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[News]Search for the Undead

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    The Expedition to Deceit
    And a brief stop at the Tower of Soulls
    By: Ashlarr

    Earlier in the week, the Lord of Aryslan, Jamlyn Hakkendyn sent out a call to arms to all those brave men and women who would dare defy the undead that have raided several townships across Sosaria that include Guardian's Gate, Dragon's Watch, Paxlair, Zedland and Aryslan itself.
    And yesterday evening, the call was finally answered by a band of brave warriors ready turn the evil blade of Mazrim.


    After everyone had rallied amongst the ruins of old Aryslan, Lord Jamlyn briefed the expeditionary force on what lay ahead. An aggressive patrol into the vile Tower of Souls to see what clues could be uncovered as to the origin of the attacks, followed by a raid against the undead forces at Deceit.

    What follows is a brief summary of events brought to you firsthand.

    The expedition to the Tower of Souls met with little resistance, the dark stone tower Silent amongst the twisted trees of North Felucca. At the top of the tower, a few undead servitors manned a ramshackle bar in an eerie twisted mockery of the living.
    Unfortunately, these risen were surrounded by a protective shield that prevented all harm, but seemed to deter them from any aggression as well.

    Finding nothing of note in the tower, the group moved on to Deceit. Moving quickly through the dark walls, the group moved quickly, striking at the heart of the dungeon in an attempt to summon its dark master.
    Though the attack was effective, it was not without casualties with several members of the party falling, but spell and skill prevented them from joining the ranks of the enemy.

    Eventually, the vile Necromancer Neira entered the fray herself but was overwhelmed by the group's relentless assault. Assailed from all sides, she was unable to mount an effective defence, and in the dark corridors of Deceit, the mobility of her undead steed was of little use. Soon even she had fallen and our expeditionary force stood victorious.

    Unfortunately, her corpse provided little in the way of clues and nothing to suggest she was in league with Mazrim or that she had anything to do with the attacks. Her scroll satchel contained papers on the topics of spellweaving, fighting with a blunt object and the like.
    Her spellbook detailed vicious necromancy magics, but nothing out of the ordinary. And the only other objects of note were a few coins, a strange red skull and a small bottle of ale which the Monk Benito quickly siezed.


    And so, the party returned to the ruins of Old Aryslan, victorious in battle, but having made no progress in unravelling the mystery of the attacks on our townships.