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[News] Personnel Record - Captain Duffield

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Katlene, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    Royal Britannian Guard, Personnel Record (Extract)

    Name: Ellis Corbin Duffield
    Rank: Captain
    Born: 15th January 309, Healer of Vesper (Vesper)
    Father Name: Corbin Argyle Duffield
    Father Occupation: Merchant
    Mother Name: Ingrid Alice Duffield nee Rosethorn
    Mother Occupation: Artist
    Current Assignment: Castle British Barracks


    ~ Character Reference ~

    To Captain Johnson,

    I'm not one for pomp and ceremony, as you know, so I will be brief. I am putting forward my Lieutenant Duffield as a candidate for your replacement. I have known him since Private and while under my command has displayed nothing but upstanding qualities for his rank. He has a sharp eye and a quick mind and is well exercised in combat skills. His campaigns such as the solen Reconnaissance, defense of Vesper during the Ophidian invasion and organising of the successful rescue of Lord Harold demonstrate fine leadership skills. I believe Lieutenant Duffield to be a capable strategist on and off the battlefield. He has confided in me his desire to do well and progress in his career and I see this as an opportunity for him to make the next step.

    Best regards,

    Captain Donald, Vesper Barracks.

    P.S I look forward to catching up with you at the Keg and Anchor in Trinsic again like old times.

    ~ Character Reference ~

    To Captain Johnson,

    I recently heard of your consideration of Lieutenant Duffield of Vesper Barracks to succeed you. I would like to urge you extreme caution in making your decision. Lieutenant Duffield, also known as "Ducky" by his crowd of friends, has a suspicious history. His "courageous" exploits are constantly shrouded with unanswered questions. How did half his command die on a mere "reconnaissance" of a Solen Hive? There is a hive entrance a days ride from Vesper through pristine woods, safe woods! Bandits? Hardly. He claims they were assaulted by solen enemies to the red solen but we've seen no evidence of such. On his "rescue" of Lord Harold of Vesper, I have witnesses who will attest to Lord Harold and "Ducky" arguing in hushed angry tones just days before his "disappearance". Did he arrange for Lord to be kidnapped? There was no ransom demand, very odd. We STILL do not know the identity of the person behind the whole affair. What has "Ducky" done about that? How did he know where Lord Harold was? Did guilt play a part in his rescue? Or was he blackmailed by one of the many witnesses? Dark aspersions indeed. Should you wish to review the file of evidence I have against Lieutenant Duffield for treason I would be more than happy to have scribes makes copies and forward them to you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Lieutenant Gibbs, Vesper Barracks.