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[NEWS]Results of EM Scavenger Hunt

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Oriana, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    EM Faine Morgan had agreed to cook Thanksgiving Dinner for the whole EM Team. She soon figured out accommodating them all could be a tricky task.

    But she knew the citizens of Origin would not let her down. Everyone was called to the Awards Hall in Malas. She put together a cookbook with the ingredients and clues needed to find them.


    She explained her predicament to everyone then began to handout the books and give directions.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Soon all of the books were handed out. Faine Morgan after making a few more comments and answering questions readied the crowd for the beginning...


    A few took off right a way. Some started a bit slower as they read over the massive book with clues. But soon everyone was on their way.

    I stayed to keep Faine Morgan company while the others scrambled to find the right ingredients. While we waited she allowed me a peek at the book...

    (highlight the area after item to see the ingredients)

    1. While Pixies like to scatter these around and they can be used as quest items, Mesanna thinks they could also make charming napkin rings.
    Item - Ariel's Bauble

    2. EM Autolycus is quite the adrenaline junkie. He feels sure that once this is emptied, he can put it to good use as a helmet.
    Item - Bowl (any type accepted)

    3. EM Valdimere's fangs tend to make eating a tad messy. Surely there's something that could protect his EM robe during dinner?
    Item - Apron (half or full)

    4. Perhaps if EM Tashik uses this to start the fire this year instead of the dragon, his eyebrows will grow back before spring.
    Item - Kindling

    5. EM Eira says everyone knows that to make truly good corn bread, it has to be cooked in one of these.
    Item - Skillet

    6. While EM Dudley swears he tastes like candy, no one can truly resist these as dessert. Just ask Brat!
    Item - Cookies

    7. Last year, EM Seppo swore these were eavesdropping. Perhaps this year if it's cut up and creamed, things might go better.
    Item - Corn

    8. Faine makes a note to remind EM Quantum that this is used to carve the bird and not thrown at the other EM's.
    Item - Cleaver, Knife, Dagger

    9. After all the cleaning and cooking and festivities, this is definitely called for, even if it has been known to lead to bar dancing EM's.
    Item - Alcoholic Beverage of any sort

    10. Faine thinks she'll get Mesanna to tell EM Stardancer that these are used to help make cookies, not to help test EM Autolycus's new "helmet".
    Item - Rolling Pin

    11. EM Cyno Razik loves trying new delicacies. However, Faine fails to understand how anything with the word Rot in it can be considered good.
    Item - Rotworm stew or Rotworm Meat

    12. EM Fiorella is a renowned chocoholic. Last year every cow in Britannia ran dry providing the liquid for her chocolate. Faine wonders if this year will be the same?
    Item - Milk

    13. EM Quantum discovered the hard way that you don't really want to use these from Chicken Lizards when making a cake.
    Item - Eggs

    14. Although these have been known to bring a tear to the eye, EM Kasaven eats them like apples. Faine makes a note to stock up on breath mints.
    Item - Onion

    15. Those of you helping out tonite are really saving Faine's ___________
    Item - Bacon

    Many people came back several times to have their items checked. Some worked solo, many worked in teams. The ingredients were very specific, so Faine sent many back out to find the right ones. After an hour of back and forth the teams were set. Everyone gathered once again at the Awards Hall.


    Faine Morgan began inspecting the bags a bit closer as the hour drew to and end. Soon three winners were announced.

    Team CCC with 13 of the 15 items
    Team Zerg with 12 1/2 of the 15 items
    Team Wavestrider with 11 of the items

    Team Zerg had the right idea about the rotworm stew. They brought the recipe instead of the actual meat or stew, which was what Faine Morgan needed to suite Cyno Razik's ... unusual tastes. Thus the 1/2 point for them.

    Team Wavestrider was added a bit later as Faine Checked bags once again and realized she had made a mistake counting their items and once again that rotworm stew made a mess of things.

    Faine Morgan created the item to go into the Awards House. I bumped into her later as I came back to get more screen shots of the aftermath once the EM's had left after feasting on what Origin had provided.


    Now for a picture of the proper item with all the winners listed...


    Congratulations to the winners and to all that participated. It was a wonderful event as always. We on Origin are truly blessed to have Faine Morgan as our EM.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and watch out for those Giant Turkeys in game...