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[News] Rouso Speaks! A Map Fragment Found

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Brytt, May 25, 2010.

  1. Brytt

    Brytt Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 16, 2004
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    This weekend, Rouso, the thief, was found and persuaded to divulge the location of the first of four map fragments, which, when combined, will reveal the location of a scroll that tells how to avert the impending disaster foretold by Beh-lem the gargoyle.

    EM Crysania welcomed the crowds who gathered, then vanished in flame to herald the arrival of the ancient gargoyle, Beh-lem. When Beh-lem arrived, citizens were able to inform him that Rouso had been located, locked away in a prison cell in Trinsic.


    Congratulations to all who found Rouso! To find Rouso, you needed to do the following:

    -Locate and talk to Britain's Thiefmaster in the sewers of Britain (follow the left wall from the entrance and pass under the hidden walkway, he is in the NW corner of the sewers)
    -Persuade the Thiefmaster to reveal that the Red Caps on the docks may know more.
    -Find the Red Cap on the southern Britain Dock. He tells you that he'll tell you what you want to know if you can retrieve his cap from the Castle British Guards.
    -Climb the wall and speak to the guard at the warehouse door. He tells you that he's hungry for something cheesy and a good cold glass to wash it down.
    -Give the guard a pizza and a glass of milk. He will reveal that the lock is password protected, and that the door was manufactured from a tinker shop in Vesper.
    -Visit the tinker in Vesper. The tinkers reveal that the password to the door is 105-122-109-104-105-114-120-109-101.
    -The code is a simple substitution cypher. Subtract 100 from each number and turn the numbers to letters to spell the password, EVIDENTIA.
    -Open the evidence chest in the far corner of the warehouse to receive a Red Cap.
    -Return the cap to the Red Cap and tell him the password was EVIDENTIA. He will tell you that Rouso can be found in a Trinsic Jail cell.
    -Find Rouso in the Trinsic Jail. He will reveal that he is only to speak to the one wearing an ancient ankh pendant. (He also says several other things, which were red herrings).


    Citizens of Britannia escorted Beh-lem to Rouso's jail cell. After being convinced that Beh-lem was the one he was waiting for, Rouso confessed that the map fragment was taken by pirates and whispered their location in Beh-lem's ear.


    Beh-lem opened a gate to where the pirates had last been seen. Citizens entered the gates... to find that pirates and assassins awaited in ambush! Had Rouso betrayed them? Or were the pirates merely quick to react when their camp was discovered?


    When the camp was cleared, it was discovered that the pirate captains had already fled, boarding boats from the nearby docks to make their escape!


    Beh-lem led the adventurers to the docks, where they set sail in hasty pursuit of the three fleeing captains: Peg Leg Jack, Dead Eye Pete, and Captain Jack Sparrow. Some of the adventurers were vexed to find that several of the boat rudders had been sabotaged, to prevent pursuit! Fortunately, a resourceful Beh-Lem was soon able to get the crews back on the water and make up the time they'd lost, until the captains were found.

    One at a time, battle ensued against pirate captains, who, rather than allow themselves to be questioned about the location of the map, immediately lit powder kegs and summoned sea serpents in an effort to dissuade their pursuers. Flashes of light consumed the sky as weasely captains lobbed flaming keg after keg.


    But the captains' trickery did not end there. Citizens were horrified to see their own faces attacking other citizens, as the pirates summoned dopplegangers of anyone attacking them to confuse and distract them.


    Eventually, however, the captains were defeated. Their holds opened,
    citizen Wynonna discovered the first of the four fragments of the map! She gingerly handed it to the Gargoyle, who thanked the citizens for helping to retrieve the first fragment.


    Citizens are told to be prepared for the next call of Beh-Lem, when, upon further study of the map fragment, Beh-lem may have discovered new clues as to the location of the next piece. Beh-lem expects to be finished studying sometime mid-week.