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[News] Results for the Olympics on March 20th and 22nd

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Stupid Miner, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Hosted by your EMs Quantum and Autolycus

    The Weekend started off early with the opening of the Britannian Games on Lake Superior Friday night. After some words of encouragement, to those who wished to enter, and a reminded that the true meaning of the games was not competition but enjoyment of players of different walks and play styles together regardless of Facet. Players were encouraged to claim a team to represent based on Facet, with 5 teams thus
    established the games were to begin with a…

    Bagball Tournament


    …on later that evening.
    In the Bagball Tournament the Tokuno Team got an early start winning the gold vs. Team Ilshenar, and Felucca took the Bronze.

    Sunday Nights Games consisted of a Zoo Taming Contest along with an Archery Tournament. In the…

    [​IMG] Zoo Taming Contest [​IMG]


    …conducted at the Royal Zoo in Moonglow.
    Draco of Team Malas took the Gold with 18400 points
    Avan DeVir of Team Felucca Tied with Luck of Team Ilshenar with 1325 points.
    Crysta of Team Tokuno took 3rd with 6750 points.
    In all a little over 57,000 points were added to the Zoo's total bring it up to 10899034 points with about another 100,000 pointed needed to reach Tier 11. I would encourage all training Tamers to help us reach that lofty mark by donating their polar bears, and white wolves to the Zoo. And as tamers replace or "upgrade" pets they turn in unwanted Dragons, Drakes, Unicorns, Rune Beetles, Ki~rin and Reptalons to the Zoo Make our Zoo the finest in Ultima Online!
    Later that evening players converged for the…

    [​IMG] Archery Tournament [​IMG]


    …conducted at the Luna Fair Grounds and players were allowed 10 shots each. 20 players entered the match, but only 3 took home top honors.
    Ari Gold of Team Malas won the Gold his highest scoring match was 650 points. Lighting of Team Felucca won the Silver with a high round of 560 points.
    Bloodstar of Team Trammel took the Bronze with a high round of 660 points.

    Please note that high rounds were best score during the entire tournament for that individual.
    Snowdog scored the overall highest round total with 750 points and came in 4th overall. His high score will be considered the official record until broken at another EM Held Archery Tournament.

    Final Results Thus Far


    There is a rune to the Trophy Castle just outside Britain Counselor’s guild.

    Felucca 0 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
    Ilshenar 0 Gold, 2 Silver, 0 Bronze
    Malas 2 Gold, 0 Silver, 0 Bronze
    Tokuno 1 Gold, 0 Silver, 1 Bronze
    Trammel 0 Gold, 0 Silver, 1 Bronze

    PS Thanks Quantum for writing (most of) this thing :thumbup1:
  2. Storm

    Storm UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Premium Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    It was a great match and great fun congrats to all !! and I never had a record before lol cant wait for the next olympics :)
  3. Infiniti

    Infiniti Guest

    The third place winner in the archery contest name is not Bloodstorm but BloodStar. Thanks.
  4. Cyrah

    Cyrah Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    It was hysterical and historical, something different to do and great fun!

    Thanks Sirs and helpful fun visiting lady EM!

    Now, if you just had an aluminum foil medal... :)
  5. Infiniti

    Infiniti Guest

    Thank you Miner for the correction on the third place winner in the archery contest. You almost have the name right,:D. I do wish however that A or Q would change the name to BloodStar at the award house!!! :sad4: