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[News] Royal Guard Conference Conclusion

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Ceno of MT, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Ceno of MT

    Ceno of MT Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 3, 2008
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    [News] Royal Guard Conference Conclusion

    Hail and well met!

    The Royal Guard Conference kicked off without a hitch today but before the nice event there was of course a little fun to be had!
    People started to arrive early and one of them was Baja's very own reporter Oriana! Who was greeted by The cabal of daggers, The Sphinx! Who of course was oogling over Ori's ears! But Ori shot back!


    And just above that we had Fern passing out candals in rememberance of the Royal Guard Kemer, who passed away just a few weeks ago.


    And so just as some of us were having fun and me finding things people had...er..."dropped"...*looks around innocently* Lady Aino finally appeared!


    Aino Nystad: Greetings!
    Aino Nystad: I welcome you, I welcome you,
    Aino Nystad: friends and allies to the Royal Guard Conference
    Aino Nystad: Last I witnessed some of the smiles in here, was before I became Captain of the royal guard
    Katrina D'antres: *frowns a bit*
    Aino Nystad: That perhaps I have abandoned my old friends. Surely, few of you may have wondered...
    Aino Nystad: If that may be the case,
    Oriana: where have you been Lady
    Aino Nystad: Let me offer my sincere apologies!
    Aino Nystad: *smiles at Oriana*
    Oriana: *smiles*
    Aino Nystad: In my defense, I will only state that, a Captain is not made merely by a king's appointment.
    Aino Nystad: Whilst, I have been occupied learning the art of bureaucracy, Alas, I have ignored to mantain old friendships
    Oriana: *makes sour face*
    Aino Nystad: *looks into Oriana's eyes and apologizes*
    Oriana: Oh no m'lady. that was about bueocracy
    Aino Nystad: *nods*
    Aino Nystad: *stands upright*
    Aino Nystad: Enough wallowing in regrets..I wish to say a few words regarding the reason for this gathering...The reason for this conference...
    Aino Nystad: *catches a whiff of sake*
    Xel The Wanderer: *laughs*
    Aino Nystad: The invasion, blessedly, has been repelled...Yet the threat of the Shadowlords still looms large!
    Shae: Blasted Shadowlords!
    Aino Nystad: Whilst, both comrades and superiors relish the fruits of victory...they ignore this threat!
    Aino Nystad: However, I have taken stock of our situation! and this is what I have discovered...
    Aino Nystad: *counts with her fingers*
    Aino Nystad: One...Heavy losses to our standing army
    Aino Nystad: Two...City based defenses almost wiped out
    Aino Nystad: Three...Shortage of armor and arms
    Aino Nystad: Four...Lack of healers and medical supplies
    Aino Nystad: *frowns*
    Eeyore: doesnt sound good
    Aino Nystad: My friends, we are still clearly lost in the woods...
    Aino Nystad: *shakes her head*
    Aino Nystad: No, it does not. The challenges faced by us are great. They cannot be met overnight...We must start somewhere
    Aino Nystad: *nods*
    Aino Nystad: This brings me to the purpose of today's conference..
    The Sphinx: She forgot five! Lack of espionage
    Shae: *nods*
    Aino Nystad: More than anything, the greatest need of the day is to recruit more guards! Whilst, a new recruit cannot be expected
    Leonidas: *puffs out chest*
    Aino Nystad: to replace a battle hardened soldier...They can step into a more modest role of a city guard! Before you make the mistake of sneering at this role...Realize this! A new city guard today is a brave soldier of tomorrow...With this, I would like to announce that the Royal Guards are actively looking for new recruits, each of whom will start their journey as guards of Britain.
    Aino Nystad: The garrison at West Britain bank shall be manned first..followed by the one outside of Lord British's castle! Slowly but surely, we shall rebuild! In the rest of the conference...and surely, in the coming days...I hope to pen out the details on recruitment policy and other details
    Aino Nystad: But...before we move any further...I have another piece of disheartening news..As some of you may well know already...
    Aino Nystad: *sighs*
    Aino Nystad: Guard Kemer is believed to have passed on
    Fern Goodfellow: *sniff*
    Sara: *nods*
    Pandora: *cries*
    Fern Goodfellow: *holds Pandora's hand*
    Pandora: *holds Ferns hand*
    Aino Nystad: I would like to have a moment of silence to honor his deeds
    <everyone bows their head>
    Fern Goodfellow: *sniff*
    Pandora: *sniffles*
    Aino Nystad: *raises her head*
    Aino Nystad: Thank you
    Sara: *wipes tear from eye*
    Fern Goodfellow: Lady Mystad, if you would I would like to say a few words.
    Aino Nystad: *nods*
    Aino Nystad: Indeed
    Fern Goodfellow: *composes self* *looks fabulous in grief*
    Fern Goodfellow: I have spoken with Kemer's mother. She is very, very ill. And cannot attend. And so it falls on me to say a few words.
    Fern Goodfellow: *wipes tear*
    Aino Nystad: *makes a note to see to her well-being*
    Fern Goodfellow: Kemer was many things. He was loyal. He was, oh so handsome! He was a cookie afficiando! He was a good elf. But if nothing else, Kemer brought a smile to so many of our faces. And if that is his legacy, then what a fine legacy to leave behind. Thank you
    Fern Goodfellow: *breaks down*
    Aino Nystad: *pats*
    Aino Nystad: Thank you for your kind words
    Aino Nystad: Next, I would like to honor another man. One who has led by example. he is a showcase of what the Royal Guards look in a new recruit
    Aino Nystad: *looks sideways*
    Fern Goodfellow: Her hair *sniff sniff* is so much worse up close
    Aino Nystad: *smiles at Brackus*
    <everyone cheers for Brackus>
    Pandora: did it smell?
    Fern Goodfellow: She seriously needs a skin regiment.
    Pandora: she needs our help.
    Aino Nystad: Brackus through his deeds has earned the praise of Lord Casca himself.
    Aino Nystad: and a pooch named Bartalbe
    Xel The Wanderer: Bartalbe Bob the Second.
    Aino Nystad: Bartalbe Bob the Second?
    Xel The Wanderer: The first bob is the statue. On the top of West Brit Bank
    Aino Nystad: *shakes her head*
    Aino Nystad: *sniffs the smell of sake again*
    Xel The Wanderer: Hey!
    Sara: *slips Xel's Sake pitcher out of his hand*
    Aino Nystad: Brackus...If you may come to the stage
    Calyndrell: *salutes Brackus as he comes up on stage*
    <everyone claps>
    Fern Goodfellow: *claps for Magdalena as well*
    Shae: *Shae eyes the guards sash*
    Shae: So pretty!
    Aino Nystad: Brackus, you will play an active role...in the expansion of the Royal Guards. You are hereby being promoted to the rank of a Corporal.
    <everyone cheers>
    Aino Nystad: As a junior officer.
    Brackus: I am honored, my Captain.
    Aino Nystad: You will be in charge of showing the ropes to our new recruits
    Brackus: Thank you for this honor.
    Aino Nystad: There are three more important orders of business to attend. First. I am having an open contest for designing new uniforms for the city guards
    Pandora: *looks to fern*
    Pandora: they need us
    Fern Goodfellow: *nods*
    Aino Nystad: Your ideas will be modelled by a city guard at this very stage during the Faire Grounds festivities next Saturday. If you are planning on participating, I would suggest that you keep two things in mind.. Tradition and functionality are of utmost significance to the Guards.
    Xel The Wanderer: DANG!!
    Aino Nystad: The winner will get the contract to supply uniforms to the new recruits.
    Katrina D'antres: *raises hand*
    Aino Nystad: A tin can...as you might like to put it...saves lives
    Katrina D'antres: A question, Lady Aino.
    Aino Nystad: *nods at Katrina*
    Katrina D'antres: May a team enter? For instance, may I work with my sister to create a uniform?
    Aino Nystad: Aye, you may participate as a team!
    Katrina D'antres: *smiles*
    Katrina D'antres: Thank you.
    Fern Goodfellow: Yay! Pandora has a question as well!
    Aino Nystad: *looks to the back*
    Pandora: You said it has to keep with tradition...exactly what would that be
    Aino Nystad: Platemail would be tradition, for instance
    Aino Nystad: *smiles*
    Aino Nystad: You can always decide to break free of traditiong, but then your work must be good enough to surpass the resistance of traditionalists.
    Aino Nystad: Second issue...There is another contest in works as well. It has been brought to my attention that the current state of the garrisons is woefully inadequate
    The Sphinx: What's wrong with a rollmat in the center of the room?
    Jadon Thur: they need some flowers
    Aino Nystad: *resists the urge to laugh*
    Aino Nystad: Although the details of this are not fine tuned
    Calyndrell: The way the guard lives will reflect there moral
    Jadon Thur: oh so dancing girls as well?
    Aino Nystad: It is my hope to reequip the garrison at West Britain bank
    Aino Nystad: *laughs*
    Calyndrell: give them better quarters and they will fight better
    Aino Nystad: Once again, functionality is of highest import. There needs to be a place for guards to store their armor. For citizens to file a complaint. And many other such minor details. While, I would like to reconstruct it completely
    Katrina D'antres: *frowns and wonders that citizens filling complaints is a minor detail...?*
    Aino Nystad: our architects are busy with the refurbishment of the West Britain bank. I will announce more details pretaining to this at a later date. In the meantime, I will urge you to think on the matter..
    Elladan: *raises hand*
    Aino Nystad: Perhaps talking with few guards to find out their needs.
    Aino Nystad: *nods*
    Elladan: must these be citizen crafted?
    Eeyore: guards have needs?
    The Sphinx: They need a rollmat, and they need a toilet, thats it.
    Aino Nystad: That will be announced at a later date
    Shae: Cookies made by Magdalena? Where ever the poor soul may be found. And if she is alive....that is...
    Elladan: was that in answer to my question?
    Aino Nystad: Aye, it was
    Aino Nystad: Something happen to Lady Magdalena?
    Katrina D'antres: *nods sadly*
    Calyndrell: She vanished
    WildStar: Magdalena is missing, Lady Aino
    Aino Nystad: Vanished...?
    Calyndrell: Yes
    Aino Nystad: Perhaps, she is visiting her kin?
    WildStar: It is feared that Baron Darkmor has her.
    Calynfrell: Her brother is concerned. She was last seen in the Baron's company
    Brackus: Her brother Canto says she has been missing days now, Captain.
    Aino Nystad: I was not aware that she has a brother.
    Aino Nystad: *frowns*
    Hex: Her brother was the Bard to Lord British. She was in Doom days ago before she went missing
    Aino Nystad: *looks concerned*
    Bucko: Aye, I saw her there perhaps Thursday, maybe Wednesday
    Aino Nystad: Finally, the third issue...
    Shae: Maybe she met her...doom...?
    Aino Nystad: and that is regarding recruitment of new guards. Many have left messages on my bulletin board asking if they can be recruited. While, the recruitment policy is still in works it will suffice to state that anyone is able to join as a new recruit
    Shae: Even thieves? That that I am one or anything!
    Calyndrell: Shae yes even you
    Pandora: Oh good frief there goes the garrison
    Aino Nystad: Whether they become anything other than a new recruit
    Elladan: the Recruitment rack will straighten thee out
    Aino Nystad: will depend on their deeds
    Aino Nystad: *smiles*
    Aino Nystad: At this moment, I will open the floor to anyone who wishes to speak
    Elladan: a word perhaps about Clanin
    Aino Nystad: *sigh*
    Aino Nystad: Yes?
    Elladan: will there be a service
    Aino Nystad: *nods*
    Aino Nystad: There is a plan to hold a memorial but Lord Casca is taking care of it. I believe he has given that task to Lord Emissary Saius
    Aino Nystad: *looks around*
    Shae: *raises quill in the air*
    Shae: Question.
    Aino Nystad: Aye?
    Aino Nystad: *waits for the question*
    Shae: How many do you expect to join the RBG while many of the people call them "Dogs of Casca"?
    Calyndrell: I will Serve the Royal guard...
    Leonidas: Here Here
    Aino Nystad: I will let that answer your question
    Jadon Thur: Lady Nystad I have a question
    Aino Nystad: Aye?
    Shae: *writes it down on her note pad*
    Jadon Thur: what will be the function of these "guards" or will they merely be eye candy as before?
    Aino Nystad: *frowns*
    Jadon Thur: or cannon fodder to cover Casca as he retreats like before?
    Oriana: The Lady said that those details have yet to be worked out
    Katrina D'antres: Regardless of one's opinion of the current governance of Britannia, one cannot argue...That all of its citizens are in danger and in need of protection.
    Aino Nystad: There will be many tasks awaiting the new guards.
    Eeyore: can we kill ppl?
    Xel The Wanderer: Anyone can kill people, but can you protect them instead?
    Aino Nystad: *smiles*
    Aino Nystad: Perhaps their is some wisdom with Sake
    Aino Nystad: Royal guards are an integral part of our kingdom. If you question their existance then I doubt this path is meant for you.
    Shae: *raises quill again*
    Shae: Another question.
    Aino Nystad: Aye, as the Captain I lead the guards.
    Aino Nystad: *peers at the Elf Lady*
    Shae: Who gets to decide who is a threat to our lands? What if Casca deems the Kingdom of Dawn a threat? Since he has stated all kingdoms should be under his rule.
    Aino Nystad: We are only discussing city guards
    Shae: *writes that down on her note pad*
    Katrina D'antres: *raises hand once more*
    Aino Nystad: *nods*
    Katrina D'antres: Lady Aino, who has put forth this call for city guards? Yourself or Casca?
    Aino Nystad: Aha. It is my initiative...
    Katrina D'antres: *nods*
    Aino Nystad: albeit one that is not supported in the corridors of the power
    Katrina D'antres: I think we have our answer, good people of Britannia
    Oriana: Indeed. Thank you for that.
    Aino Nystad: as you may have noted by a lack of officials here
    Katrina D'antres: I believe you'll find no lack of support here Lady Aino.
    Shae: What of the True Britannians? Are they going to be apart of the RBG?
    Xel The Wanderer: Shae read my mind.
    Aino Nystad: We need as many we can get
    Aino Nystad: Nay, True Britannians are ... They are not related to this.
    Shae: But do they not protect Britannia as well? I for one have fought to keep the streets of Britain safe
    Aino Nystad: They carry on the war in Felucca in the name of our lost king...
    Elladan: absent King
    Katrina D'antres: True King.
    Shae: *glares at Elladan
    Shae: Lost.
    Calyndrell: He shall return.
    Xel The Wanderer: Lost? He sacrificed himself to the Abyss so that Minax couldn't get her mitts on the fragments of the gem. That's amazing.
    Aino Nystad: Let us not run circles around words.
    Shae: One last question.
    Aino Nystad: Of course
    Aino Nystad: *Smiles*
    Aino Nystad: *prepares for another difficult question*
    Sara: *laughs*
    Shae: Since the True Britainians fight for our Lost King, does that mean they are not allowed to join?
    Oriana: *chuckles*
    Shae: I wouldn't be a reporter if they weren't hard!
    Aino Nystad: I do not believe a member of True Britannia would be willing to join.
    Shae: That does not answer my question, M'Lady. We fight more than just for the ideals of our Lost King.
    Elladan: if they resign from their faction perhaps
    Shae: We too, protect the people.
    Aino Nystad: Will they be willing to take the oath to protect king and country? Any willing to take the oath is welcome
    Eeyore: they have to make it thru guard boot camp first
    Aino Nystad: *smiles* *nods*
    Shae: We already have done that. Just not to the false king.
    Shae: *Smiles sweetly*
    Elladan: she speaks treason
    Katrina D'antres: *narrows eyes at Elladan*
    Oriana: *glares at Elladan*
    Oriana: shhh
    Leonidas: *glares at Shae*
    Aino Nystad: They will not be treated any differently because of their past affiliations for better or worse. There are always exceptions to a rule... and a rule to exceptions..
    Brackus: it is important that any who join as a recruit do not
    Aino Nystad: so if you are looking for an answer that might cover all situations You will not receive it from me.
    Brackus: put their personal ideals and politics before....orders. and the chain of command.
    Oriana: How about a simple it is their choice?
    Shae: But M'Lady, you spoke saying that the guards do not serve the "king". But they serve you. So why swear to the "king"?
    Aino Nystad: As, I have said all who wish to serve are welcome.
    Shae: Should they not swear to you?
    Aino Nystad: Clearly, it is their choice...
    Shae: *scribbles on her notepad*
    Leonidas: *raises hand*
    Aino Nystad: Aye?
    Leonidas: Where do we sign?
    Aino Nystad: *smiles*

    And with that just about everyone in who attended the meeting stood in line as Brackus (a town guard) had us write our names in a book. There was of course more fooling around and I had noticed that the people that attended were very carefree with their items which caused me to pick them up for them!

    Sadly everyone thought Shae was stealing! Who would have thought returning stol....er...dropped goods was stealing?! Even Lady Aino was dropping things!


    And so you have it!
    The Royal Britain Guards are active once again! And We have also learned that there shall be a contest on designing the new uniform of the Guards! So get out your sewing kits and smithy hammers and dye tubs!
  2. Xel The Wanderer

    Xel The Wanderer Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Great job on your first write-up, Ceno! I give it 5 out of 5 sake bottles! :shots:
  3. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Sorry for being so dense, but I'm still confused over whether characters in factions can join the city guard force? If not, does that mean that other characters on the same account also cannot join??

    Is this the beginning of new Order and Chaos forces? Are other shards doing something similar or is this unique to Baja? I noticed guard recruitment going on in Haven on Europa, but thought it was just a guild recruiting new members. May have to take a closer look at the materials they keep dropping all over the place....
  4. Ceno of MT

    Ceno of MT Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 3, 2008
    Likes Received:
    From Lady Aino's response I believe you are allowed to join, I do not believe they are making a guild and having people to join because that would limit how many people would.
    As far as if every server is doing this, I do not believe so. Every shard is different, the only same things that will occur are for the bigger plot lines like Clainin's death.
    Every Casca is different but the "end game" will still be the same.
    I believe this is all more for an RP reason, you can wear the sash and say you are a member and "guard" the town.
    Brackus is a player who chose to litterly "guard" the bank for hours on end. And the neat thing I like about him is that his name is "a town guard" so for an RP purpose, you cant just walk up to him for the first time and say "hey Brackus!" You have to ask him his name =)
  5. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    More questions, and I apologize if these seem trite, but I thought it might help anyone that's planning to work on the uniform design contest:

    Will mages be permitted to join the city guards?

    If yes, that causes an almost insurmountable problem or severely limits the design options for anyone trying to design a uniform for the guards. I got the impression from reading the transcript of Saturday's conference that metal armor is preferred. I am also assuming that Lady Nystad isn't expecting anyone to burn up all their runic hammers attempting to come up with metal armor that is also mage armor. So, that means that if you want to design a uniform that is metal and can be used by mages carrying reagents, you must make samurai platemail armor and supplement it with a leather gorget and probably also a leather headpiece of some type.

    I guess the other possibility is that you don't even worry about the mage armor property on the guard uniform you design and you assume that the EMs will have the ability to add that property. (I think it would be asking too much and probably cause too many problems with people joining just to get armor if we expected the EMs to also make the pieces have the LRC property.)

    I apologize if this seems trivial or nit-picky. It just kind of hit me this morning that player-crafted metal or studded armor isn't going to work very well for any mage characters that want to join the guard. Could someone please clarify how to address the issue of armor for any mages that will be joining the guard and whether they should expect to carry reagents?
  6. Ceno of MT

    Ceno of MT Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 3, 2008
    Likes Received:
    She didn't state that it "had" to be plate mail. Only that it was preferred. I would assume that mage's would be able to join because a mage too can be a guard. In factions you are able to buy guards that use magic (which hurt btw) So I say tailors and smiths....HAVE SOME FUN!
  7. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Tina, this contest is still sorta in the works. I posted a FAQ from Seppo (which you saw) that covers some but not all of questions out there. My best advise would be to go to Seppo's website and pop him your questions through the feedback form he has. He can answer you from there. Most of these we don't have the answers for yet, but if we bug him enough, he'll tell us when he can.