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(NEWS) Santiago's Fishing Challenge (Updated by EM Dudley)

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    [​IMG]Santiago's Fishing Challenge[​IMG]
    Trinsic City
    September 3, 2009


    In Attendance:
    Ry, Sami, Yamamoto [CAT], Lord Merlock [DWxC], Sushi [DWxC],
    Em Dudley, Loopy [FTH], Lord Gareth [PaxO], Jonah [DWxC],
    Savaric [DWxC], Lady Alexis Korath, Knightingale [TEB], syjwoods,
    Lord Kei Kusanagi [RAZE], Crewel Lye [USN],Lameth (DWxC),
    Smiley, Samuel

    The fishermen of Chesapeake all made their way to the Counselors
    Hall in Britain city. (Please note almost all EM events start here.)
    Once gathered EM Dudley had people pre-register with him. The following
    information needed to be entered into a red book.

    1. Your name.
    2. The Vessel you will be fishing off of.
    3. Whether or not your part is combat capable.
    (This becomes important later.)

    Em Dudley used his magic to open a gate to the Fishermens guild
    in the city of Trinsic. Once everyone was gathered the famous
    fishermen Santiago came outside to greet his fellow fishermen.
    The following rules were announced before he sent everyone off
    to catch the "BEEEG FEEESH!"

    1. Anyone may fish off any ship. Whether its theirs are not.
    2. Only fish caught between Six and midnight are counted.
    Turning in fish caught outside the window will result in disqualification
    3. Once you get a fish hold on to it. Santiago will be around to collect them.

    Winners were be based on two categories.

    Largest Fish
    Most Big Fish Caught

    Some broke into small groups and others went solo on their
    mission to get De "Beeg Feeesh!" and now the most big fish!!
    We follow the story of the U.S.S Roadrunner. It has a crew
    of 3. Niva The Savage (Boat Defense) Syjwoods (Captain)
    and Lord Gareth (Cabin Boy). This is where the combat
    capable comes in. Not only did the fishermen catch big
    fish they caught:



    Diabolical Sea Weed and some undead pirates! Perhaps it was
    the missing Red Dagger Pirates! That lich did look like Kerrs Holly!
    Other vessels also reported having the same minor problems while
    they were fishing as well.

    Niva the Savage started to get a little hmmm.... Proud? With battle
    after battle won Niva started to show her true power. She did not
    bother the Captain or the Cabin Boy but, She did have a few words
    with the Tiller man.


    Santiago made regular visits to all ships. This was to collect fish
    but, also we believe to make sure everyone was attended and
    didn't set up some contraption to fish for them. Santiago also
    seemed to be a very excellent swimmer.


    Nightingale reported "accidentally" throwing Santiago over board while
    making a quick sharp turn. Great battles happened on the sea with
    water elementals and Sea serpents swarming the vessels.


    Lameths Adventure On The Wild Seas!

    Lameth launched the Queen of Tenakill from the docks and proceeded east-
    southeast to deep water. He fished for about an hour, managed to dodge a
    few serpents, Lameth's ability in fighting is directly linked to how fast he can
    drink heal pots and row!

    The QoT changed direction to a more southernly route. It was sometime
    after that, I'm not exactly sure when he dozed off to sleep. It may have
    been the bottle of Skara Porter or it may have been the bottle of Haven
    HellFire. Not sure we'll ever know

    But he's still out there, adrift, asleep and only a huge hangover to show for
    the evening.

    End of the Beeg Feesh Tournament

    Afterwords everyone gathered back at the Fishing Guild building
    in Trinsic. Fishermen swapped great stories. Everyone was in
    great spirits. Everyone was included in the stories and chit chat.
    Unfortunately Santiago could not be found at the end. The fishermen
    waited around for an hour. Some waited longer. Perhaps Santiago
    got a foot cramp while swimming back. We do hope that the undead
    pirates did not get a hold of him! We would have to rescue him with
    our fishing poles!!!!

    Fishing Tourny Current Standings:
    Largest Fish Caught: 196 Stones by Yamamoto

    Current Standings for Most Fish Caught:
    Loopy - 2 Fish
    Sushi - 7 Fish
    Merlock - 8 Fish
    Gareth - 6 Fish
    Alexis Korath - 4 Fish
    Ry - 0 Fish
    Yamamoto - 3 Fish
    Sami - 1 FishNightingale - 2 Fish
    Jonah - 0 Fish
    Syjwoods - 0 Fish
    Smiley - 0 Fish
    Samuel - 1 Fish

    Should any of these contestants have caught a big fish between 11:30 ET
    and Midnight ET on September 3rd (The window for the tournament) please
    bring it forth to the Hall of Commons meeting this Sunday at 10:30 ET (Note the later time).
    I apologize for the technical difficulties, winner will be
    announced at the Hall gathering on Sunday!

    *If you have any pictures from the event please PM me. If you
    have your own mini stories please send me those as well. I
    cannot be on everyone's ship but, would like to get other peoples
    stories from the event. Also I don't have access to newspro here.
    I knnow my boss is going to get on me soon for not posting them
    on there* (Hides from the boss!)