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[News]Paxlair 13th Anniversary Recap!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    Paxlair 13th Anniversary Recap
    The Paxlair Times

    PaxLair 13th Anniversary: Day 1

    By: Ashlynn

    PaxLair City, Felucca, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) - January 15, 2011 - by Ashlynn - The opening day of the PaxLair 13th anniversary proved to be both fun and eventful with a grand speech, a regatta, a few deaths and other fun an games!

    Governor Winfield started off the anniversary with a long speech to the crowd about how old the city was and how it still stands as an enduring shining beacon against the darkness (though I must add I am slightly paraphrasing things here). Drawn to that beacon were a few other guests who ensured we received an sufficiently authentic Feluccan experience!

    [​IMG] The Governor gives another of his famous speeches!

    After the opening speech, it was off to Nujelm where we prepared our ships to race in the regatta, with time allowed for latecomers to register their entry into the contest. The race involved sailing to specific locations and collecting a book containing instructions on where to sail next. Those brave mariners taking part in the contest were:

    • Balthier Trakand of the Malevolence
    • Ashlynn (and Mr Clean) of the Blossom Cutter
    • Winfield of the Peril of the Sea
    • Jamlyn Hakkendyn (and Ivan) of the Mazrim's Angst
    • Fanny Firebottom in a traditional Britannian longship
    • Sinjin also piloting a traditional Britannian longship
    [​IMG] Lacking any sailing skill of my own, I had Mr Clean pilot my vessel.

    The final results of the race were:​

    1. Balthier Trakand of the Malevolence​
    2. Winfield of the Peril of the Sea​
    3. Ashlynn of the Blossom Cutter​
    When the regatta was over, we were given a tour of a very old building in Felucca by Sinjin, the leader of a very old guild called The Sillyhood. The building was the old guildhall and had several items on display from past members, kept to honour their memories.​

    [​IMG] Sinjin tells us all about the Sillyhood and their home near Yew Gate.

    Finally, everyone retired to the Saloon in PaxLair City where we enjoyed a few ales and a game or two of Hangman. Though the first day is over, there are still four more days of celebration and events which we are all looking forward to!

    PaxLair 13th Anniversary: Day 2

    PaxOku, Tokuno, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) - January 16, 2011 - by Ashlynn - Events continued on the second day of the anniversary celebrations and events included a tour of the old lands led by Lady Winmere, a strange game that involved livestock run by myself, and a parade through the lands led by Governor Winfield.

    [​IMG] Lady Winmere tells us the history of the Kreuger Memorial.

    The evening began with a gathering in PaxOku outside the Tea House where we were met by Lady Winmere who gave us a tour of a number of old shrines, memorials and other structures throughout Felucca. Some of the places we visited included a large temple in the mountains of Dagger Isle, a camp built by the famous Dupre, a lucky tree of some sort that required a gentle kiss, the Stormbringer Estate, and the Tower of Souls. Two memorials dedicated to past citizens of the realm were also amongst the places visited.

    Events were then put on hold for an hour by the weekly Hall of Commons held near Britain with a number of people attending as others prepared for the evening's contest. A mighty battle of champions with heroes from all across the realm that would be forever known as

    [​IMG] Brave champions prepare for a contest of colossal proportions.

    The Cow Event. An unassuming name for an extremely challenging game. The champions participating in the event all gathered at a field and barn on North Jhelom Island where the rules and aim of the game were explained. All the contestants had to do was take an empty pitcher one at a time, find a cow in the field and milk it. The person who milked the most in ten minutes would be the winner.

    Although things were a little disorganised, the game proceeded without any major problems and at the end of the contest there were actually three winners instead of one as can be seen in the results below:

    • Winmere: 736 pitchers (Although some had appeared through some kind of strange esoterica, so she withdrew her result.)
    • Grimlar Mithrax: 8 pitchers
    • Robin Hood: 8 pitchers
    • Wat the Tyler: 8 pitchers
    • Yoshi: 5 pitchers
    • Winfield: 4 pitchers
    • NANOC: 3 pitchers
    • Ga'kuct: 0 pitchers (I suspect orcs don't know what an udder is for.)
    • Phoenix: 0 pitchers (Sadly, she had to retire early.)
    After prizes were handed out (with some kindly donated by Wat the Tyler) everyone left to gather at the community centre in Skara Brae from where Governor Winfield would begin the parade. The parade took our group across Britannia from Nidaros to the dungeon of Shame where we skirmished with the elemental denziens of that cave for some time. After feeling satisfied that the elementals had shared in the anniversary celebrations, we all returned to the Tea House and bid each other good night while looking forward to a third day of events!

    PaxLair 13th Anniversary: Day 3

    Luna, Malas, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) - January 17, 2011 - by Ashlynn - Gameshows and archery marked the third day of the contest with Let's Make a Deal hosted by Dragons Watch and Se'an Silverfoot's very own PaxLair Archery Championship.

    [​IMG] Lady Phoenix tempts the contestants with what's in the box!

    Unfortunately, this diligent reporter was a little late in arriving at the Dragons Watch Community Centre in Malas where the game was already well underway as I arrived. Lady Phoenix was the host and carefully deciding whether to keep hold of a prize or trade it for the possibility of something better was the aim. I myself opted for the chance appearance of a chocolate bunny but Lady Luck was not on my side and I walked away with nothing.

    After the game everyone adjourned to the PaxLair Saloon where a quick round of Hangman was played while Se'an prepared for his contest. Lord Nanoc dared to brave the hangman's noose and lost!

    [​IMG] There were a lot of master bowmen present!

    Finally it was time for the archery contest itself. Lord Se'an had decided that Luna Fairground would make a fine venue and the turnout seemed to confirm such a wise choice. Many marksman signed up and even a few people who had never handled a bow before. The contest soon began with many closely fought rounds especially in the latter stages, one between Enterprise and Angel of death being particularly memorable. As well as first, second and third place, there was a prize for the highest score in a round, a score which Valoria commanded for much of the game before her place was stolen away by Nihility.

    The final results were:

    1. Angel of Death (RBG)
    2. Nihility (CFM)
    3. Suchi (DWxC)
    • Highest Score: Nihility (CFM) - 800pts (Which Lord Se'an informed me was quite an amazing feat and rarely seen.)

    PaxLair 13th Anniversary: Day 4

    PaxOku, Tokuno, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) - January 18, 2011 - by Ashlynn - There were yet more fun festivities on the fourth day of the anniversary celebration. Day four featured a fun game of musical chairs and a dual maze event organised by Shef of Aryslan.

    [​IMG] The contestants prepare to do battle!

    Magical Musical Chairs was hosted by Lady Winmere and Lord Grimlar Mithrax and held in PaxOku at a towering stone structure in the middle of the town (or two). Based on the traditional game we are all familiar with, there were a few additional hazards; mainly running into other people, but also falling off the roof to your death below.

    Fortunately, no one did fall and the last person standing (or should I say sitting) at the end of the game was Lord Enterprise in first place, followed by Doctore in second and Robin Hood in third.

    The second event of the evening was the amazing dual maze, which was actually two mazes. The first was located in Aryslan on the facet of Felucca, while the second was to be found in Malas and those wishing to compete were to decide which maze they wanted to play at the beginning of the event. The Aryslan maze was far more dangerous and competitors were permitted to attack each other in the narrow corridors, while the maze in Malas was a more traditional labyrinthine puzzle with a goal of reaching the end.

    [​IMG] We await the others to escape the clutches of the minotaur.

    I opted for the Malas maze myself and found it to be quite challenging though I eventually managed to reach the end first. I was followed by Nanoc in second place who also commented on its devious design. As for the Aryslan Maze, I am unsure of the results at present but I did hear that it was a particularly bloody affair as intended I imagine!

    At the end of the event, some of us moved on to the neighbouring Silent Auction House to discuss the days events and those still to come, as well as ideas for future games and contests. Tommorow marks the final day of the celebrations; Anniversary Day itself. As well as a formal sit-down dinner, there are still more events to come!

    PaxLair 13th Anniversary: Day 5 - Anniversary Day!

    PaxLair City, Felucca, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) - January 19, 2011 - by Ashlynn - Today marked the final day of celebrations and anniversary day itself in the PaxLair Statehood. Events to mark the grand occasion included Mage Poker and a great gathering of friends, followed by another of Governor Winfield's famous speeches.

    Mage Poker was hosted by Lady Phoenix and she had decided that old Farmer Charlie's estate would be a fine place to stage the event. After passing through an encampment of my Bane Chosen friends, I arrived to find the place in a real state of disrepair. Broken fences, rotting doors, shattered rooftile. I wondered for a moment if some of his neighbours such as the Meer had been responsible, but my attention was once again with Lady Phoenix as she explained the rules.

    [​IMG] The llama proved particularly difficult to summon.

    She would call out a number of animals; mundane creatures only of course, not elementals, wisps, pixies or bees (something which left me observing). The first person to successfully summon all the creatures through the use of the Summon Creature spell would win the round and the prize on offer.

    Several rounds of the game were played with the prize at times reaching a hundred thousand for more difficult combinations of animals. It certainly seemed enjoyable and left me wondering if I should invest in a little training in the arcane.

    After the game was done, we all made our way to the Mage Tower in PaxLair and gathered on the benches before the Governors Table. There were many people present including one by the name of Neo of Lothlore who had returned after some time away. Governor Winfield addressed those gathered stating it would not be a formal dinner, but a more informal celebration allowing everyone to mingle before his closing speech.

    [​IMG] There was something of a dash for the food and booze after the Governor pointed it out.

    Sadly, I had to retire early and cross the veil of sleep before the speech was given but I've no doubt that the celebrations continued well into the morning leaving everyone with nothing but hazy, happy alcohol-enriched memories of the occasion!

    Though the anniversary is over, we all look forward to the year ahead, and a week of fun and interesting events has already left everyone with some inspiration for the months to come. I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful support over the anniversary and hope to see everyone at the next one!

    Congratulations to the Paxlair statehood and all its allies from all of us here at UO Stratics, here's to thirteen more!