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[NEWS] Roleplaying an Armour-Smith Part 1

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Bryelle Vaughn, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Bryelle Vaughn

    Bryelle Vaughn Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Oct 4, 2009
    Likes Received:

    Her arms were bare and wiry as they meticulously moved in unison with her tiny hands darting the needle and thread through the material. I had entered the house expecting to find an overgrown wench with a powerhouse in her palm. After all, that had to be the 'Rina, I had heard so much about. What met me in return was a minuscule woman not big enough to wear the armor she made. Knowing full good and well I needed repairs I approached. Her almost elvin features and overly large eyes stared back taking in the suit I was wearing.

    Cautiously she picked up a wooden staff and pointed to the various seams in disarray. For some of them, that was all it took to rip hanging precariously on my form.

    “You should have come in sooner.” Her voice was subtle and quiet.

    “I should do a lot of things. I get to them in my own time.” She regarded me with solemnity as if the words sat heavy. In truth, there was an honesty there well beyond what was said. Her expression spoke volumes. It was clear what she thought of my timetable. And it was also clear that my lack of attention led to an additional lack of trust on her part. Seeking to ease the silence I glanced about the well decorated room. “Who is responsible for this?” Once again I was shot an expression from those enormous eyes.

    “I did.”

    “You do this often?” My hand stretched out, fumbling her work and causing her to push my arm back down. Quietly she nodded.

    "What other places have you done, if any?"

    Hesitating momentarily her voice was barely as whisper as she began to name off structures around Sosaria in order. "You know those places yes?”


    Nodding she did not look up as she stitched and sowed her way across my leather battle scars. “All my handiwork.”

    “I knew you did repairs. And I know about your hat trade.”

    That last part caught her off guard, though she tried to hide it well. Laurina was a lot of things. Tailor, armourer, decorator. All of them required similar yet separate talents but it was, unfortunately the first two I came to see about today. "Head wear is a topic of interest?"

    "It is when it keeps getting confiscated."

    "Rigid standards."

    I laughed softly. Completing the task I requested my total cost and set the gold on the counter. I would definitely have to come back