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[News] Q&A, Awards, and Death!

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Brytt, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Brytt

    Brytt Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 16, 2004
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    Sunday, citizens were treated to a meet and greet with Seppo, Crysania, and a surprise visitor! Here's what you would have seen and heard if you had been a fly on the wall!

    Blue - EM Seppo
    Violet - Mesanna, Goddess of Death
    Black - Everyone else


    Howdy good folks! (inaudible) I am quite well! Thank you for asking, James. Nice to see a good crowd! It has been some time since our last meetup. I have few points that I would like to discuss.... and then we can have more of an open discussion! More like, announcements!


    On Thief Notariety Points

    First thing! We have updated the thief notoriety points. Please, check your points if you have should have any and contact us if anything is out of order. If you need to know how to check, I can show you later!


    On EM Office Hours
    Second point: Make use of this place bit more often! Probably on a weekend, will let you know the time soon. (inaudible) Yea, its good to keep in touch with you all on our robes!


    On the Township Recognition Program
    Third point! If you had not noticed, we have started the process of getting townships recognized. The "Yet to be decided upon final name" AKA Township Guild hall is located in the counselor's hall in East Britain. It has some tacky decoration right now which will disappear for something more fitting soon

    WildStar: So you did them and not Crysania?

    What! *glares fondly!* Is that possible.. to glare fondly? Anyways, I just did it!

    Manticore: why not open it up for players to design like a contest?


    Well, it can be but I don't want to delay the entire process for that purpose. The way the township application will work.. this will all be written down soon.. we will have two hours a week where there will be a RPC aka one of our characters present at the Township guild hall where your towns representative will have to submit a written application in game first. Right now, we are thinking of having all applications available for everyone else to view. I think it is a good idea to keep archives of them.. it would help others and also keep things transparent. Yes?

    WildStar: Are you going to ask anything "sensitive"?

    *scratches head*

    No, I do not believe there will be any questions that ask you to explain your feelings on Casca. If you have seen the "Guidelines" that were posted your application should have the information in it which gives us the information if the guidelines are met. Does that make sense? Once we get the application, we will review it and respond on what you need to do (if anything) to meet the guidelines. Coming back to the security question... It is best to send us an email with your contact information when you apply and by contact information, I mean email contact. I cannot contact you via ICQ or any other IM. Often we get feedback from you guys with your ICQ information and no other means to contact. We are not allowed to use ICQ. Yes, Brytt?

    Brytt: How long do you anticipate towns having to design a banner, if selected?

    As long as you want to take.. If you take 2 years, it will not be done for 2 years (if ever). Once you submit your design, it has to be approved by us and then sent to approval by Mesanna and then she has to build it and she does that on all shards along with 5034 other things, so, don't take too long. Yes?

    Amber Witch: What is this about banners in the castle? Is that going to happen?

    I think that I have to still give you specific information regarding design and constraints, so we better leave that discussion till then! My understanding is that players generally design their "banners". The term banner here is pretty loose; it is more of a .... I don't even know if there is one word that can encompass all the possibilities. To be honest, it would be nice if .. on Baja.. players followed some type of flexible theme but that is up to you guys. Generally it is 6x6 constraint, have a theme that fits your township but maybe have a little thing on all of it that immediately tells another person that it is for township recognition, if that makes sense. Anyways, that is probably bit far fetched.

    At that moment, the door opened and in came The Yattering, followed seconds later by a crack of darkness that etherealized into the Goddess of Death herself, Mesanna!


    Mesanna, Goddess of Death
    *hugs Yattering*

    The Yattering [Mesannas Pet]: mama still love yattery?

    But of course. Always. *scratches ear* Hello Everyone!

    Seppo About the 6x6 thing

    *waves at Mesa*

    Well, since Mesa is here! Hold on a second. Okay, the general guidelines for banner design: it has to be 6x6 if it is in a blocking area.. aka land. You cannot have it be part of your house/castle or touching it. Am I missing anything?

    Mesanna not yet =) I can override most things. Not trees.

    Phew! The final banner may not resemble what you submitted. If you submit something completely over the top, Mesa has the final say on the design

    Mesanna Also, using Paint: If you use Paint, its not a true placement; therefore the design might have to be altered. Also, if it looks bad I won't do it.

    Right. Just because you can copy/paste things in paint on top of each other does not mean that it works the same way in game.

    Amber Witch: is there a limit to the number of elements in it?

    Amber, there are not really any restrictions, but remember, simple is generally usually prettier.

    Mesanna Oh, and you can't block a road. I will do docks if it fits your town, but please, have the banners represent your towns. If you want something from your town locked down on it, I will be happy to. Oh and I won't put live dragons in it either. Sorry! I can give you a red NPC or something. He might not do much, but sure. (Seppo: He will die, if he is red). I have gotten really good on building docks, thanks to these!

    Amber Witch: Can a talking NPC be part of it? say to give some info or history?

    I personally think that talking NPC is bit too much, and oracles tend to get wiped now and then. Also, it is a lot of work to program them.

    Brytt: When do you anticipate opening for applications?

    As soon as we get a proper desk in place.


    On an Idea for Mini-Quests
    Okay, fourth point then! I think we have covered the banner design. Okay, for this I need some ideas! I don't know how many of you guys remember back when NPCs used to talk... and they would give out rumors of hidden treasure and what not, and if you remember, we have this entire rumor system in place with the NPC characters that are used often. I was thinking of doing simple, random "mini quests" using the rumor system.

    Tiesto: With great and uber prizes?

    That is the catch. Is there anything that would give you an incentive to do random mini-quests, besides earning an item at end of it? There could be a good story to them, but remember, these would be mini-quests. There would be quite a few of them and the time invested designing them would be appropriate to a mini-quest. It would most likely be a template I use to pump them out quickly.

    I was thinking something akin to you and your friend bored one night and checking the rumors and finding a quest to go on that might take an hour or so. Of course, if properly planned, a string of mini-quests could lead to a larger thing.

    Brytt: What about something like notariety points? Like, tokens that can be redeemed periodically.

    I thought of notoriety points but it does not really fit and it is not fun to keep track of all those points lol. Thief notoriety points is enough.

    Brytt: Well not points. A token or coin or something. That way you don't have to track.
    Handalf: you have copper coins in system
    Amber Witch: I like that idea
    Handalf: could have stuff for sale in coppers
    Handalf: get coppers from minis
    Brytt: And every few months, there's a bazaar
    Brytt: where you and Crysania put out your tents and let people exchange their coins
    Handalf: once a month have a copper sale
    Handalf: *nods*

    Hmm. That's not a bad idea. Only thing that I don't particularly like about it is that.. if the quest is about some secret treasure buried in some woods, copper coins might not go so well. But I think we can make it work.


    On the Cross-Shard Treasure Map Challenge

    Mesanna I have a question for Baja. Will you be joining in on the Treasure Map challenge? Baja vs another shard? Everyone will be meeting up on TC1. You will challenge another shard.... The winners get a nice trophy on your shard and the losers get a losing plaque stating what shard they lost to. They can keep it for 1 month, then there is another challenge. We were thinking of doing it in teams. Each team has to do 1-6 maps; first team to finish wins. I know that Tailspin is pushing for this, just curious if you guys would like to do it.

    Mesanna Oh and I want to post the winners pictures on the Herald. TC1 its going to wipe. It will be advertised, not a copy of that shard...not like you can't make your characters pretty fast on tc1. Rune libraries will not be of any use. You will start with level 1 and go through level 6's. I think it will be fun. Nice bragging rights over another shard. =)

    I will get more information about it and post on EM boards.

    That brings an end to the main points I had planned! Are there any questions pertaining to what we just talked about or anything else...?

    Dar: what are you doin to the floor in Luna bank, and why?

    I have no idea what you are talking about. If it is on every shard, it is probably due to a patch. It was not Mesanna.

    Someone: bring back the mercs

    The mercs will be back for one final glory! (comment from the audience) I love orcs, as well, but right now, I don't foresee an orc invasion in near term. (Handalf: chicken invasion?) That might be possible... err ya.

    WildStar: Location of the future Township Teleport Hub

    Right now, it looks likely to be in Luna. I have one more announcement.. well two more. I highly doubt any of you dislike Luna quite as much as me. (Amber Witch: I wouldn't bet on that) I would! But Luna needs love, too!

    Anyways! I am not sure how many of you are aware of the fact that we are going to have a Town Hall meeting in Fairfax, in the building where UO is based on Saturday August 28th. (James: Doth that be south of Newjelm?) *smirks at James* (inaudible comment) Alas, I cannot make it either. It was planned after I had already booked my vacation! *sighs* But, there will be several of my colleagues and it should be a blast if you can make it. [Whispering Rose Radio] will be there so expect them to netcast it. Starts at 12. Mesanna says that WRR will not broadcast the happy hour. What happens in Fairfax.. stays in Fairfax.

    ...I will bribe someone to take a video. Ssshh!

    At this, a sudden bolt of electricity flashed from the sky, and Seppo, the EM of Baja, was immediately struck dead. It took him a few minutes to bring himself back to the land of the living and recover his effects without letting his face be seen.

    Ooops. I am ugly without my hood! *sighs* haha


    Awards for Baja's Reporters!

    Now, the second announcement! The reason for this meeting!

    *scans the crowd*

    err. oh there he is!

    Seppo whisked Brytt and WarderDragon on stage in front of everyone. With the Goddess of Death drumming her fingers together nearby, the two hastily began considering their insurance situations....

    *clears his throat*

    I would like everyone to give a big round of applause to Nicholas, Brytt, and Sara, who is not here! Fireworks will do as well! Baja has some of the finest reporters in whole of UO.


    Mesanna Thank you for doing such a good job both of you. We truly appreciate all your hard work.

    Mesanna and Seppo then hung three plaques in the EM Hall, commemorating the service of Baja's reporters!




    Nicholas the Old: They want a speech, Wanderbard.
    Brytt: Well, I'm very flattered and honored. And as I was whispering to Nicholas, it's thanks to contributions from all of you that we have interesting things to write about! We have chickens and kingdoms and crafters and assassins like no other shard... and I'm very grateful to be able to tell your tales. Thank you all!

    You guys are not so good on stage! Could have at least given the ladies a strip show!

    Mesanna Good thing you guys write really well =)

    Too bad that Sara could not be present! Yay for Sara!

    Brytt: *claps*
    JINX: *claps*
    Amber Witch: YAY!
    EM Seppo: *claps*
    Brytt: Indeed!
    Nana: *claps*
    Amber Witch: YAY!
    Handalf: SARA SARA SARA!
    Amber Witch: YAY!
    Leohin: *claps*
    WildStar: *claps*
    Amber Witch: YAY!
    Brytt: *claps*
    Handalf: SARA SARA SARA!


    Mesanna Roulette
    Okay! Who wants to play... Mesanna roulette..? Anyone have a cup of dice handy? All I know so far is that you get one chance... and you die if you do not win

    Mesanna ok. Here are the rules: Do not play if you are afraid to die. If you do not roll the number I pick, you will die. If you roll the number, you live. I need one person at a time to come up. It goes till last man standing. Lock the door.

    No rezzing!

    *evil grin*

    Seppo then displayed the prize that was up for grabs: A set of green "Tortured Bones of EM Seppo"! If there hadn't been interest before, there certainly was now!



    Masochistic citizens formed a line against the door and waited their turn to face Death! Effortlessly, the Goddess littered the floor with one corpse after another of those who failed to roll her number.

    Finally, Amber Witch broke the losing streak.

    Mesanna: hello Amber
    Amber Witch: Greetings M'Lady
    Mesanna: 10 please.
    Ric Flair [Rank Guard]: roots for Amber
    Ric Flair [Rank Guard]: go Amber
    : Amber Witch shakes the cup and spills the dice
    : The first die rolls to a stop and shows: 4
    : The second die stops and shows: 6
    : Total for this roll: 10


    Rooke Madness and The Navigator also were spared Death's fate. The crowd cheered for a roll-off, but not without generosity, Mesanna spared the winners a second round of death and rewarded each of them with a pile of EM Seppo bones!

    Mesanna Go figure; who would have thought that Seppo's bones would be spawn number 6666?
    EM Seppo Haha
    Mesanna LOL
    EM Crysania lol
    Mesanna sorry Seppo
    EM Seppo What are you trying to say!?
    Mesanna its kinda funny =)
    EM Seppo *is a nice guy*

    EM Crysania You're the best seppo

    EM Seppo Thank you everyone for coming


    A special thank you to Mesanna, Seppo, and Crysania, and very special thanks to Baja citizens from the Stratics Baja News Team, for your kind words and all the hard work you do to make Baja such a great place to tell tales. Keep your stories coming! As always, [email protected].
  2. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Great read. This covered a lot of topics I was interested in and the mini-quests sound like fun.
  3. Yalp

    Yalp Guest

    perhaps old age has caught me, but I get no response from the thief on my notoriety points... a refresher on how to check them perhaps?