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[NEWS] Operation Empty Nest

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by watchertoo, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. watchertoo

    watchertoo Sage
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Aug 5, 2006
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    Dailynn exhales slowly... so it begins.... she stands quietly in stealth as her Commanding Lord issues the orders.


    [size=+2]Operation Empty Nest (Great Lakes Shard)[/size]
    Day: Sunday, August 9, 2009
    Time: Meet @ 3:00 pm EST
    Location: The Luna Stables

    All True Britannian forces meet at the Luna Stables at 3:00 pm EST to prepare a defense of Luna City against the invading forces of the Shadowlords.

    [size=+1]Operation Empty Nest[/size]​

    “Carinthain it is imperative that you deliver the orders to all the Generals of the True Britannian Forces before the sun hits the shores of Skara Brae, Operation “Empty Nest”, is in effect.”

    Carinthian caught his breathe, still not believing what he was hearing from his Commander’s mouth. Never in a million years did he believe that Lore would issue the Orders for “Empty Nest”. The plan was a dramatic operation, one created for a doomsday scenario; an operation in theory alone, or so Carinthian had thought. The plan involved pulling all True Britannian units out of Felucca and into Trammal to prevent a major offensive should the facet barrier ever fail, leaving Felucca an empty nest.

    “Carinthain, don’t looked so worried. The Shadowlord having been probing our defenses with small attacks on Luna for the past month. Our forces have held their positions in Felucca, leaving the protection of Luna to the Armies of the Britannian Armed Forces, the Luna Guard and the citizens themselves.

    Our intelligence indicated they are moving their troops into position for a major offensive. Our communication intercepts lead us to believe that the attack will come today, and we have other sources which I can not divulge which indicate that the Shadowlords believe they can route the forces of Britannia and raze Luna before the sun sets tonight. I assure you, they will not be prepared to fight the full might of the True Britannian Army. I am not ordering “Empty Nest” out of fear but because I believe the Shadowlords have made a tactical error. We have an opportunity to deal them a crushing defeat, one that will change the course of the war forever.”

    Carinthian smiled for the first time since hearing the words “Empty Nest”. “I will deliver the orders to all the generals Commander and I look forward to serving by your side in Luna. Virtue be with us!”

    “Safe travels Carinthain, Virtue protect you”

    Lore watched Carinthain ride off on his great war charger, an excited energy in the gallop. The confident look was gone, replaced by worry.

    “Virtue protect us all”, Lore whispered to himself as he turned to make the final preparations for the most important battle of his life, perhaps all our lives.