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[News]Public Works Project - Livery Guild (1 of 11)

Discussion in 'Imperium News Service' started by Merik, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Public Works Project - Livery Guild (1 of 11)
    Castle Stables, Britain City
    August 19, 2010
    By: Merik


    In Attendance
    Ozog Giantfart [MUCK, Miss Watson [LOST], Se'an Silverfoot [ATD], Atana [=LF=], Atana [=LF=], Merik [UOSS], Rivi Ravenwynd [SHE], Lord Nostadamus, Lady Ixtab , Lady Amurdad [SoSV], Amurdad, Mr Clean [TIPS], Chaos Eterna [ACT], Death and Decay [ACT], Zira, Ashlynn [PxR], Winfield [Pax], Jane Douleur [Ary], Tanivar, Darth Oni, Phoenix, NANOC [DWxC], Judge , Lox [=LF=], Tancred RedStar [*V*], Brooke [SHE], Nastia Cross [=LF=], Daktari Zinn [SHE], Lord Scion, Hans, Torneko Taloon, Lord Algrath RedStar [*V*]

    Townships gathered to speak with Dodson Necron about being recognized as a Station of the Livery. Dodson started to gather hay with his hands when a citizen asked where his Pitchfork was. Dodson spent the news few minutes trying to find his pitchfork. Unable to find it he yelled for his assistant Johnny. Nostadamus cracked a joke saying "sleeping in the hay?" Johnny yelled out he was up to his elbows in hay. Patrick Tobias entered the stables to help Dodson and reminded Dodson that he had left his pitchfork outside.


    "Before I can grant any of you a designation of station and be added to the livery. You'll need to get the recommendation of each stablemaster throughout the land. Once all of them give you the nod, I'll grant you a designation of station."

    Stablemaster Locations
    1.Sosarian Steeds
    2.Bucking Horse in Britain
    3.Delucia Stable in....Delucia
    4.Minoc Stables in Minoc
    5.Southside Stables in Papua
    6.Serpent's Hold Stablery (1 of 2)
    7.Serpent's Hold Stablery (2 of 2)
    8.Beasts of Burden in Skara Brae
    9.First Trinsic Stablery (1 of 2)
    10.Trinsic Stablery (2 of 2)

    Townships Applying For Designation
    (List may need to be adjusted)
    Dragons Watch
    Citadel of the Fallen

    The first stop was The Minoc Stables located in Minoc Trammel.Marty the Stablemaster gave the list of supplies he needed for each township to collect. They would receive his recommendation for station if they filled the requested order in approximately three hours. Townships scattered all over the realm to Homare-Jima Tokuno, Minoc Felucca, Minoc Trammel, T2A Oaks spawn and other various locations.

    Requested Materials
    8,000 iron ingots
    4,000 Dull Copper ingots
    2,000 Shadow
    2,000 bronze ingots
    1,000reg boards ingots
    300 ash Boards
    100 Bloodwood Boards
    150 heartwood Boards
    50frost wood Boards


    The City of Action was the only township able to complete this order. Marty gave his first but not his only recommendation to the City of Action. All other townships were unsuccessful in this Livery quest (1 of 10). Remember you only need 5 recommendations to receive a Livery designation.