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[NEWS] Origin's Citizens Defeat the Crimson Dragons

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Sara Of Baja, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    As told by Ghost Writer:

    I received a message from an old friend Sara telling me there may be a fierce battle and asked if I could keep an eye out for news for her as she was currently indisposed. She had told me to check around Empath Abby in Yew, Felucca, on Saturday, September 5, saying that the Lady Dawn had called the citizens of Britannia to arms to fight the Crimson Dragons which have invaded our fair lands. So off I went with quill and scrolls.

    When I arrived there was already a small army assembled. Dawn and the Dragon Fayaxion told us that the Platinum Dragons had defeated most of the Crimson Dragons but needed our help to rid the lands of the remaining Crimsons. Dawn opened a gate to the center of a great battle and off we went. I died within seconds of arriving through the gate so was no help in defeating the dragons, but did my best to record the battle for the historians of Britannia.


    The battles were fierce. The Crimson Dragons set of spells which seemed to cause Armageddon. Massive amounts of fire and energy would spread from them damaging anything that dared come near. The warriors with the help of Platinum Dragons stood strong and fought well together never giving in to the Crimsons.


    After what seemed like hours, I started to notice the life draining from many of the crimsons, could it be that the warriors of Britannia were finally taking their toll on the mighty Crimson Dragons? Then proof, as I wandered around as a ghost I found a corpse of a Crimson, then another, and another.


    Then I ran into Lady Dawn who thought it was finally safe for me to come back to life. Which I happily did with her help.


    After looking around a bit at all the carnage I noticed at least one Crimson left being finished off by a few of our citizens. There were also small battles breaking out among the citizens themselves, now that the Crimsons were dead it seems they decided to fight over the loot. I quietly made my way back to Empath Abby on foot and awaited everyone's return.


    They all came back with minutes of my arrival and Fayaxion and Lady Dawn told us about plans for another battle yet tomorrow. The brave citizens of Britannia will be called on once more to rid our lands of evil. I will pass this along to my friends, Sara of Baja and Michael Wolf, as I think tomorrow he be far more able than I.


    Until we meet again,
    Ghost Writer

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    The conversations as recorded by Ghost Writer:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~We met at Empath Abby in Yew~~~~~~~~~~
    ......(I may have missed a couple of comments due being PK'd)...

    Morgaine: choose?
    Fayaxion: Will you aid the hands of darkness,
    Fayaxion: bowing to King Casca and the Shadowlords?
    Fayaxion: Are you ready to fight?
    Ghost Writer: can I say something
    Fayaxion: You may, sir Ghost Writer.
    Ghost Writer: I'm here as a reporter
    Ghost Writer: no insurance, and I don't give counts
    Fayaxion: Please allow Ghost Rider to accompany with health.
    Fayaxion: We have rid the lands of most of the Crimson Dragons.
    Fayaxion: Now, let us find them. And may you choose wisely, my friends.
    Fayaxion: Lady Dawn will take us to the battlegrounds.
    Fayaxion: Good luck, friends.

    ~~~~~~~~~Off we went to the battle grounds~~~~~~~~~~~

    You see: a crimson dragon
    You see: a platinum dragon
    Everything around you dissolves into darkness as a crimson dragon's burning eyes fill your vision
    You see: a platinum dragon
    You see: a crimson dragon
    You see: a platinum dragon
    You see: a crimson dragon
    You see: a platinum dragon
    You see: a crimson dragon
    You see: a platinum dragon
    You see: a crimson dragon
    You see: a platinum dragon
    You see: a platinum dragon
    You are dead.
    Yen Sid: holy jesus

    ~~~~an hour later~~~~~

    Fayaxion: Fight, my friends!

    You see: Lady Dawn
    You see: a platinum dragon
    Ghost Writer: ok
    Lady Dawn : Attempting to heal you.
    Ghost Writer: thnx
    Lady Dawn : Attempting to heal you.
    Lady Dawn : Attempting to heal you.
    Ghost Writer: was that the last one
    Dawn: I believe so, I'm checking to make sure we got them all!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Back in Yew~~~~~~~~~~

    Yen Sid: we are missing people...

    Fayaxion: My friends
    Fayaxion: I believe you have chosen wisely.
    Fayaxion: The Crimson Dragons have been defeated!
    Fayaxion: Alas, my brothers and sisters remain wounded and frenzied.
    Fayaxion: I don't believe they can be saved.
    Fayaxion: Those that wish to help put the remaining platinum dragons out of their misery,
    Fayaxion: it would be most kind.
    Fayaxion: But our war is not over.
    Fayaxion: Tomorrow, the final battle remains.
    Fayaxion: We will gather at the Counselor's Hall in Britain, Trammel.
    Fayaxion: 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern
    Fayaxion: The battle against darkness will resume.
    Dawn: the battle will be WON!
    Dawn: tomorrow, we end this evil, for GOOD
    Fayaxion: Thank you, Dawn, for your assistance.
    Fayaxion: We will reclaim these lands from the evil King
    Dawn: 3 p.m. PST/6 p.m. EST tomorrow
    Fayaxion: Thank you again, friends.
    Fayaxion: We could not have done this without you.
    Fayaxion: Rest well this eve.
    Fayaxion: You will need all of your strength tomorrow.
    Dawn: our lands will be free, mark my words
    Dawn: until tomorrow
    Dawn: *salutes*
    Fayaxion: Until then, farewell.


    Those present at Felucca:
    Lady Dawn

    Ariel [SL] ["R"]
    Crystilastamous [Min]
    a dark wolf [SL]
    Lord Decors [SL]
    Holy Avenger [SL] ["R"]
    a horn swaggler [SL]
    KoRnUtz [SL]
    The mink wolf [Min]
    Morgaine [SL] ["R"]
    SanTa ClaWs [SL] ["R"]
    The Silver Spoon [Min]
    Snaggly Pied Ripper [SL]
    Snorlax [SL]
    Yen Sid [~HBD]
    Xenobia [Door]

    Too many Crimson and Platinum Dragons to count.


    Thank you, Ghost Writer, not only for the screenshots and your report, but for recording those present, and the dialogues. Thank you, Ghost Writer, not only for the screenshots and your report, but for recording those present, and the dialogues. Your dedication to recording Origin's history is unparalleled.