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[News] Oceania Olympic Games: Summary 19th-23rd January

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Guest, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <center>Written By Cymoril</center> <h2>Oceania Olympic Games: Summary 19th-23rd January</h2>

    It's been an exciting week of the Olympic Games, with a lot of changes in the medal tallies for both players and cities. DJ Urlacker has been broadcasting each event live on Whispering Rose Radio, and his exciting commentary and musical accompaniment has certainly made for some interesting events! We've now played ten of the eighteen events, so we've passed the halfway mark!

    There's still plenty of excitement to be had, however, and the Games resume on Tuesday 29th January with Track & Field (Cross Country), so be sure to join us to compete or spectate. Now for some results... <h3>Medal Tallies as at 25th January</h3>

    <center> <img src=http://uo.stratics.com/newspics/oceania/oog-cmedals23Jan.gif>

    <img src=http://uo.stratics.com/newspics/oceania/oog-pmedals23Jan.gif></center> <h3>And the individual events...</h3>



    GOLD - Chief Y (Skara Brae) Best time: 1m 4s
    SILVER - Lady Kat (Skara Brae) Best time: 1m 11s
    BRONZE - Johan (Jhelom) Best time: 1m 23s

    Bird traverses the tricky suspended course.</center>

    The Equestrian Event took place on a specially-built track. Competitors had to complete the track (while mounted) in the shortest time to win. The track was essentially made up of two levels: The lower level was a simple grass and step track, whereby contestants earned a "fault" (adding three seconds to their time) each time they went off-course or stepped on a black goza. The upper level was a suspended track, where falling off was its own penalty, but stepping on the black goza still cost players the three second penalty.

    Competitors: Bird (Yew), Chief Y (Skara Brae), Johan (Jhelom), Lady Kat (Skara Brae), Lourd (Moonglow), Nakita (Moonglow), Queen Aglaranna (Magincia)

    <hr> <center>

    GOLD - Lady Kat (Skara Brae)
    SILVER - Chief Y (Skara Brae)
    BRONZE - Nameless (Magincia)

    Lord Canute kills the animals as they are led to the Slaughtering pen.</center>

    The aim of this event was to earn 101 points by taming from a list of available creatures with set point values. Here were the creatures that could be tamed and the point values for each:

    <center><table border=1><tr><td>Pts</td><td>Creatures</td></tr> <tr><td>10</td><td>Great Heart, Grizzly Bear, Gaman, Bull</td></tr> <tr><td>15</td><td>Scorpion, Frenzied Ostard, Imp, Giant Beetle</td></tr> <tr><td>20</td><td>Dragon, White Wyrm, Nightmare, Bake Kitsune</td></tr> <tr><td>25</td><td>Hiryu, Reptalon, Cu Sidhe, Rune Beetle</td></tr></table></center>

    Competitors had to bring in the creatures one at a time, and once they were tallied, they led them to the slaughtering pen before releasing them so that Lord Canute could bludgeon them to death with his mace. Animal rights activists were advised to keep away during this event.

    Competitors: Bryson Fox (Britain), Lady Kat (Skara Brae), Lauren (Britain), Ma (Trinsic), Nakita (Moonglow), Nameless (Magincia), noX (Skara Brae)

    <hr> <center>

    GOLD - Queen Aglaranna (Magincia)
    SILVER - Lady Kat (Skara Brae)
    BRONZE - Aria (Yew)

    It's a race against time in Grand Prix Gardening!</center>

    Contestants had to race to plant a seed in a bowl. Sounds easy enough, right? Except that the four components needed for this (bowl, dirt, water and seed) were scattered in crates and chests in our garden, and these were locked! Each competitor was given a keyring with a set of four keys, which would open the four containers they would need to complete their own planted seed. The first three to return to Digger with their planted seed claimed the medals.

    Competitors: Aria (Yew), Becky Lee (Moonglow), Blossom (Moonglow), Fib (Minoc), Gohan (Jhelom), Lady Kat (Skara Brae), Lexise (Yew), Lover Boy (Minoc), Queen Aglaranna (Magincia)

    <hr> <center>

    GOLD - Lady Kat (Skara Brae)
    SILVER - Blossom (Moonglow)
    BRONZE - Beach (Britain)

    Competitors begin fishing for gold!</center>

    In this event, entrants were required to catch a set combination of things and return them to Digger first to win. Of course, to ensure no-one had come prepared with fish in their pack, we took everyone to Felucca first for a good snooping. Once this was done, it was off to Blanche Island, the ideal remote fishing spot! Contestants had to catch the following: One plain fish facing each direction (four in total), two of the four 'scattered' fish types (highly peculiar, truly rare, wondrous or prized), and two different types of footwear.

    Competitors: Beach (Britain), Becky Lee (Moonglow), Blossom (Moonglow), Lady Kat (Skara Brae), Popeye (Magincia), Queen Aglaranna (Magincia), Walter (Minoc)


    Thanks to everyone who has supported and continues to support OPEN and the Oceania Olympic Games! And thanks to Lady Kat for her fantastic report on the earlier events!
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Everyone seems to be having a great time at the Olympic Games Cymmy, you have done such a wonderful job with every event so far. I know the rest of OPEN have helped you but you have been the main driving force behind it so I wanted to say THANK YOU.

    All the events have been fun and different and competitive which is has been great fun even for supporters and spectators.

    Congrats everyone who has taken out a medal and congrats to OPEN on an event well ran. I can not wait to see the final result.

    <font color="blue"> GO MOONGLOW </font>