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[NEWS] Search For The Animals Assists Royal Zoo Points

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Sara Of Baja, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Search For The Animals
    LSN's Tamers' Scavenger Hunt​


    Following the Silver Steed Naming Ceremony Tuesday, March 17, LSN's Search For The Animals began. Sia [LSN] provided green clothing for those in need of some St. Patrick's Day attire. The tamers were given 2 hours to complete the lists in each of the two events, and if someone made it through their list, they could start over and receive a lesser amount for each additional list completed. One of the rules was in order turn in an animal, the person who turned it in had to be the one who tamed it. There were many offers from non-tamers to accompany the tamers to keep them healed.


    Intoxication went over the rules, then handed out the lists:

    Beginner List: 2 Million Grand Prize to the first tamer to complete the list, 100,000 gold for all other completed lists
    • 7 Grey Wolves
    • 8 Timber Wolves
    • 8 White Wolves
    • 8 Slime
    Expert List: 6 Million Grand Prize to the first tamer to complete the list, 500,000 gold for all other completed lists
    • 2 Fire Beetles
    • 3 Ki-Rin or Unicorns
    • 3 Giant Beetles
    • 2 Drakes
    • 1 Dragon
    • 1 White Wym
    • 1 Rune Beetle
    • 1 Reptalon
    After checking the donation box to see what the current zoo points were, Intoxication sent us off to search for the animals


    as EM Faine Morgan cheered the tamers on.


    While searching for a reptalon, one of the advanced tamers took the time to tame a squirrel for EM Faine Morgan.


    As the tamers entered the zoo to turn in the animals, the crowed cheered wildly. Much to the spectators' delight, Sweet Dreams [A.V.] and Anhakka [CCC] , both working on the Expert List, stayed neck-to-neck the entire event. The competition for first place for the Expert List was very close and exciting ... Up until the last animal was turned in, either could have been the winner.


    Anhakka [CCC] was awarded the grand prize of 6-million gold for being the first to complete the Expert List. Sweet Dreams [A.V.] received 1-million gold (instead of the announced 500k) for her valiant taming effort and coming in 2nd just a few moments behind Anhakka.

    As we soon found out, the Beginners' List was not as easy as it looked. Timber Wolves were easily found in the area surrounding the Royal Zoo. Grey Wolves, on the other hand, were much more difficult to locate. So difficult to find, I even suspected Intoxication had convinced EM Faine Morgan or EM Laurana to hide them from us! The Slimes were easy to locate, easy to tame if one could get them away from the aggressive swamp spawn, and difficult to keep alive long enough to transport them to Zoo to turn in. We all knew White Wolves live on Ice Island, however, require a taming skill of 65. Due to my limited taming skill of 61, LSN graciously let me turn in Fake White Wolves (renamed Polar Bears) to meet the quota for White Wolves.

    Anarion Sergon [KOJ] was the first to complete the Beginners' List, and was awarded 2-million gold for her efforts. Showing true community spirit, Anarion then accompanied me to the swamp to help control the spawn there while I tamed the required number of Slimes.


    Intoxication awarded 100,000-gold checks to Donald the bold [CCC] and myself for our efforts to complete the Beginners' List.

    Thank you, Intoxication and LSN, for putting on this fun event to help keep all the animals on display at Origin's Moonglow Royal Zoo!​

  2. gunneroforgin

    gunneroforgin Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 21, 2008
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    Donald the bold was just 1 grey wolf and 8 slimes short. So much time was spent looking for the grey wolves that he ran out of time to get slimes. He was pretty happy with the evening. It is not often you make 600k in an evening.