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[News] {Official EM Event} Lake Superior Olympics Starting This Friday!

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Stupid Miner, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Hosted by your EMs Quantum and Autolycus

    Lake Superior Olympics

    This proposal covers the topic of a Lake Superior Shard Olympics, to be held as a joint effort of the Event Moderators assigned to Lake Superior, and the Player (Community/Communities) of Lake Superior. All awards for events will be provided by the (community/communities) assisting in the management of the games, unless otherwise noted an additional prize is from the date of winning until the next year’s Olympics a plaque or other type of item with the winners of each events names will be posted in the Councilor’s Guild Hall in Britain Trammel.

    Dates and Times will be posted in a separate post.

    Discussion of the Olympics will take place Here:
    Main Page: http://www.emquantum.com/LakeSuperior/
    Forums: http://www.emquantum.com/EventForums/index.php

    • Foot Race
    • Archery Tournament
    • Big Fish Tournament
    • Zoo Taming Contest
    • Sosarian Regatta
    • Bagball Tournament
    • Baking Tournament
    • Ore Elemental Mining Contest
    • Lumberjacking Contest
    • Horse Race
    • PvP Duel Tournament
    • Naked Dungeon Run
    • Dart Tournament

    Rules and description for each contest will follow.

    Event Rules and Regulations

    Foot Race:

    The Foot Race will begin in the City of Umbra’s North West Entrance. All participants will depart from that point on the given signal and proceed towards the City of Luna on a set course. The First person to reach the South Gate of the City will be declared the winner! No participant is allowed the use of the Spell recall and an impartial Judge will be following the progress of the lead participant to ensure no use of Mounts occurs. Cheating will result in disqualification from this event. Prizes to be Determined.

    The Foot Race Course!


    Archery Tournament:

    All participants of the Archery Tournament will gather outside the Bagball Arena in Luna. The Tournament will provide Standard Bows, and Arrows for use, no player may use a non-standard bow. The Tournament will be Single elimination till the Quarter Final round; at this point it will progress to a double elimination event in order to provide accurate rankings of the final 8 participants. Use of non-provided weapons will result in disqualification. Reward to Be Determined.

    Big Fish Tournament:

    All participants of the Big Fish Tournament will be given 2 hours to attempt to fish up a big fish. The heaviest weight wins with the next heaviest taking second, third heaviest third and so on. An Impartial Judge will oversee the events to verify the fish are in fact fresh caught. Use of an older fish will result in disqualification. Participants will launch their ships from the Trinsic Docks. Reward to Be Determined.

    Zoo Taming Contest:

    All Participants will meet and register at the Moonglow Zoo in Trammel. Participants will be given 1 hour to tame animals and accumulate as many points as possible within the allotted time frame. Reward to Be Determined.

    Sosarian Regatta:

    Participants will launch from Zento and follow the defined course to each checkpoint. At the Checkpoint they will be required to disembark from the ship, retrieve an item from one of the event staff and return to their ship and proceed to the next check point. The First to complete the circuit and return with all the items will be declared the winner. Event staff will record the names of those obtaining items at each check point to verify. No one may leave their ship except at Checkpoints, anyone one found to be cheating will be disqualified. Reward to Be Determined.

    The Regatta Course!


    Bagball Tournament:

    Teams will play in a double elimination tournament in matches to 10 points. No one is allowed to Hide during the match, no potion use or casting of spells is allowed. The Matches will take place at the Luna Bagball Arena. Reward to be Determined.

    Baking Tournament:

    Players will have 5 minutes to create as many cakes as possible. In the event of a tie, a second round will occur until the field is narrowed to determine a champion. The Event will be held in New Haven. Reward to be Determined.

    Ore Elemental Mining Contest:

    Players will have 1 hour to mine up and kill as many Ore Elementals as possible. The Victor will be the person who returns with the most Ingots from his excursion if necessary a tie breaker will be used. Participants are not to leave the designated area! No Use of Mining Gloves is allowed. The Start location for this event will be at the Spirituality Gate in Ilshenar. The Winner will be rewarded with half the total ingots gathered by all participants, the Second place finisher will get 2/3 the Remainder. The Third place finisher will get the remainder of the lot. For example if a total of 5000 ingots are harvested, the winner gets 2500 of them ½ of every variety. The Second place winner would get 1666 Ingots, 2/3 of all that remain of each type. The Third Place finisher would receive 854 ingots of the reminder of the 5000 original total. If a player fills his or her pack with ingots, they must deliver them to a judge to hold until the end, tally will be noted for adding to their final total. Other Prizes are to be Determined.

    Lumberjacking Tournament:

    Players have 1 hour to harvest as many logs as possible. They will deliver them to the judges as their packs are filled. Judges will keep a tally of how many logs each person turns in. The Participant who turns in the largest total of logs wins the tournament, with a special tie breaker if necessary. Prizes will be similar to the Ore Elemental Mining where the top three finishers receive the logs gathered as prizes, in addition to a possible small prize that is to be determined.

    Horse Race:

    Held at the Yew Horse Track. Races will consist of 5 laps, winners of each heat will progress to the next round.

    PvP Duel Tournament:

    Participants will use provided weapons, armor, and bandages. No other items are allowed. Winners of each match up will progress to the next round. After the first tournament ends, a King of the Ring tournament will begin last man standing wins. This event will take place in Felucca location is yet to be determined. Prizes to be Determined.

    Human Chess:
    Players will divide into teams, each selecting a captain that will act as the King piece. The Captain will advance players as if they were Chess Pieces. Tournament I single elimination, with winners progressing to advanced rounds. Matches will be Held in Nuj’lem at the Chess Board.

    Darts Tournament:

    Darts Tournaments will follow the same guidelines as Archery Tournaments