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[NEWS]Public Announcement!! Lady Nystad and Way of Life Threatened!!

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Oriana, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
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    from The Golden Brew

    Public Announcement

    It is with stern voice that I, Lord Emissary Trubo Saius, must express outrage in light of recent events.

    First, I must convey my extreme disapproval over the choice of location for the recent Champion’s Tournament held inside of territory that is in contest with the throne until future events should deem it otherwise. Clearly this clashes with the interests of our glorious King! This choice was of course at the behest of Captain Aino, and let it be known she shall be chastised accordingly as best I see fit.

    Secondly, and as a further offense apparently, rumors have circulated that Captain Aino, in defiance of Casca as her King and myself especially as Lord Emissary and indeed, all faithful servants of the throne, has begun to form a private army for unknown purposes under the guise of a recruitment drive for the Royal Guard.

    Truth or not, rebellious acts such as this will not be tolerated! Captain Aino will be called upon to answer for herself before all at a nearby date to ascertain the validity of these rumors. Any loyal citizen with further information is urged to speak with Lord Emissary Saius at the earliest possible convenience.

    For further developments, please check here for updates.

    Any and all outraged citizens whether for or against can reply their opinions here as well.
  2. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
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    I have stood back and watched how this situation has developed. As manay know I have personally been against Casca since the beginning. But it is past time for me to become open about it. This usurper and his so called court and council has pushed the very limits of the peace with our great lands. Threatening not only Lady Nystad, but many of the territories thhat have forged and molded our very way of life.

    Down to Casca!! Down with this false regime!!

    My sisters and I call forward to all those that too believe this and welcome them to our sides to bring down this false king!!
  3. Sarsmi

    Sarsmi Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 25, 2001
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  4. Kurpur

    Kurpur Guest

    Hoowah Oriana!

    Az ull latz gruk dat orciez nub truz Casa fur lung tym. Da Orciez hab hemz prizunur en Blackthorn kassel bikuz hemz nub wul blah tu Orciez agh hemz blah dat hemz nub lyk da tuwnz ob da lanz.

    Translation: As all of you know that the Orcs do not trust Casca for a long time. The Orcs have him as a prisoner in Blackthorns castle because he would not speak to the Orcs and he said that he does not like the towns of the lands.

    Led mez blah diz, az Liazun ob da Gulgeth clan tu da tuwn ob Dawn. Da Orciez du nub truz Cascu bekuz hemz nub blah tu da Orciez wen wez blah hemz whu clompid da "Kuncil", Whu da nu "Kuncil" ib? Whu mek hems Warboz?
    Whu iz Aino agh wad ib hurz tu hemz? Du hemz gib hurz lanz bak agh whur wur dey? Wey Aino nedz gurd krimprz? Whu ib diz shamanz Widow?

    Translation: Let me say this, As Liasion of the Gulgeth clan to the town of Dawn. The Orcs do not trust Casca because he will not speak to the Orcs when we ask him who killed the "Council", Who the "Council is now? Who made him the Ruler? Who is Aino and what is she to him? Did he give her lands back and where were they? Why Aino needs a guard army? Who is this shaman Widow?

    Uddur queztunz da orciez hab ib. Whu ib reli da Warboz? Casca? Aino? nu Kuncil? Da Orciez ben peepen da tuwn ob Briturk fur lung tym nuw agh diz ib wad wez peep. Briturk kazzel ib Warboz hut bud whu lib dere? Aino! Blackthorn nub Briturk kazzel bud Casca lib dere! Wey? Pepelz blah dat Casca blah dat hemz nub lyk id dere bikuz ob da Mazakur. Wad mazakur? da "Kuncil"? Da Orciez gruk dat Casca mazakur demz su mebi id hemz ebil bren ib skurd!

    Translation: Another question the Orcs have is. Who is really the ruler? Casca? Aino? The new Council? The Orcs have ben watching the town of Britian for a long time now and this is what we see. Britian castle is the rulers house but who lives there? Aino! Blackthorn is not Britians castle but Casca lives there! Why? People have said that Casca said he does not like it there because of the massacre. What massacre? the "Council's? The Orcs think that Casca massacred them so maybe his evil brain is scared?

    Pepelz blah dat Aino unli lib en liddel hut en Briturk kazzel. NUB! hurz lib en Briturk kazzel! Orciez peep diz! Nuw hurz blah hurz nedz krimprz dat hurz kulz Gurdz! Orciez gruk dat hurz wanz krimprz tu clomp tuwnz! Mebi Orciez peep dez Gurdz en uddur tuwnz mebi demz ged clompid bi Orciez gurdz!

    Translation: People say that Aino lives in the little hut at Britians castle. NO! She lives in the Britian castle! Orcs have seen this! Now she says she needs a army that she calls the Guards! Orcs think that she wants an army to kill the towns! Maybe Orcs see these guards in other towns maybe they will they will get killed by Orc Guards!

    Whu diz Widow? Hurz shamanz! hurz blah hurz peep tingz bud wad hurz peep? wad Casca ur Aino wanz hurz tu peep? Ur mebi demz blah wad hurz wanz demz tu blah? Hurz nuw blah dat diz "Wey" ting ib nub guud agh dat hurz nub lyk id dat da tuwnz hab clompen gemz! Whu hurz tu blah wad da tuwnz ob da lanz du?

    Translation: Who is this Widow? She is shaman! She says she sees things but what does she see? What Casca or Aino wants her to see? Or maybe they tell her what to says? She now says that this "Way" thing is not good and that she doesnot like that the towns have fighting games! Who is she to say what the towns of the lands do?

    Laz nid Warboz Ulg'maz ob da Gulgeth clan wuz ad Briturk wen "en ufficul blahur" waz blahen dat da Getz ob Briturk wur tu bi kluzid bikuz dere wuz en Orciez envazun! Da unli Orciez dat wuz eniwur ner Briturk waz Ulg'maz! Wuz diz envazun du tu Mez bien en Briturk agh blahen tu Oriana agh uddurz dat da orciez nub truz Casca agh Aino? Ulg'maz, Warboz Wildstar agh uddurz peepid fur dez Orciez envazun agh dere wuz nub! Mebi dat Casca ur Aino'z wey ob blah dat Orciez nub wanid en Briturk! Mebi poinitrz agh hummiez ar nez?

    Translation: Last night Warboss Ulg'maz of the Gulgeth clan was at Britian when "an official spokesman" was yelling that the Gates of Britian were to be closed because there was an Orc invasion! The only Orc that was anywhere near Britian was Ulg'maz! Was this invasion do to me being in Britian and saying to Oriana and others that the orcs donot trust Casca and Aino? Ulg'maz, Warboss Wildstar and others looked for this Orc invasion and there was none! Maybe that was Casca or Aino's way of saying that Orcs are not wanted in Britian? Maybe Elves and humans are next?

    Me blah diz az Orciez nub az Dawn ur eni uddur tuwn clan! Casca, Aino agh diz shamanz hab tu blah wad Orciez azk! Ib wez nub ged wad wez azk den da Orciez wul hab tu du wad ib rid bi da Orciez! Da Orciez blah diz, Da Gulgeth clan wul prutek eni pepelz ob da lanz dat nub lyk wad ib guen un en Briturk! Agh ib da Orciez queztunz ur nub ansurid suun da Orciez wul mek ur pezenz gruk! Wez nub clomp ur hurd eniash dat du nub gruk lyk uz, bud da Orciez nuw felz dat Casca, Aino, diz krimprz Gurdz ar gedden redi tu clomp uz agh latz!

    Translation: I say this as an Orc not as Dawn or any other town person! Casca, Aino and this shaman have to answer what Orcs ask! If we do not get what we ask then the Orcs will have to do what is right by the Orcs. The Orcs say this, The Gulgeth clan will protect any people of the land that do not like what is going on in Britian! And if the Orcs questions are not answered soon the Orcs will make our presences known! We will not kill or hurt anyone that do not think like us, but the Orcs now feel that Casca, Aino and this army of Guards are getting ready to kill us and you!
  5. rsinbad

    rsinbad Guest

    Down with Casca and his nonlegitimate usurper regime.
  6. Ozymandies

    Ozymandies Guest

    An excerpt from a recent speech given by Rufus T Firefly to the assembled yeomanry of Freedonia:

    "Friends, Fellow Freedonians and Sosarians, The past is the past and now is the time for what we must do now.

    "Therefore, I have once again assumed the Acting Presidency of the Republic of Freedonia in this time of crisis; and I will in no way be acting like a president.

    "But I ask of you, are we merely defending ourselves against Casca's usurpations? I mean you sir, pay 'tention!

    "Hey . . . I wonder . . . is he getting away with anything . . . expensive?

    "While you answer that think of this, "Are we to be swayed by designer clothes alone?

    "Why can't we pull together and choose one of our own to be ruler of this land? We may need to measure something.

    "And so I remind you that the true ruler of this land not only defeated Mondain, but could also kick our asses. So we had no choice.

    "But this Casca fellow, well we rescued him, ehh? Did he not flee when the dragons showed up at Yew? And where does he go, anyway? Where does he keep his loot?

    "So, in closing, remember that a true ruler also rewards the allies generously, and that Freedonia is always ready to fight beside the highest bidder."

    Rufus was later reported seen floating towards Trinsic in a bathtub singing "Petunia Will You Marry Me?" to some nearby dolphins.
  7. I completely understand where Casca, spoken through Saius, is coming from. But you see? That is like saying that, for example, the Las Vegas Rodeo shouldn't be held, because it is in contest with the Redd Bluff Rodeo. So really, how I look at this, I think Casca needs and or should try to get along with every Kingdom before he decided to start taking over territory.

    O==[=======> OBR Knight Zackarias, the Royal Meatshield :sword: