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[NEWS:] Rescue of Emissary Kasaven

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
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    Word had reached the people that Lord Owain Surrey had desired for them to meet him in the throne room of Lord British’s castle at 7 p.m. EST on the 13th of February. A large crowd had gathered to see what was so important that he would call the people together. Could it be that Lord Owain had found the location of Emissary Kasaven, either through his valiant searches or an vision that came to him as he slept? (For those of you who have not been paying attention to current events, EM Kasaven was kidnapped two weeks ago from the Councilors Hall in Britain, that the EMs now call home. No one witnessed this crime because most everyone was at the “Chamber of Virtues Gathering” that was hosted by Solomon Wright to discuss what direction we the people of Britannia would like to take for our future. The only person in the general area was EM Annendora and she was knocked unconscious without seeing her assailants.) All the gathered citizens eyes followed Lord Owain as he walked up in front of everyone by Lord British’s old throne. He then slid his helmet off his head and spoke to the waiting people.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    “Hail, Britannians, I am gladdened to see so many have answered my call. I bring you all together to free Kasaven from the manacles that bind him. For those who do not know, he was taken from this very counselors hall….” He looked like he was lost in his thoughts for a second then glanced around looking a small bit embarrassed and then continued with what he was saying. “or the counselors hall rather .. On a Wednesday, night where a citizens meeting was used as a distraction..” His eyes glazed over slightly as if he was lost in a vision as he continued to address the engrossed people who had come to his call. “Last night a vision came to me, clear and vivid, as I took refuge in Dungeon Deceit. I had stayed up for a week prior, searching for Kasaven. I documented the coordinates of every Britannian jail cell. Then my exhaust fell to slumber, and I at last I dreamt! I saw Kasaven, dragged by two robed men, he was unconscious, yet breathing. They traversed a dark and dreary dungeon. The two dark figures dragging Kasaven passed by a pair of statues. As they passed, to their shock, the statues spoke foreboding words. Exactly like the ones in here.” Owain then raised his arms and pointed at the statues standing around the throne room as he continued his tale. “Yet they said…Beware Ye Who Enter These Halls. Yet still they walked, upon two more statues, which likewise spoke… Go No Farther, Lest Ye Face Thy Death. Yet it did not deter their malicious intent. On they travelled, down, down, deeper into the darkness of the dungeon. I grimaced even in sleep as Kasavens head bashed upon each step on as they descended the stairs. They locked Kasaven into one of the jail cells and set a magic barrier outside it. Thus he could not escape, he could not cry for help. I broke into a cold sweat as I saw a guillotine in the distance, and a Rotting corpse hobbling, swaying, flesh slowly melting from its face, maggots gnawing at its eye sockets. Oh but it gets worse! The stench was grotesque, even in sleep it filled my nostrils, causing me to spew forth acidic bile upon the cavernous walls of Deceit Dungeon where I still lay. Then I came to, jumped to my feet. Kasaven! I screamed. I knew I must give word to assemble, that this day his need is most dire. So go forth to Kasavens jail cell and rescue him! I cannot accompany you.” Finished with his request for our help Owain Surrey looked on as a buzz spread through the gathered army of rescuers that it must be Covetous he saw in his vision. Other excitedly said they knew the exact area he described in his vision and mages started opening gates to just in front of the first two statues in Covetous.

    People rushed through the provided gates and pushed on into the dungeon where they overran the undead that called this part of Covetous home. Brave warriors and mages let lose a maelstrom of destruction on any undead that dared to try and stop them from reaching the stairs to the lower prison level. Like a tidal wave they surged through the tight confines of the dungeon level flooding the room where Rotting Corpses are known to be. In their mad rush many missed an Ophidian sitting in a cell close by watching as this mob ripped apart the room with a guillotine in it looking for the missing emissary. That was till some decided it was odd that a Ophidian would even be down here and spoke to it.
    To their surprise it answered them back. When asked if the creature knew Kasaven it answered. “The Emissary? I know of him.” Others then joined in yelling questions at it as fast as they could.
    Here is what it said:
    Emissary: “Aye, he was there when I was transformed.”
    Transformed: “I am a product of the Ophidian War; a powerful spell was cast upon me.”
    Spell: “I was an experiment to give the Ophidians self awareness.”
    Awareness: “Aye, a failed attempt to make us civilized, making diplomacy rather than warfare a possibility.”
    Failed: “I was deemed more malicious after gaining knowledge and human emotion.”
    Knowledge: “I know much. I know of this prescient Lord Surrey and what he told you.”
    Prescient: “Yes, he envisioned Kasaven being physically dragged through this dungeon, but he was not.”
    Physically: “Yes, but if his dream is the very opposite of what is true”
    Lie: “Aha! Then he was seduced into leaving.”
    Seduced: “Yes, put in a trance, perhaps.”
    Trance: “Few beings powerful enough to put Kasaven in a trance”
    Beings: “Those she beasts surface around this time of year, could very well be”
    Surface: “Sea-Sirens! They can cast a love spell on any man with their deadly song.”
    Song: “I believe that is what happened to your emissary, shall we bargain?”
    Bargain: “I'll tell you where to find the Sea-Sirens if you find the password that will free me from here.”
    Password: “The man senselessly muttering about blackrock, followers..followers of, and traitors. He'll have it.”
    It could not be anyone but Clainin, Senior Mage of Britannia, who mumbled those very words in his delirium. Some people quickly recalled to the New Haven Healers where Clainin has been since Old Haven was lost to a blackrock induced spell. People gathered around Clainin and pleaded to him to tell them the password, only to find him unconscious and unable to answer them. Till the quick eye of Luster noticed a red scroll that was under him. Pulling the scroll out from under Clainin the gathered group read what was written on it.. The word “LUXSAMOSUD”. That must be the password exclaimed the group as many of them recalled out to return to Covetous. The ones who went to New Haven quickly rejoined the main group in Covetous and told the Ophidian the word. Upon hearing the word Orisish the Ophidian said, “Aah. Very good. Lastly I need the word of power that activates the moongate.”

    Many asked, “activates?” wondering where they could find this password? The Ophidian coiled its tail under it and you could swear it was laughing as it said. “You should find the word where the Inquisitor finds his resolution. Choose the correct box. AHAHA!” That was a easy one to figure out for most everyone there it could only mean the Inquisitor’s Resolution magic gauntlets. They can only be found in the feared dungeon Doom in the Lamp Post room. Only problem with that is to teleport a single person to that room you need to do the lever puzzle. (It takes five people to do the puzzle. Four standing on pressure pads around one in the center. Each of the four around the one in the center must throw a lever in a specific order or else boulders will fall on all their heads. If the order is done right the person in the middle is teleported to the lamp post room.) Though this sounds simple there were too many pulling levers in their eagerness to help Kasaven. So all looked lost till Lord Owian Surrey showed up to help recover the next clue. He calmed the people down and helped recover the box with the last password in it, and that turned out to be “Faustulus”.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    When Orisish heard the word he sounded pleased and shared the last bit of information the rescuing army needed. “The moongate is open! You can find the Sirens at 111o 31'S, 117o O'E.( Serpent's Pillar West of New Haven)”. At this point deeds to ships started appearing on the ground of the dungeon for those who did not have one, and many grabbed them, as others quickly recalled to New Haven to place their ships in the water. Quickly sailing to the coordinates provided the flotilla of ships encountered the Sea Sirens and engaged them in combat. The battle was fierce and long as the rescuers endeavored to win the battle with these powerful creatures to save poor Kasaven. Though there were a handful or less of them they were put up a strong fight till the sheer numbers of heroes overwhelmed them. Kasaven was then spotted on top of one of the pillars and came out of some kind of trance to greet those who were willing to risk their lives to save him. He jumped off the pillar and visited many of the ships before requesting that everyone meet him back at Lord British’s throne room. Where some of the lucky saviors might be rewarded for their efforts.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    There he thanked all involved in saving him and handed out a few simple rewards from the Sea Sirens that had held him prisoner . Some got the skulls from the sirens and others got a sash made from the sirens scales. Kasaven thanked the crowd many times over but then excused himself stating that he was still very weak from his ordeal. Let us all wish him a speedy recovery for I am sure we will have many more thrilling adventures when he recovers.