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[NEWS] Pastry is Top Priority!

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Shiel, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Shiel

    Shiel Guest

    This is your reporter on the spot - catching up with the news for the last week. This is the first in a series of reports to bring you up to speed with the latest on Oceania. Things are happening so fast it has been difficult to keep up!

    On Tuesday evening, Lord Casca appeared to us in Lord British's Castle, the ruling seat of Britannia. Being an impartial news reporter is difficult for this article.. Down with the King!! He would never measure up to the Great Lord British! There thats the last opinionated comment I will make!

    Casca announced he had called us here to announce the new taxes.


    "The increase was a fair and just one, a decision the Royal Council stamped with their seal also" he said.

    "The money will help fund the increase in costs to help protect our kingdom."

    He described the recent Shadowlord attacks within towns as reason to assume there will be more attacks.

    "If a province or town were to fall short in payment, I could not guarantee their protection, as I could not afford to allocate appropriate resources."

    I commented at this point... "I don't see you bearing arms, oh mighty king..."

    To which the reply was "I could not put myself in danger, that is not what a king does. I rule and manage the kingdom. I am not here to be liked and I understand there are some out there who feel the same way."

    He was, of course, not in Britannia when the likes of Lord British himself roamed the lands and fought with us, or even Ailis Faolain or Dupre. Do we want an administrator as King? With only his taxes so far to show for his rule he is not making a good impression.

    Prophet suggested that he should be replaced! The general feeling in the room was in agreement.

    "Those who outwardly and publicly denounce the new scheme will be made an example of.." he continued. "I have brought you here to show you an example of one such person."

    Viktor did not try very hard to mask his glee.

    "Dawn, of Yew, has been chastised, royally, for speaking out against her king. Captain Cotume, at his leisure, will be gating you to show you what becomes of those dissidents."

    Lady Dawn is a figure from history - Knight of the Realm and member of the old Council (most of whom were murdered so Casca might ascend to the throne). She fought in the war against the Juka and landed the killing blow on Lord Blackthorn himself! You can read more of her exploits with links to the old BNN articles here.

    Viktor, the lapdog, then gated us to a small house in the outskirts of Yew that is on fire! The sign proclaimed it to be the house of Dawn.
    "This is what will become of all whom oppose the King!" he said.


    "There is another matter we must discuss. Earlier today someone of great value disappeared. King Casca's favourite pastry chef."

    Konge responded with "Nay, I shall not unite with a Shadow Lord Pig and tool!"

    Davin Forsosa was of a similar mind.. "Yes... because as a member of the Royal Guard I'm more concerned about a pastry chef than the murder of a daughter of a knight of Lord British!"

    As was Konge.. "You kill a hero and want us to save a pastry chef..."

    However, at this point, with no body at the scene, we will have to hope that Dawn herself is still alive. I also cannot imagine that a fire could kill such a figure as Lady Dawn. We will hope, for Britannia's sake this is not the case.

    Viktor said that the chef was traveling to Skara to meet with the Mayor and gated us to Skara Brae to begin our search. He told us the chef's name was Fendrel and that we may need to get aggressive with people. He said we have the King's permission.. although I would not say that we need his permission!

    Everyone spread out to begin the search. The first clue was held by Brun the Mayor's Aide in the Council Office in Skara.


    He finally told us, after being begged, cajoled and finally punched that he was escorting Fendrel and Rosco to see the Mayor in Skara. Rosco was a scribe that lived somewhere exclusive in Yew. He apparently fled back to Yew and Brun reported to the Mayor that they didn't turn up. So off to Yew to look for Rosco and see what else we could find out :)

    Rosco was located in the Yew Courts. I think I missed part of the message, but he told us there was a guardhouse along one of the roads leading from Yew where a guard named Mac is stationed. He may be of further assistance.


    Mac the Guard has been stationed here a long time it seems.. he was found on the road between Yew and the Britain swamp.


    HORUS was talking to him when I came in.. when he asked about Fendrel that was the response he was given. He informed us that orcs were paid to drag Fendrel away! Strange behaviour for orcs.. they came in and took just him from them, without laying a finger on either Rosco or Mac. He had heard rumors of a large colony somewhere near Yew.

    By the time I had found all three of these, I was informed that Fendrel had been rescued. I will post more pictures of the battle when I have access to them.. send them in to [email protected] or post them for all to see.


    He rewarded all present with one of Mesanna's Cream Pies! If you manage to get hold of one of these.. you are able to throw them at others who have one (like snowballs) :)


    It seems Fendrel is now on the run as he tried to poison the King's pie! There is hope for us yet if even the elves disapprove of his taking the Britannian throne. He asked us not to reveal his location and some enterprising individuals led by Tezza, took Viktor away down to the docks so that Fendrel could hide in safety.


    Viktor was understandably annoyed with us for letting such a dangerous criminal escape! *cheers for the Citizens of Britannia!* i am sure we will "harbour" him quite happily *chuckles*

    There is more to come! Stay tuned.