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[News] Of Fairies and Sea Sirens

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Lady Mana, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Lady Mana

    Lady Mana Guest

    A call to arms was not quite what the guests of a wedding reception were necessarily expecting last Saturday. Although, one can't say it was exactly a surprise... by now, the people of Britannia are used to danger lurking around every corner. It was half expected something would go awry at the reception for celebrating the union of Persephone and Hades. And so it did.

    Meeting at the West Britain Counselor's Hall, Rose Blaque accompanied party guests through a gate that led to a fantastic feast. However, things quickly went downhill as it became apparent the party's host had other plans in mind for the guests. Myself, I've never quite been the best of friends with the Fae. In fact, we're nearly at each other's throats every time we meet.


    So although I missed much of the discussions had, I did manage to catch a snippet. Primarily, there were three tasks to be completed, and the first would be happening now. We walked through a gate, in to an old cavernous boat dock that looked eerily familiar, and again through a gate when we eventually ended up at the Zento harbour. It was there we mounted boats and set out in search of the Argos, Jason's ship.

    The journey was treacherous, but we had lights to lead the way. Unfortunately the light on the water could not hold back the darkness that lay beneath its waves, for soon we encountered the most ill-seeming dolphins I've ever had the displeasure to meet. Although we tried desperately to keep our fleet of ships together, we soon had to break rank in an attempt to recover our losses. Yes, every man or woman on the boats that I could see had died by the power of this aquatic monster. When healers arrived to give aid, their sea legs squandered all of their energies and they were useless to raise the dead. As a result, Lady Blaque cast a particularly powerful gate travel spell, and rescued her fallen comrades by sending them to a small island to the south. There, they revived, and returned to master their ships and once again seek out the Argos.

    With a new vigor, we set out to the south east and soon approached the southernmost tip of the mountainous island of rock that sits in the sea east of the Fan Dancer's Dojo. There we found the ship, and on its boards we found a book.


    It described strange and marvelous creatures called Sirens. Yes, strange and marvelous... but also deadly. Undoubtedly the same creatures who we had the misfortune of meeting on our way to discover the Argos. As the boat was without a crew, there was not much else we could do but seek vengeance against the Sirens. Tactically, though, it seemed we were at a disadvantage on the boats. It was time to bring the battle to a more familiar footing.

    We sailed west, and found the Siren trapped between a wall of ships and the land itself. There, a fierce battle played out with the first Siren, Thelxiepeia. We stood the victor. The Siren's sister was magically lured in to the same trap, and she too perished after a particularly long encounter.


    Be wary of the Fae and their tricks, for round two has yet to come. Stay posted by visiting the UOEM website!

    Lady Mana
  2. kalzaketh

    kalzaketh Guest

    ah lady mana, not to belittle, nor dog out your story, to bring achuckle, at the title I couldn't restrain asmile as memories of the simpsons episode sprang from memory, lisa reading the epic homers odyessy, professor frink shrieking in dismay as he saw marge's sisters in clamshell bikini's the cry of the ladies are ugly resounded through my mind at the sight of sirens :p