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[NEWS] Publish 57 Notes Updated [SPOILER]

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Andrasta, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Andrasta

    Andrasta Goodman's Rune Library
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Blue Crane Society

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Upcoming Publish 57

    In Publish 57, a number of new additions will be made to the champion spawns on all facets. While working the spawn, players will have a chance of receiving a random Scroll of Transcendence (SoT). When killing the champion, players who worked the spawn will have a chance of receiving a special reward. If none of the people who worked the spawn are present on the subserver when the boss dies, one of the top attackers will randomly be given the reward.

    Scroll of Transcendence:

    This cursed scroll will allow you to instantly train your character in the skill and by the number of points indicated on the scroll provided you have the room for it. All skills (including non-Powerscroll skills such as begging and remove trap) will be available. The skill on the Scroll of Transcendence is randomly selected. The number of points per scroll will range from 0.1 to 0.5 in Trammel rulesets, and from 0.6 to 1.0 in Felucca. There is no timer on using these scrolls.

    As Meraktus isn’t a standard champion spawn (no altar), you will not get those scrolls from working that spawn.

    In Felucca, players will have a chance of receiving either the 105 Powerscrolls or the Scrolls of Transcendence. The Virtue of Protection applies on Scrolls of Transcendence in Felucca only.

    Special Rewards from the Champion:

    When killing the champion, players who have worked a certain percentage of the spawn will have a chance of receiving one of three types of items:

    1. A boss specific replica;
    2. A boss specific decorative item;
    3. A shared replica.

    The replica’s are artifacts originally created by the former EMs and Seers. They have the same mods and stats as the originals but you cannot use Power of Fortification on them. They can be repaired, insured and blessed. Some of them will only be obtainable from a specific boss whereas others will drop on various champs.

    Decorative items will include some animated tiles, statuettes, furniture, etc. themed around the boss they dropped from.

    · Replicas are available on all facets.

    · A timer on the scrolls was considered but we dropped the idea simply because the scrolls you get are totally random and you won't get dubs in Trammel ruleset. Assuming you were in the most improbable situation where you systematically got 1.0 taming scrolls, you would still need 70 of them to go from 50 to 120. Even if you farmed the living daylight out of Tram spawns, considering the best you can get is 0.5, we would still be looking at 140 SoT taming scrolls. So I'm not overly concerned there.

    The randomness of the Alacrity scrolls is a good example of what kind of skill drops you can expect. This is meant as a permanent addition to champ spawns. Not a temporary one.

    · The new system is tracking the players working the spawn. Once you've reached a certain threshold, you are automatically added to the list of people who will have a chance of receiving the rare item. The person who worked the spawn the most will have a very slightly higher chance of getting it. So technically, if you are on the list, you do not necessarily have to kill the champ to receive the item, but it would increase your chances if you did. You however must be on the subserver or you are removed from the list. If you are dead, the item could drop on your corpse (not on your ghost).

    If none of the people on the list are present when the champ dies, then a random player among those who helped killed the champ will receive the reward.

    When killing the boss, the breakdown for the rewards is as follows:

    10% chance of no reward
    10% chance of the boss specific reward
    45% chance of a decorative reward
    35% chance of a shared reward.

    For example, if you're doing Oaks:

    10% no reward
    10% chance at Orc Chieftain Helm
    45% chance of either the wind spirit or one of the 4 animated water tiles
    35% chance of one of 6 Replicas (Survival Knife, Djinny Ring, Lt. Sash, Samaritan Robe, Detective Boots or Knowledge Robe).

    Note that Oaks has the most shared replicas. Most other champs have 3 or 4.

    As far as people farming the Tram ruleset spawns, keep in mind that there is a timer before the altar is self-reactivated. You will probably remember the days of Treasures of Tokuno when we were all sitting around waiting for the spawn to begin again.

    The Scroll of Transcendence are totally independent of the boss. Whenever you work the spawn you get a chance at receiving a 105 or a Scroll of Transcendence scroll. In Trammel, you will only get the Scroll of Transcendence, in Felucca you will get one or the other.

    · The Power Scrolls will continue to work as before. Heal the champ, whoever raided and killed the boss gets all the scrolls. If you also want the reward, you will need to track down and kill the people who worked the spawn or check their bodies to get it.

    · In Felucca people do encounter twice the points and double scrolls with protection, the powerscrolls, the skulls and the special reward for doing the same thing but with a bit more risk.

    · Twaulo (Twisted Wealds), Serado (Tokuno), Ilhenir (Bedlam) and Meraktus (Labyrinth) each have a unique artifact and themed deco items.

    So for those, Feluccans will have to go to these specific champ spawns to get the rewards.

    · The replicas are stealable, but not cursed, so you can insure them. The SoTs are cursed.

    · The Labyrinth uses a completely different system. The altar is actually the one tracking who contributes to leveling the spawn. So for the time being, anyone who gets looting rights on Meraktus has an equal chance at the rewards.

    I intend to do a thorough revision in the future on the way this specific spawn works. But I'm not going to give any ETA on that. One thing for sure is it won't be in Pub 57.

    · The Scroll of Transcendence will not drop on the monster's corpse. The decay rate is significantly increased in champ spawn areas to reduce lag which means people would end up losing the majority of their scrolls.

    · The whole purpose of these changes is not only to give players a reason to do the Tram spawns, but also to get Feluccans to stop farming Despise and work the other champs more often.

    Translation: Baracoon has the lower end rewards.

    The drop rate breakdown is as follows:

    5% chance of a unique item
    15% chance of a decorative item
    10% chance of a shared reward

    The Harrower has a couple replicas and decorative items, based on the same drop rates.* However, it will not drop any of the shared rewards.

    Additional Champion Spawn Information from Publish 57 List.

    Non-Felucca facets Champ Spawns will now give special rewards for working the spawns.

    Killing the Champ Spawn boss on any facet has a 30% chance of dropping a special reward.

    Working the Ilshenar spawns gives Transcendence scrolls but not 105 powerscrolls.

    A black gate will no longer appear after killing the Champ Spawn boss unless you are in Felucca.

    Rewards have a durability of 150/150 and cannot be enhanced or unraveled.

    Each Champ Boss has a chance to drop a Unique, Decorative, or Shared reward drop - such as Animated Water Tiles with Rock.

    Shared rewards do not mean every boss has them, but only that more than 1 boss may drop it (usually 3 bosses).

    Drop rate of rewards set to an overall 30% chance, as follows:

    5% Unique reward
    15% Decorative reward
    10% Shared reward

    Two types of rewards can be obtained while leveling the spawn:

    Scrolls of Transcendence (SoT)
    105 Powerscrolls (PS).

    Here is the list of Replicas someone was kind enough to find in the files:

    Fang of Ractus [Replica]:
    (Green Kryss) Spell Chan. No Neg, 20% Posion Area,
    5% Hci, 5% Dci, 35% Di, 15% Posion Resist


    The Most Knowledge Person [Replica]:
    (green hooded shroud) hpi 5


    Legendary Detective of the Royal Guard [Replica]:
    (boots) int +4

    Elder Detective of the Royal Guard [Replica]:
    (boots) int +3


    Mythical Detective of the Royal Guard [Replica]:
    (boots) int +2


    Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak [Replica]:
    (dark green hooded shroud) +5 stealth


    Gauntlets of Anger [Replica]:
    hpi 8, hpr 2, dci 10, 4/3/5/6/5


    Crown of Tal'Keesh [Replica]:
    (bandana) same stats as Hat of Magi


    Brave Knight of The Britannia [Replica]:


    A couple of Siege players came up with this translation of the katana stats:
    Hit Life Leach 45%
    Hit Stamina Leach 45%
    Hit Lower Attack 45%
    Hit Lightning 46%
    Hit Chance Increase 11%
    Damage Increase 35%
    Damage spread 40% / 10% / 20% / 10% / 20%

    Disclaimer: Now at this point we do not know if it’s the whole set or just the weapon and shield.

    Lieutenant of the Britannian Royal Guard [Replica]:
    (body sash) MR 2, LRC 10, Int +5


    Captain John's Hat [Replica]:
    (Unique Dread Pirate Hat)
    Swords +20, Dex +8, NS, HCI +15, 2/6/9/7/23

    Tattered Ancient Mummy Wrapping [Replica]


    A Necromancer Shroud [Replica]:
    (shadow robe) cold resist +5


    Shroud of Deceit [Replica]:
    (gray bone tunic) resisting spells +10, 3 hpr,
    11/6/18/15/13, mage armor


    Calm [Replica]:
    (halberd) hit ml 75, sp chan. no neg,
    10 hci, 20 ssi, 50 di


    Oblivion's Needle [Replica]:
    (dagger) hi sl 50, si 20, 20 hci, -20 dci, 40 di


    Gladiator's Collar [Replica]:
    (platemail gorget)hpi 10, hci 10, 18/18/17/18/16,
    mage armor


    Royal Guard Survival Knife [Replica]:
    (skinning knife) sp chan. no neg,
    100 luck, 25 ep, ubws


    Orc Chieftain Helm [Replica]:
    (light green orc helm) self repair 5, hpr 3,
    100 luck, hci 30, 23/1/23/3/5


    Wind Spirit [Replica]


    Good Samaritan of Britannia [Replica]:
    (green robe) physical resist +5


    Djinni's Ring [Replica]:
    int +5, sdi 10, fc 2


    Quell [Replica]:
    (bardiche) hit ml 75, sp chan. no neg,
    10 hci, 20 ssi, 50 di


    Pacify [Replica]:
    (pike) hit ml 75, sp chan. no neg,
    10 hci, 20 ssi, 50 di


    Subdue [Replica]:
    (scythe) hit ml 75, sp chan. no neg,
    10 hci, 20 ssi, 50 di


    The Robe of Britannia "Ari" [Replica]:
    (purple hooded shroud) physical resist +10


    Disclaimer: I am almost 100% sure that the Replicas wont be blessed like the screenies show.

    Submitted and Compiled by Lady Aalia from UHall & various sources.
    Pictures reproduced with the permission of Tomas Bryce & JC The Builder.
  2. shanshu

    shanshu Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 8, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Does that say Reach Around for the description of the sword?

    Brave Knight of The Britannia [Replica]:


    Disclaimer: Now at this point we do not know if it’s the whole set or just the weapon and shield.
  3. Hunter Moon

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 19, 2005
    Likes Received:
    The description of the Royal Guard Survival Knife reads:
    Royal Guard Survival Knife [Replica]:
    (skinning knife) sp chan. no neg,
    100 luck, 25 ep, ubws

    However, the text shown in the mouse over of the actual item has it listed with 140 luck. Do you happen to know which it is or if that one in the picture was enhance by chance?

    Hunter Moon [HOT] Atlantic
  4. Cesspool

    Cesspool Guest

    So they felt it was a good idea to make farmable exact copies of unique items? Is there even a reason for this?

    As for the knife, I received one of the originals and mine was always 100 luck, and it also didn't have Lower Requirements at all. Maybe the one in the screenshot was enhanced through legitimate means (never tried it myself).
  5. Lady Aalia

    Lady Aalia Atlantic's Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 13, 2003
    Likes Received:
    the white Armor is a aisian shard event Item ...
    I couldnt find any information about it but on a japanese site , so the discription looks a bit Funky since its translated from japanese heh.

    as for the other items, the screenies are of the rares forum so of other players that own the item.
    Some of them may be enhanced , but i cant vouch for that.
    The only thing i can say with allmost 100% certancy is that they wont be blessed.

    thats why i added the discriptions under the pic , wich are also on the rares forum.

    As to EA releasing them to the public, acctually i think its a good move , since they will all have the tag [Replica] they will be difrent from the originals.
    But they still will be obtainable by everyone through legal means.
    So hopefully that eliminates the need to buy of dupers.
  6. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jan 5, 2001
    Likes Received:
    A couple of Siege players came up with this translation of the katana stats:
    Hit Life Leach 45%
    Hit Stamina Leach 45%
    Hit Lower Attack 45%
    Hit Lightning 46%
    Hit Chance Increase 11%
    Damage Increase 35%
    Damage spread 40% / 10% / 20% / 10% / 20%
  7. Escobar_TDT

    Escobar_TDT Guest

    The sash and gladiators collar are the two most important to get on my list.
  8. WidowMak3r

    WidowMak3r Guest

    Yours and Mine Both i wouldn't mind the shroud of Ari.