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News Regarding Valthalion

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by kyrstynz, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. kyrstynz

    kyrstynz Guest

    Caramina rode into New Haven on her cu sidhe Shadow, she saw what looked like the vampire Valthalion and his nightmare Hauntu. She immediately was on the alert, the next thing she new he was attacking her. She ran toward the moon gate trying to buy some time, to ready herself for the counterattack, but it was too late. Instead, she ran off looking for a healer. “He needs to be stopped” she thought to herself. “I must always be on the alert, always ready for his attacks.”

    Caramina sat down for lunch, as she finished her meal, she saw Lady Glinilril. “We need to destroy Valthalion” she said. This got Caramina’s attention. “Yes we do, but how?” Caramina replied. “I know someone who can help us.” Glinilril opened a gate. They both went through the gate and Glinilril lead her to the Skara Brae Community Center.

    There sat an elderly man who could probably give Methuselah a run for his money, Lady Glinilril introduced him as the Wise Elder Culain. “It is a pleasure to meet you Culain” replied Caramina. They shook hands. “Glinilril, tells me you can help us put an end to the evil Valthalions torment?”

    “Yes, well I hope I can” “the only way we can stop him is to find his tomb and learn more about him” Culain spoke. Culain reached out and handed Caramina a rune stone. “This I believe is where we can find his crypt”.

    Caramina opened a gate, the three of them walked through. As Caramina walked through the cave opening, she was struck with an odd feeling. It sent shivers down her spine. Evil, it was everywhere; even the dank odor of the tomb seemed demonic. There on the opposite side was a coffin, and inside it laid a skeleton, still rotting, with pieces of flesh hanging on it. Right in front of the coffin was a red vile. Caramina, readied herself for war, and made sure that Shadow was ready as well. She walked over and picked up the vile of what looked like blood. “What kind of blood is this” she said. Culain replied “let me see that”. She handed the vile to Culain, “I will need to examine it more closely”. Lady Glinilril, looked very pale, she looked as if she might get sick. The evil stench of the crypt was overpowering her. “We must not stay here long” she replied. “Yes, I am old and weak, and I need to return and get some rest.” Culain stated.

    Caramina opened a gate back to Skara Brae, they all walked through and escorted Culain back to the Community Center. “Caramina, you need to inform Lady Luna Rossa of our discoveries” stated Culain, Caramina nodded.

    “I am sorry, but I need time to recuperate, I will let you know what I discover about this vile.” Culain said. Caramina and Lady Glinilril bid him good day, and were off walking back toward the Skara Brae bank. “Well hopefully this will shed some light on to Valthalions actions” replied Glinilril. Caramina Thanked Glinilril for all the help, and told her that she would continue to investigate the Crypt.

    “Be very careful, Caramina” Glinilril said. Caramina smiled and said “I will be”.

  2. Luna Rossa

    Luna Rossa Guest

    Valthalion's attacks had grown more frequent and violent almost on a daily basis. It was obvious that he was getting more desperate and would stop at nothing. Attacking randomly in various locations, the SAGE members had to be on guard at all times and check every shadow and corner they passed.

    Days previously, Caramina Falcon and Luna Rossa had come across what was Valthalion's Tomb on the outskirts of Umbra. Clearly it had been sealed by no doubt evil forces as they were unable to penetrate it. Was this what was driving Valthalion's rages?

    In an attempt to track Valthalion down before he could strike again, Caramina Falcon, Glinelril, Cheshire and Luna Rossa headed off to the crypt that the ancient sage, Alcuin had given Caramina and Glinelril a rune to previously. The crypt where it was clear Valthalion was using perhaps as a place of evil worship or sacrifice. Once again another vile of what appeared to be demon blood was found and within moments they were under attack. Violence and mayhem erupted and the hunt was on to follow and try to destroy Valthalion and his evil minions before they were destroyed themselves but it was a fruitless effort as once again Valthalion had evaded them.

    They ventured off to Valthalion's Tomb to see if perhaps he had retreated there and he did show himself and mysteriously the door to the tomb opened yet they were unable to venture too far inside. He again escape and magically vanished into thin air leaving the group wondering what their next move should be.

    Exhausted from the emotional trauma and heated battles they had encountered and feverish hunt that ensued they decided to wait for another time when they had recovered and perhaps had a chance to come up with a strategy of attack. Those requiring time to tend to their wounds left to do so but prior to leaving, Luna Rossa took one of the vials that had been found to her den at the SAGE guildhouse to research through the ancient parchments and tomes for any answers to this horrific situation.

    Studying well into the wee hours of the morning even at one point thinking she had nodded off over one of the ancient scrolls she decided it was clear they would need to ask the advice of the ancient sage Alcuin and see if he could give them any insight as to what this vial was and was to be used for.

    Succumbing to exhaustion, Luna Rossa carefully hid the vial and documents away, blew out what was left of the burning candles and wandered mindlessly off to bed.