenger hunts, so on, as long as they can't be used for any advantage, and they can be easily removed, just as they are placed, after the event. Just a matter of emailing me with a few days notice to do so, or when I get a mailbox, doing it via that method. Which is a good idea.

    Katherine Elle: Hawkeye's final suggestion

    Mesanna: Is there anything else?

    Katherine Elle: Well, I have my own questions after, which will be short. But Hawkeyes last suggestion, was that there be some sort of gate made in Haven and Luna that leads to either the fairgrounds here, or to the Britain Counselors hall?

    Mesanna: Honestly I am not putting any gates in Luna. It is already laggy. I will put a gate to here from the hall.

    Katherine Elle: There is one from the hall to here. Just not anywhere else. In most shards, the fairgrounds tend to be outside Luna.

    Mesanna: Yes I know. I built them =)

    Katherine Elle: So it confuses some new players to our shard that there's no indication in Luna that our fairgrounds are here instead. That was I think Hawkeye's point.

    Mesanna: I will think about it, but let us get back to the towns please for now.

    Katherine Elle: Alright. My first question is, what has been decided? I know you already met on Chesapeake. Was anything decided there?

    Mesanna: yes we have made a decision. The decision is the teleporters to the towns that will be role played. Other towns have to recommend to the queen to grant teleporters. So you as the players will have to say who deserves one.

    Katherine Elle: I like that idea, and think it's for the best.

    Mesanna: this way no one feels we are making the decisions

    Katherine Elle: My other questions were, what are a towns requirements? Are there any?

    Mesanna: Now please finish

    Katherine Elle: Alright. I wanted to know if any suggestions were made or adopted, or if any requirements were made as what a town is?

    Mesanna: EM Dudley had a really good suggestion. He grouped the types of town names by how many were in it. It went from 1-4 and so on, of course they have some towns with 35+ buildings in it. They are very excited about this idea. I will say this. Within reason you guys can come up with your own rules. Rules that fit your shard.

    Katherine Elle: I believe Olympus is the largest player run town on the shard, and we have thirty four buildings currently. So if EM Dudley's suggestions cover up to there. Could we hear those? It might be a nice basis to go off of.

    Mesanna: I think his guide lines are pretty good. I will have Kas post them on Cats web site. 1-4 is a settlement, for example. He will post them for you guys as guidelines. I know one shard is different than others, so you might want them called something else. This is up to you guys. Was that it?

    Katherine Elle: Alright. My only suggestion then before I'm done is this. I brought this up with the EM's before... We have many guilds that run market events at times. The Pirates are the most noticeable, and Aegis and the Guardians do these as well. I was wondering if there was any way that for these events temporary provisioners could be placed by the EM's in the market buildings for purchasing of extra bags. When I asked Emissary Kasaven and Cernunnos the answer was they would be exploitable possibly.

    Mesanna: ok maybe I am not understanding you? Are you asking for vendors to be placed?

    Katherine Elle: Provisioners! The ones that are in regular towns, that sell bags.

    Mesanna: Well first off they can't place them

    Katherine Elle: Okay, that's fine then. I may wish to talk about some of the other things brought up by others, but that will be after.

    Mesanna: how about we keep that for later

    Katherine Elle: Thank you for letting me have my time

    Mesanna: because after a town earns their teleporters we can think about other things later, as a provisioner and such. Thank you.

    Mesanna: Hello Sage

    Sage: *bows her head gently* Allo. Thank you for hearing me tonight. I would like to know what requirements are needed to acquire a town marker, and to be considered for a teleporter?

    Mesanna: Ok guys. As far as banners send in a request to your EM's. Now Kas I think maybe if you put a mailbox at the little house they can drop off their locations and requests.

    EM Kasaven: Aye, that would make it convenient

    Sage: I didn't know how to contact them directly

    Mesanna: I think the mailbox is an excellent idea.Actually I will ask all the EM's do place one.

    Sage: My second question is will the teleporters work like moongates or the new teleportation crystals?

    Mesanna: it will be like a teleporter in your house. You just step on it

    Sage: where will they link to?

    Mesanna: it will go to the banner in the towns

    Sage: so you will get a menu to choose what city to go to?

    Mesanna: no, no menu. Here to there

    Sage: That is where I was confused, from our towns to the fairgrounds

    Mesanna: no the fair grounds to your towns

    Vallend: So each town will have their own teleporter?

    Mesanna: yes. You will.

    Sage: They will be one way?

    Mesanna: anything else Sage? Sorry?

    Sage: the teleporters will be one way?

    Mesanna: yes for now

    WHAT THE: are these teleporters going to be in Fel?

    Mesanna: yes. Btw We will set up banners in Fel also.

    Sage: once our shard determines what is required to be considered for a teleporter will it be posted?

    Mesanna: I can tell you now, what is going to be required

    Sage: Please I'd like to know

    Mesanna: It will take three towns to recommend your town for a teleporter. You will do this to the queen. Then she will grant the teleporters

    EM Kasaven: (or Owain)

    Sage: so size or a required number of events etc. are not needed?

    Mesanna: within reason. If your town does not do events or deserve a teleporter it will be hard to get other towns to recommend you imo.

    Sage: I agree. Thank you for letting me speak

    Mesanna: thanks Sage

    Mesanna: Hi Agustus

    Agustus: Sataa, thanks for your time. The Undead's City of Necropolis feels disconnected from the rest of Britannia since we have been based in Felucca for twelve years. After our neighbors the Shadowclan Orcs left the realm we're even more alone, and it's even harder now without moonstones. Currently we don't have a banner, so I'll put in a request for one. My question is: How would we earn a teleporter if our city holds no loyalty to the Queen?

    Mesanna: Please talk to Kas after this meeting

    Mesanna: Thats a good question, but she is taking recommendations from the people. Not who is loyal to her.

    Agustus: Alright, thank you.

    Mesanna: Your welcome. Thank you

    Rotep: hello!

    Mesanna: Hello Rotep

    Rotep: I have a few concerns

    Mesanna: that is why we are here

    Rotep: the first is about after a teleporter would be set up for any town I'd be concerned about griefing

    Mesanna: yes

    Rotep: as some people may already know

    Mesanna: and as I told Chessy what is given can be taken away. If players are griefed at your towns by your town then the teleporter will be removed. you are not responsible for others.

    Rotep: I meant the other way around

    Mesanna: and that will be taken into consideration. If a town griefs we remove the teleporter

    Rotep: I wasn't exactly thinking of other towns either

    Mesanna: Retep do you really think towns will recommend one that will do this

    Rotep: but I guess that's a start. no I do not

    Mesanna: It’s in your hands. I am sure you guys will do what is right
    Rotep: my next question is about where would the teleporters be?

    Mesanna: under your banners

    EM Kasaven: Which would be over in this area

    Rotep: so from our town to the fairground? *oh

    Mesanna: btw the banner style is your choice. That is just an example

    Rotep: I figured

    Mesanna: If you design it I can build it *most of the time*

    Rotep: my main concern was my first question and that was all. Thank you for your time

    Mesanna: Thank you sir

    Greg: Greetings Emissary Kasaven, and Goddess Mesanna

    EM Kasaven: Good eve

    Mesanna: Greetings Greg

    Greg: Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us from your very busy schedule. Much appreciated. Are there any plans to add other types of blessings to deserving townships? I know for example the United Pirates have been after a dock since almost forever, and one was originally slated for construction.

    Mesanna: Blessed buildings make me nervous...the reason I say that is I have seen some fall and no one can explain to me why. Even though they were blessed.

    Greg: *nods* What about adding decorative items to make townships feel more like a township?

    Mesanna: I can't say we will be doing any blessings any time soon Greg.

    Greg: Perhaps supplied by the players

    Mesanna: That is not out of the question

    Greg: and locked down within the city? *nods*

    Mesanna: That is a reasonable suggestion

    Greg: Splendid! Thankee for your time

    Mesanna: Your most welcome

    Mesanna: Guys docks are such a pain in the butt to build

    EM Kasaven: Hail, Aedon

    Aedon Durreah: evening. I will say at first I did not understand the teleporters, now, I think I do. I am not here to ask for anything, but to make a point on towns. Many of us here have towns. Some hold events some not. Some are large, some consist of a few buildings, and I will tell you for sure, size does not matter. I have seen more done for the community at large by towns consisting of two buildings, and a great plot coming out of a guild of one. What matters in a town is the heart of their citizens, and the way they reach out to make the world better. Like many RPers have many guises and can therefore place house after house *looks at Sage then Agustus* Some with fewer buildings have done so much more. So when we start making our recommendations to the queen folks. The number of buildings in a town is not an issue. Remember this please, and make things just a wee bit better. Thank you. *bows*

    Mesanna: Thank you

    EM Kasaven: Keep in mind. The Queen, and Owain, both certainly keep an eye out over the community and are well aware what roles towns, and people, play in the community. So which towns hold events, among other things, also plays a bit of a bearing on the situation.

    Va'lis Razele: Hail M'lady. First question, regarding the teleporters. Would the ones in the fairgrounds, be located in something like a shrine almost? Set up wise that is. Would the teleporters be arranged in, a circle formation?

    Mesanna: Depends on the amount. We have to think about space

    Va'lis Razele: *nods* Let us say, if 5 towns.

    Mesanna: This is on ongoing event imo I can see this growing. So I really do see more than 5 teleporters

    Va'lis Razele: *nods* I am just using the number as an example. Would it be possible to say, have a copy of the towns banner next to each teleporter?

    Mesanna: I was going to let you guys pick the area at the fairgrounds for the banners. of course that is the idea.

    Va'lis Razele: *nods again* Also, just one more thing...

    EM Kasaven: Still possible, to the south was only a suggestion.

    Va'lis Razele: If the town gave a book describing the area... Could that be placed near the teleporter?

    Mesanna: you are allowed one book

    Va'lis Razele: Great.

    Vallend: Hail. Two questions

    Mesanna: Greeting Vallend

    Vallend: Can these teleporters be color coded by lands? So people know they are off to Fel and such?

    Mesanna: they will be identified also, and yes thats a good idea. I don't want people going to Fel without knowing it.

    Vallend: Second, A player was making a point before about other players using the new system to ruin event.

    Mesanna: We have rules about harassment

    Vallend: Such as non-RP guilds going to player towns just to cause trouble.

    Mesanna: that is a type of harassment

    Vallend: That’s the biggest fear I have on this plan

    Mesanna: If this happens call a GM, they will help you

    Vallend: Sorry to say but GMs are a bit slow

    Mesanna: They are just really busy

    Vallend: I know. It’s just a problem I see no answer to. Some towns may want left out because of this.

    Mesanna: I promise they are there to support you guys when you have a problem

    Vallend: Well that is all I wanted to say. Thank you

    EM Kasaven: Also, if possible within the lines of the event, holding it inside would help to eliminate some of that. So that you can ban anyone there to grief, but that isn't always within the plot of an event, of course. I had a quick question on the lines of what Vallend was asking. Is it possible for the teleporters leading to Fel, to have it open the gump/script? Similar to a Fel moongate warning people they are about to enter a pvp zone, and requiring their consent?

    Vallend: Also will each town have a return teleporter to here?

    Mesanna: that is something I am thinking about

    Vallend: Hate to someone stuck in a strange town

    EM Kasaven: So Fel teleporters will be color coded so people who do not wish to enter, avoid red teleporters.

    Beleg Megil: I have a tough thing for you Mesanna

    Mesanna: ? A tough thing?

    Beleg Megil: You know I respect you, Kasaven, Cernunnos...Have participated with you often, but how can we take assurances that griefers will be taken seriously? When they are not here?

    Mesanna: Well every shard is going to have griefers there is nothing we can really do to stop that

    Beleg Megil: Yes,but they are right under your nose now.

    Mesanna: What we can do is come up with ways to deal with them. I know

    Beleg Megil: I hope we all can

    Mesanna: Sorry Beleg I just don't have a good answer for you. We just have to deal with them as they come up.

    Beleg Megil: maybe in time

    Katherine Elle: Thank you again

    Mesanna: Hello. I had one last question. I've been paying attention to the discussion that you had on Chesapeake, and you made a very specific comment there not mentioned here. about the downside to having the teleporters.

    Mesanna: Oh yes

    Katherine Elle: Is that still in place?

    Mesanna: with ever up side there is a down side. Every down might be added to events, might be invaded, might have monsters show up just to *look* around.

    Katherine Elle: Okay, I wanted to know if that was still in place. There was one concern though I had for that. Can we make sure that with the teleporters if a town is experiencing an invasion, that there is at least some warning on the teleporter? So that those who aren't combatants who were coming to visit wouldn't wander into a huge brawl.

    Mesanna: I understand your concern, but I am sure that this would not happen with just one or two people around.

    Katherine Elle: Okay, that works then. I would like to ask if there's any way we can help make this process easier? Get the ball rolling, or to assist in your efforts, any way we can make your job easier and more rewarding. Please let us know, as we would all be eager to do so. You are doing more than anyone has done in many years, yourself and the Emissaries.

    Mesanna: I just hope you guys have paid attention tonight and you vote wisely when you recommend a town for a teleporter.

    Mesanna: thank you Katherine

    EM Kasaven: There are a few minor things that can helpfrom my standpoint. I know the PGoH already have a banner, so it is not quite an issue,but if you have an elaborate banner design, for instance. The easiest way to submit the design would be to send an email with the Inside UO numbers, and a picture, if possible. Inside UO is a program with just about every UO graphic so it makes it easy for everyone. Also, the books regarding monthly player run events, that would be placed at your banner, the sooner you get them to me, the sooner I can get them placed. Same with edited copies, just try to keep them up to date and I will do my best to keep up with them.

    Katherine Elle: And we can drop those at the mailbox at the wedding office?

    EM Kasaven: like we said there will be a mailbox *nods* It isn't up yet, but I'll have one by tomorrow at the wedding office outside the Brit counselor's hall. Thanks, Katherine, anything else?

    Katherine Elle: You said towns had to recommend the teleporters. Do you mean that to get a vote, you have to get a banner first? I wasn't clear on that.

    Mesanna: only towns can recommend other towns

    Katherine Elle: Will there be a specific way to recommend towns, or should we send these recommendations to Kasaven through the mailbox??

    EM Kasaven: Well the idea was to do it in an RP sense

    Katherine Elle: Okay, Great!

    EM Kasaven: A member of another town can request a conference or hearing with Dawn, or Owain, whoever happens to be available soonest, either via email, or through the mailbox. Then they will have to meet in game to recommend the town. That make sense?

    Katherine Elle: That's all for now, thank you once again for your time.

    EM Kasaven: Does anyone else have questions related to player towns? The teleporters to Fel will be color coded red so if you have no wish to enter Fel, do not step on red teleporters.
    The Man: what if you do on accident? You should put warning if u step on it that has okay or Cancel.

    Mesanna: I will see what I can do. no promises. We will make sure it stands out

    EM Kasaven: Beware of Red

    Mesanna: but I don't want to leave Fel out of this either

    EM Kasaven: Also the problem with Fel teleporters is they could be used as a escape device during fights. Granted the player would have a to be blue, but it is still something we'll look into before hand
    Mesanna: these teleporters will not just be for events guys. You have to earn them

    Vallend: Yes day to day use. With here being a central location for RP guilds to gather?

    EM Kasaven: That would make sense, Vallend

    Vallend: To me it does. This would become a hub.

    EM Kasaven: There are plenty of already recognized player run establishments, though that are used as hubs. Alright so that about covers Player run establishments, yes? if you have questions in a few moments sit and think some up for me. *winks*

    Mesanna: Unless you have questions for me it was nice to meet and talk to everyone. I hope we can get this going.

    EM Kasaven: You have questions, The Man?

    The Man: can u have an event where everyone gets something special?

    EM Kasaven: said events are a bit more difficult, especially something like that

    The Man: like with their name on it?

    EM Kasaven: that wouldn't be possible,because EMs are not allowed to hand out rewards. Any reward you receive has to be via monster loot. Unless it is something like the sashes, or pies.

    Dove: I was wondering about the possibility of crafting or creating signs similar to the house sign, either to be used in doors for shops.

    EM Kasaven: you mean players crafting them, themselves?

    Dove: Something used to designate shops and the like within the same house, or for those who share a home. Craftable and working similar to a book, for instance, but mounted outside an interior door, or on a wall.

    EM Kasaven: Well, if you mean created by an EM, I can't do something like that for an individual house. If you mean giving players the ability to craft such a thing. I think that is a good idea, but beyond my area of expertise. You'd have to submit feedback to the developers and give them that idea.

    Vallend: I have another players city question.. The plan is to make each player ran city into what they want correct?

    EM Kasaven: What do you mean, exactly, by 'make?

    Vallend: So if they are shard active, will the EMs be able to place plants they have grown.. Also things like statues and fountains..

    EM Kasaven: hmm I think Mes did mention something about things like fountains

    Vallend: You know pretty up their town

    EM Kasaven: things that couldn't be used, functionally, as to not be exploited. So I think something like locking down plants would be feasible, within reason of course.

    Dove: Very similar to Kinship, but it could become rather time consuming for you robed folks.

    EM Kasaven: I don't mind dedicating some time, as long as it is for a good purpose, and, as I said before, if you have inside UO Mes, or I, can more easily craft what you need if we have the numbers, and or a picture, and I would probably give priority to those who do.

    Vallend: Can each town earn its own animal trainer too?

    EM Kasaven: hmm, I'm not sure if that is possible. I think it went along the lines of a banker and so forth. If it were, in the future, it would definitely be different than the teleporter requirements, but we haven't discussed concrete details for something like bankers, or animal trainers.

    Selora Kesori: I know this is probably common knowledge, but I'm just coming back into the scene. Besides the mailbox that isn't yet places, how do we contact you?

    EM Kasaven: Well, there is a stickied post on stratics, but I know not many read stickies..I sure don't. But, there are a few avenues you can take how to contact your EMs. Anyhow, easiest way is via the feedback function on the EM website that will send an email to Cern and myself. On that note, Cern won't be around much in the coming month, he has a few things to take care of.

    Kesori: *nods* I can reach that through the main mythic site?
    Katherine Elle: [ catskills.uoem.net ]

    Selora Kesori: thank you.

    EM Kasaven: but aye, feedback on the website, or via the message board (and now mailbox) at the wedding hall

    Sage: I wanted to ask what information you would like included in a request for a Town Banner?

    EM Kasaven: In a request for a banner, I'd like the banner design, if you have inside UO and can take the time to design it. The number of houses in the town, and estimated population, and whether or not you hold events, and anything else you might find useful or interesting about the town that you would include.. Vendors, ect

    EM Kasaven: Zombi, you had a question?

    Zombi Rothgar : Yes. Would it be at all possible to add music triggers to the areas occupied by player-run towns?

    EM Kasaven: hmmm

    Zombi Rothgar : So you'd hear Yew instead of Walking in the town boundaries, say.

    EM Kasaven: I think that requires a patch to do something like that

    Katherine Elle: Since both mailbox and messages sent over the skypages are basically delayed communication. For those of us who prefer to speak in person, in back and forth. What are the best times to skulk around the counselor’s hall to find you?

    EM Kasaven: Well, I work and go to school at different schedules, so my times are rather sporadic. I know it sounds kind of what you aren't asking for, but the best way to get in contact with me to set up a face to face conversation would be via the mailbox, or email. I do stop in the hall but not at any certain time, usually, but more so after 6 - 7 p.m,

    Mesanna: Night all

    EM Kasaven: Goodnight!