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[News]Scelestus Meets His Fate!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Chesapeake News

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    Scelestus Meets His Fate
    Saturday 8/6/11
    Tel Mur

    The call went out to meet in the royal city of Tel Mur this week as adventurers gathered in the courtyard preceeding the Gargoyle Palace. Upon thier arrival the omnipotent ruler of the lands greeted them with a tale of her nemesis Scelestus. Imprisoned by a spell yet invunerable for quite some time, the monstrous being lay in stasis deep along the winding paths surrounding the Void Isle region. Most evil well contained may be left forever however Queen Zhah had a most special desure to see this spell lifted, for her very own daughter lay next to the beast in stasis as well. Zhah went on to explain her intentions to free them both and destroy Scelestus once and for all.


    The journey would not be easy, traveling on foot through the treacherous lands of Tel Mur. Raptors, trapdoor spiders, and even the menacing minions of scelestus himself stood between the party and thier destination. After a valient fight clearing the path, they had alas reached thier destination.


    Queen Zhah rallied her forces around Scelestus as she prepared her spell for release. Her majesty beagn to chant the spells magical words over and over again. With no apparent effect the Queen soon requested all those in attendance to lend thier being to stengthen her spells power. Within moments the beast was free as those in attendance made way as he moved about the area. With another cast of enchantment the power beast seemed weakended as the Queen was now convinced her spell had removed the magical barrier that has for so long protected this foul creature. The call to attack soon rang out as all hell broke loose.

    Battling for what seemed like hours the crowd threw everything they had arrows, spell, sword, and beast upon the creature as they slowly began to gain ground on the storied beast. He did his share as well with scores of casualties about the area. Nearing his desmise the creature howled in pain as Queen lay the final blow, riding the lands of her long time nemesis.


    The night was truly a happy ending as Rhista was free and reunited with her mother. Elated and exhausted the Queen soon retreated to her royal quarters to catch up with her beloved kin. The adventurers responsible for aiding the Queen in the nights quest were rewarded with a commemorative rendition of the claw of Scelestus, which when used emits a shower of sparkle surrounding the user. Let us hope no such evil arises from the lands of Tel Mur hence forth, yet another fine battle for the realm that is Chesapeake.....