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[News] Q&A with Seppo and Crysania

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Brytt, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Brytt

    Brytt Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 16, 2004
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    EM Seppo and EM Crysania dropped into the EM Hall, then led attendees to the Golden Brew for drinks and an informal social hour.


    During the visit, several questions popped up. Here are some of the highlights:

    On the subject of Roses:
    Q: Can you summon Mesanna to fix my rose?
    EM Seppo: [He] is just being funny. It's not actually misspelled!
    Q: I'm dead serious.
    EM Seppo: I can't. :p

    On Events:
    Q: Can we get more rewards at events?
    EM Seppo: There were actually no special rewards at yesterday's event. We don't like to drop things at every event; we like to mix it up. Usually the reward bit takes only 0.05% of our time that we spent on the event.
    Q: It didn’t seem that yesterday’s event was much different than fighting Sphinx, except Sphinx gives more gold. Why was that?
    EM Seppo: Well, to be honest we had some technical difficulties with yesterday's event. Some of the things we wanted to do did not pan out and it was too late to change it. It should have been more of a show and interesting. Mowdley was supposed to get hit by a lightning bolt and then die.. and say something as his spirit escaped from his body with some effect. But all that did not really work out.
    EM Crysania: Did you enjoy the ship blowing up?
    Shocker: YES
    Shocker: i liked the boat
    Shocker: blowing up
    Brytt: The ship blowing up was amazing.
    Shocker: it was cool
    Amber Witch: Oh man I wish I could have seen it
    Sitting Bull: i got ported to Brit
    WildStar: Player lost Bonded pets
    EM Crysania: Well you guys get ported... but the pets… well, we didn’t want you to lose them. [We warned against bringing pets] three times, in fact.
    EM Seppo: There is nothing that annoys a Seppo more than dragon spam heh.
    EM Seppo: I don't think the third thief [event] will involve boats.
    EM Crysania: You guys did great finding the ghost crew..and chasing and blocking

    On the subject of weird moongates and other event leftovers:
    EM Seppo: There are lot of random places and things in Baja that we don't know still. A fair bit of it probably needs to be removed. There are also lot of things from EM Sameerah's unfinished arc that needs to be cleaned up probably but.. its not fun to do clean up!

    Q: How about finishing some of the earlier story arcs?
    EM Seppo: Eh, can't really finish them. We have no idea what Sameerah was planning to do with it. It is not so easy to finish up another EMs arc.

    Q: What's up with the moongate in Jhelom Fel?
    EM Seppo: The moongate in Jhelom fel takes you down to the "PvP arena". We have not really used it because we did the PvP competition in character (mostly) and in the arenas that already exist. We hold M&G in Fel there at times.

    More on Events:
    Q: Was an invasion a while back. Loot included Mystic, Vanq, and power weapons--are they useless going forward?
    EM Seppo: That was a global event by developers.. I have no idea. Aye, I have no clue if they will make something more out of those weapons. I can only give you an opinion as a player. heh.

    Q: Can you change our looks? Clothing, etc, [during EM events]? I was thinking about being turned into a pirate.
    EM Seppo: No, we can't.

    Q: Does the book near the thiefmaster work?
    Claudia Drusilla: It's not readable but state the name of the person and it will give you their notariety points.
    EM Seppo: We haven't updated your notoriety points from finding Mowdly... yet.

    Q: What are the notariety points for?
    EM Seppo: I am not telling that!
    WildStar: Future evil plan, I suspect.

    On the upcoming Town Banner system, for Baja:
    Q: What's the next step in the Town Banner discussion?
    EM Seppo: Oh! Ya, we could use some ideas regarding how it should be setup. On some shards you petition to Queen Dawn but seeing how Dawn has no authority over many parts of Sosaria, we do not favor that. We were thinking of launching an an independent Urban Something Something Registrar. Need a cooler name.
    Q: OOC or IC?
    EM Seppo: IC.
    Q: As it stands now... how many towns etc do you think are eligible?
    EM Seppo: I am not going to guesstimate! I hate being wrong. :p
    Brytt: I think there should be a new division of Urban Development that springs up somewhere other than Britain.
    EM Seppo: Maybe Minoc, it could use some love. Hopefully we will have it setup this week and people can apply by start of next week.
    Brytt: Will things be too busy with the current story arc going?
    EM Seppo: Yes, it is quite busy. Luckily half the fragments are found.

    On the subject of puking:
    EM Seppo: I was never a fan of puking

    A tragic event!:
    EM Seppo: Something tragic happened few weeks ago!
    EM Crysania: It did indeed.
    EM Seppo: The bug that had hit the houses on Baja had also wiped everything from our house.. except that it was a day before so we were not restored.
    EM Seppo: Yea, we lost everything!
    EM Crysania: Everything ,,,*poof*
    Sitting Bull: ur the EMs u can create most of anything u want
    EM Seppo: yea but we also lost all our books and such
    Amber Witch: Do you need help with anything?
    EM Seppo: Hmm I think Crys wanted seeds
    EM Crysania: Plants!
    EM Seppo: or rather plants
    EM Crysania: or yes seeds!
    EM Crysania: any kind
    EM Crysania: The mailbox is at the Reward museum. The vortex beside the EM Hall takes you to it.
    EM Seppo: On the bright side
    EM Seppo: before, me and Pallando used to live in a "plot"
    EM Seppo: this gave an opportunity for me to transfer the house to Crys
    EM Seppo: and I am happy to report that she made a nice little house out of it
    EM Crysania: The house is clean!

    Wrapping up:
    Q: Are you giving out any sashes today?
    EM Seppo: no, I don't have any sash

    Q: Pie, or cake?
    EM Seppo: Ice cream

    Thanks Seppo and Crysania, for popping in for the chat!
  2. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    It would still be nice to see references to or elements of previous stories (i.e. Flamizen) used in the modern arc.

    There is something similar in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. The Heralds.
    Quoting Running the Realms from AD&D Second Edition:

    The Heralds are a group of historians and arbitrators who were originally allied with the Harpers but split with them when the latter group's tendency towards good became unbalancing to their own even-handed interest in justice.

    The Heralds were nominally established to organize the heraldry of the Realms and record the arms of its noble families. While the older, more established lines of Cormyr, Calimshan, and Sembia treat heraldry with respect, the noveau riche of Waterdeep see it as a status symbol, and as such there has been an explosion of various arms, sigils, symbols, and banners in the past few centuries. The Heralds are recognized as being the official arbitrators of precedence and correct armature.


    The Heralds are frustrating in that they are hidden in plain sight - as the scribes, clerks, and advisors of half a hundred petty rulers and barons. They are masters of information, which they pass along to their superiors, though rarely act on their own. They will push an adventurer or two in the correct direction should that meet with Herald goals.

    It's kind've the same idea. An independent organization in charge of Heraldry and Arms.
  3. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I wish people would stop asking for rewards and sashes all the time. It just feel cheap.

    EDIT: Seriously, asking for a sash for attending a Q&A session? Low class.
  4. LadyLucia

    LadyLucia Guest

    LOL @SuperKen's comment.

    How do I find the book, with the name to get my points, hmm?
    ANd do we get points for the second part where we find the fragment, or only for the first part when we do the clue hunting? I did not report my findings last week. *smacks self in head*