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[News][RP] Chronomancy, Balandar's Ransacked & More

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

    Chesapeake News RSS Feed
    RSS Feed Stratics Veteran

    Jan 16, 2010
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    Al Ellisande, Malas
    March 5, 2010


    Earlier this week Dark Whisper attempted an experiment with Chronomancy, in short, time magic. Since she was using machinery which doesn't always work well with magic something could go wrong. She started up the machine and quickly disappeared without a trace. Kagome and Sakurai stood silent for a moment and then started to wonder about how Dark Whisper planned to return. How did they know if she made it safely to where she was going? Was she going to the past or the future?

    A man who has been identified as Cecil Darkshore entered the room asking if she has already left. Kagome informed the man that she has already departed. Cecil responded that he accidently calibrated the machine to take people to other worlds not through time. When questioned why he would do such a thing he responded with She always said she wanted to go site seeing. To be honest I never really liked her. Now that she's gone I can steal her stuff The man quickly took off out of the building unable to be tracked.

    No official word has been released from the town of Al Ellisande or from the crown about this event. However Cecil Darkshore could find himself charged with kidnapping. Should evidence be discovered leading to the conclusion Dark Whisper was killed during the experiment, Cecil could find himself charged with murder!!! We will update you on this situation as information becomes available from Al Ellisande or the crown.


    Balandar's House Found Ransacked
    Moonglow Island, Trammel
    March 6, 2010


    While making adjustments to rune locations around Balandar's house Luna Rossa noticed new decorations added to the home. She went inside to take a look around and discovered Balandar's archives were torn apart. Official documents and historical papers could be found scattered on the floor. She also reported that his bedroom was torn apart as well. Whoever is responsible for this break in was looking for something specific. We can only speculate at this time as to what they were looking for. Unfortunately Balandar was unreachable for comment. Should he release to us what was taken if anything, we will be sure to keep you all updated.


    A Spy
    March 4, 2010
    By: Kit Kittredge

    When I first came across this "bird", it was in the form of a duck, perched comfortably in Luna Bank. Several of the Pitmuck Goblins had gathered around and they appeared very agitated. They were going on and on about it being a spy. It did look out of place and it piqued my curiosity so I took an interest. When I tried to engage it in conversation, it quacked a little and said, "shoo" a lot. After an unknown amount of time had passed (I left my watch in Ocllo) it seemed to grow weary of the attention being paid to it and ran off.

    Soon, however a Unicorn came back and took up position in roughly the same area of Luna Bank. It was no more willing to make conversation than the duck, but at least it was a magnificent beast to behold. When pestered, it repeated the ducks mantra, "shoo." But, alas, it too grew weary of the attention and went away.

    The last incarnation of the "spy" that I personally witnessed was what appeared to be a red eagle wearing the label (if I recall correctly) of a giant bald eagle. After trying to converse with it, or rather AT it, I was met with little intelligent conversation. Growing bored, I decided to try something different. Steeling myself, I was finally bold enough to ask, "What will I get if I leave?" and the bird said something to the effect of, "you get to live". This chilled me to the bone. What did I do?

    I left. Not out of cowardice, but out of desire to sound an alarm. I first ventured to PaxLair and found no one around. Next I tried Kijustsu Anei Village and luckily came across someone whom I believed to be very wise in these sorts of things. This person must have thought I was crazy, spinning wild tales of "spies" and talking ducks and unicorns, but, to his credit, he investigated none the less.

    After we were back in Luna, I noticed that the book Detective Sheffield had written about trying to discover the Goblin Cave had gone missing. Being the diligent scribe, I had a copy in my bag. After questioning the bird about the books disappearance, I placed my copy on the ground. The blasted bird promptly ate it! So I scribed another copy and set it down. The bird ate it too. Not to be outdone, I kept scribing. At this point, the bird either was too full to eat any more or perhaps sensed the futility of its attempts and changed tactics. Now, whenever I set a book down, the bird promptly erased it. I believe it even tried to use red leaves to seal the blank book (I have a 6th sense). I am not sure who gave up first, me or the bird, but either way, we stopped playing with books.

    It wasn't long before people began heckling the bird which looked quite annoyed. When it said, "shoo" someone had a wonderful idea and presented the bird with shoes. I believe the bird had finally been pushed too far. Within the next 20 minutes, the bird had vanished and a swarm of Goblins, Phoenixes and Poison Elementals descended upon Luna and an pitched battle was fought. While we were victorious, I can't help but wonder a few things.

    Who was this duck/unicorn/eagle? Was the spy working for Jessica or perhaps someone else?

    We may know someday, but right now, I think we should all remain vigilant. You never know who or what might be watching.


    Lady CaT Returns!
    Kijustsu Anei Village, Tokuno
    March 6, 2010


    Lady CaT the former High Sheriff of Kijustsu Anei Village has returned! For many moons the Inhabitants of Kijustsu Anei Village have been trying to locate Lady CaT after she disappeared in a massive house explosion. Lady CaT was greeted by the Tonkaweya Tribe, Society of Ancestral Guardian Elders, Ado the Theif and Luna Rossa the Village Intendent. Lady CaT went on to explain she was finally able to break free from the Well of Souls. She blamed Mula for getting her stuck there and was happy to be back in the Village. We hope to see more of Lady CaT around the village. Feel free to pick her brain on the past history of Kijustsu Anei Village. She is one of the Original founders of Kijustsu Anei Village back when it was only a small handful of buildings located in a district of PaxOku City.