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[NEWS] Recap of November 22 Meet & Greet With EM Faine Morgan

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Sara Of Baja, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Meet & Greet With EM Faine Morgan, Sunday, November 22


    EM Faine Morgan arrived and announced she had baked cookies for the evening however had burned them, (anyone else starting to wonder about EM Faine's culinary skills?), so she provided cake and milk. Frey Wavestrider saved the moment by announcing Brat was on her way and bringing some of her famous cookies.


    The mood vastly improved when Brat passed cookies around. ( REALLY, what's an Origin event with the Brat's cookies?!)


    Once cookies were consumed and the crumbs cleaned up, EM Faine Morgan discussed the current plans for Chesapeake, Catskills, Pacific, and some other shards to recognize player-ran towns (existing and future) with banners in the towns and teleporters to the towns at a central location, such as the fairgrounds. EM Faine also explained EMs would have the capability of looking down player event books with town information, events, etc. at the town banners.

    EM Faine mentioned that due to Origin's unique, youngish status, what makes a player-ran town on other shards might not apply to Origin. Then explained, 'EM Dudley has worked up a proposal for naming depending upon how many buildings, like 1 to 4 would be a settlement. Can a town (or settlement) be one building? Why not? Let's say you have a tavern, and you have an area for drinking, eating socializing, etc., maybe an area for plays and storytelling, there's no reason that one building can't qualify. The point in all this is, quite simply, community, not the number of buildings but what do those buildings contribute to the community. There may be some guilds that already have areas they'd like recognized. What I'd really like you to think on are a couple of things:

    What makes a town? Origin absolutely ROCKS, and I have no qualms about any of the citizens on Origin, BUT we certainly don't want people coming along and plopping down a building just to get a banner hung out front. So, for Origin, what would make a town (not asking an answer tonite).

    One thing that some of the other shards are doing that could work here is anyone can nominate themselves as a town BUT to get the teleporter placed, they have to petition Queen Dawn and have to have votes agreeing so the whole community gets to have a say in the towns. You can petition for other people by submitting nominations.

    We can work out how the whole process itself works, I just wanted to start you all thinking and open the discussions.'

    The shards will each decide on the process, and the EMs will facilitate and work with the community and make suggestions on what the EMs can and can't do. EM Faine announced she is going to invite Mesanna to meet with Origin after Thanksgiving. (UO Developer Mesanna is the 'boss' of the EM program. She truly cares about the game and its players, is the one spearheading the town/community proposal, and she works very hard for the UO player community.) Meanwhile, EM Faine asks that you talk among yourselves, think about it, and if you have questions or ideas email Faine at [email protected].

    EM Faine stated the EM website will be changing as she has to move it and the site may be down for a bit. She is hoping to get all the content moved either this week or the week after Thanksgiving, and back up and running. In the meantime, she will email all announcements to me and I will get them on the forum ASAP. She will also utilize the EM lanterns and the event announcer at the Luna gate, so keep an eye out for both.

    Upcoming Events:
    1. Donal has been up to 'exploring' and 'learning' again, so look for something to happen with that story soon.

    2. EM Faine has a little Trammel high seas adventure planned in the near future, so keep an eye out for an announcement, possibly the week after Thanksgiving.

    3. Winter Wonderland House Decorating contest. Once the date the contest opens is announced (possibly December 1), entrants will have two weeks to submit entries by placing a rune along with a book telling if your house is public or private in the mailbox at the Origin Award House. If a house is private, EM Faine will need to set a time to meet with you so she can take screenshots of the design. Screenshots will then be posted on the internal EM website, and the EMs will vote on the designs. EM Faine also stated she would TRY (note TRY) to persuade Mesanna to give her permission to place a golden gingerbread cookie outside the winning house.

    EM Faine would like to know what works best for events for Origin players ... week nights or weekend nights?


    After the meeting, EM Faine Morgan led us over to the Origin Award House where a sash by EM Laurana was already on display.


    EM Laurana, who left the EM program this past week, has been a big part of Origin for almost a year. In recognition of the contributions Laurana made to Origin, EM Faine Morgan placed a plaque to commemorate Laurana's time on Origin.



    As a tribute to Laurana, Falseprophet furnished a pan of the Brat's cookies to be locked down in front of the sash and plaque.
    We then moved downstairs where EM Faine apologized for an error during the recent scavenger hunt.


    She then asked permission to modify the winners' award to recognize the top four teams. As Crystal Canyon said, it's 'Team Origin', and arrangements were made to correct the award. Be sure to check at the Award House to view the change.