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[News]Royal Guard Summons (Application)

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

    Chesapeake News RSS Feed
    RSS Feed Stratics Veteran

    Jan 16, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Royal Guard Summons (Application)
    Castle Throne Room
    March 24, 2010


    In Attendance:
    Daktari Zinn[SHE], Mak[OATH],Se'an Silverfoot[ATD], Lord Pinho[BRA],
    Blackheart[SHE], GOld Fish, Lord Sumarius[RBG], Mirt[TEB],Sir Underpants
    [SUP!], Ilyria Ravernwynd[SHE], Lord Gareth [[email protected]], Sirking[RBG],
    Strahd[Fryr], Blushing Rose[RBG], Ben[MIST], Lord Keebler[FwD], DELTA
    BUTCH[RBG], Markilar Dakkur[RBG], Tatania Karthina[PxR], Winfield[Pax],
    Nadia[TKO], Ole Solskjaer[RBG], Demon Slayer[VIPs],Lady Arin[VIPs],
    Sophera[TKO], Larry Fine[RBG], Yoshi[DWxC], Isiabeal Stuart[SHE],
    Lord Celestial Knight[ACT],

    Chief Detective Sheffield summoned those wishing to be apart of the Royal Guard Reserve
    Unit to the Castle throne room. Sheffield was pleased to see such a good turn out.
    Once everyone was settled Sheffield addressed the eager soon to be guards.

    "Commander Foxx is still in charge of the Royal Guards. Tonight we are looking for a
    Reserve Royal Guard Unit. You can be called upon to help in matters when needed....."

    Before Sheffield could even finish his address to everyone the throne
    room came under attack by Miasma creatures.


    Once the creatures were defeated everyone gathered back in the main
    throne room, to hear the rest of what Sheffield had to say.

    "This is why we need a reserve unit of the Royal Guards. The attacks can happen at any time
    and any city. I will work on something to identify you in the future like a sash for all to see. I need to
    get with the Royal Tailor. You will not be required to join a guild to be apart of the Royal Guard."

    After questions from the people in attendance Sheffield opened the floor to nominations
    for the Deputy Commander position. Winfield, Gareth, Delta Butch and Celestial Knight were
    nominated and ask to say a few words to the people. (I lost the speeches)

    Voting boxes can be found in the Luna bank on the North side by the Smiths

  2. Merik

    Merik Guest

    In Attendance Requests and Complaints

    I received the icqs asking for the "In Attendance" to come back and along with that the complaints of names being left out. I can tell you guys enjoy seeing your name in official news. I will try to do that in News stories as much as I can, if I have the time.

    The Names that were not listed for "In Attendance" was not intentional. There is no hidden agenda to cut people out or have them viewed as not being supportive of the Royal Guard/EM events.

    I am human (Despite popular belief heheh) and make human errors at times. I know that at times names will be missed or if people are late I miss adding them. At the start of the events I do an All names and then screen shot the journal. So if you were not there right before the EM started the event, I didn't have your name in my journal.

    I will start useing the UO journal converter again. So I will try my best to make sure everyone gets logged. If your name is missed please send me a PM. I won't be able to add it to the news already posted but I can add it to the saved HTML file that will be used for the News report archives.

    As for the News vendor books I have decided from now on to leave off the In Attendance part of the report. It just takes up to many pages in the book and to much time to line up the names.