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[NEWS] Savage Crisis Nexus Spirit

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Lyconis, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Lyconis

    Lyconis Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 20, 2008
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    *ooh late again woot*
    Savage Crisis Nexus Spirit
    (February 8th, 2010)

    The time has come to save Yurelius, sources have spotted savages lingering about in Fire Dungeon. The knowledge Yurelius has obtained about the Nexus Spirit will help us discover what the Nexus Spirit is searching for or collecting.

    Pushing our way through the fire dungeon we had come to a large force holding the lich room. A mighty demon, named Anameiu, await us. A radiant heat like lava scorched us as we got close, the demons claws quickly turned red from the blood of those who stood against him. Our forces surrounded the demon with a force nothing could withstand. In moments the demon lay dead burning a hole into the floor beneath our feet.

    We pushed through the dungeon with haste reaching the western another force stood before us. Two powerful ancient liches, Heprtsu the Taskmaster and Tilver the High Mage, held our forces back. The first to stand against the powerful liches collapsed to the ground as powerful magic overwhelmed them. Our forces tore the liches apart limb from limb, entrails of their corpses lay scattered throughout the choke points they once held.

    Pushing through the choke point we found a room that had been converted into a temporary jail cell, inside Yurelius await us. Now free from his captors Yurelius revealed to us the reason he had been kidnapped. He was able to solve the equation needed, the orb is capable of penetrating the veil of the shards. It was apparent whatever the Nexus Spirit had needed was obtained and he was getting ready to leave this shard for another.

    Yurelius told Omo Trovi the location of the lair Zevoz was meddling with the power of the orb in an attempt to leave this shard. Omo quickly opened a portal to the lair, with no minions to protect himself Zevoz appeared to be easy prey. Our forces surround him with ease and easily started to over power him.

    Harnessing a monstrosity of power a blast was shot throughout the room knocking many warriors to the ground, and killing the others. Greater Dragons fell to the power of the Nexus Spirit. Wandering healers quickly came to the rescue, but mages began casting energy vortexes which started to attack these healers. With the healers dead by the hands of our own forces many gathered in the corners of the lair to receive aid.

    After a fierce fight the corpse of Zevoz lay on the ground yet again. While we were busy killing Zevoz the Nexus Spirit made its escape. The Nexus Spirit has gone to a shard known as Lake Superior! I would like to believe the Pacific Realm drove the Spirit from its world, though it seems like this is mearly the beginning to an end for us. The true desire of the Nexus Spirit is still unknown, it seems as if the Spirit is attempting to take control of the World Gem perhaps collecting its fragments to control total power of the shards. I wonder if this Nexus Spirit could be the nefarious Mondain we've heard about in many a book and story. Could it be the magically enchanted spirit of Mondain seeking revenge and wishing to destroy the worlds we know of?

    A handful of items were looted from the corpses of the mini bosses tonight. You can see them behind Omo in the drawing above. Some if not all of the items appear very entertaining allowing you to cast non burning flame strikes on anything you see, even yourself. I suppose one with this power may be called "a flamer".

    A male figure dressed in a green hooded robe, with a flamboyant purple cape, sassy golden slippers and a stylish blue shield was upset with the death toll delivered by Zevoz. He demanded a reward for his effort and felt the world was unfair as he did not receive anything for this battle. I would guess this feller is "a flamer" at heart and very disappointed he does not control one of the items that could give him the power of "a flamer". The desire for "pixel crack" melted the mind of this individual as he threw a tantrum wanting this "pixel crack". I've heard many a story of men frothing at the mouth raving and ranting wanting more of this "pixel crack" narcotic. This drug of the realm can make any man stray from the path of virtues, tis worse than anything death can bring us.