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[NEWS] Seeds of Rebellion II [Event]

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Ceno of MT, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Ceno of MT

    Ceno of MT Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 3, 2008
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    Seeds of Rebellion II
    Reported by: Shae of [S*RE] [TB] & Lady Cymidei Fier [DT]

    Last night the citizens of Sosaria were called to Lord Brittish's throne room by one Lady Aino Nystad regarding the mercenary attacks on the independent kingdoms. To date the independent kingdoms have all been able to defend themselves and two of which were attacked by a mass army that went to The Dark Tower in Trammel, and Avalon in Felucca. Avalon had indeed the tougher fight since you were not able to use pets or summon help from the abyss [EVs and such] for the mercenary captain would devour the life source and in turn heal himself.

    This lead to many members of the resistance to take arms against their fellow man since few were not so fast as to pick up on what was going on and refused to listen to warnings causing many unrest and ended up leaving. But in the end Avalon was indeed saved. A restoration crew to help assist in damages to the new Avalon sight has been assembled and have already begun work on repairing any damages left behind from the attacks.

    As far as the Dark Tower, their fight was just as hard but it seemed to this sneaky thief that the Tower itself gave off an uneasy feeling of some strange magical energy after every death as if the souls of the fallen were being eaten away by the Tower making it grow even stronger and helped to defend itself. In fact, this reporter's sandals still shake at the thought when thinking back about what she felt!

    And so the people of Sosaria gathered once again to hear Lady Aino and was greeted by a new guard, Leoric. Who is apparently well versed in more than just guard duty and is a Grandmaster in tailoring!


    Shortly after, Lady Aino appeared and this is what was said.


    Aino: As Promised, I have been investigating the mercenary attacks
    and in a few moments will be the culmination of the investigation. I hope all of my questions answered.

    Shortly thereafter, Lord Casca appeared.

    Aino: I would like to recount some of the events of the past week.

    Lord Casca and Aino discussed how she fell under attack by mercenaries at Mount Sho. Lord Casca dismissed her statements and said that such things were to be expected. Tension mounted between Captain Aino Nystad and Lord Casca as their discussion turned to the fate of the independent kingdoms.

    Aino: At the same time the kingdoms Lord Saius unsuccessfully negotiated with were attacked as well.

    Lord Casca: Well, repercussions for their defiance have been a long time in waiting Captain.

    Aino: I have stumbled into some evidence...supplied by someone I would rather not name...that suggest the royal treasury is behind the attacks on the kingdom. I fear Lord Saius might have gone behind your back.

    Lord Casca: It was I who order the mercenaries to attack. It was I who hired them.


    Aino and Lord Casca argued but Lord Casca who is slicker than a greased mongbat, claimed that he only promised Aino not to commit the army to fighting the independent kingdoms not that he wouldn't hire mercenaries.

    At this, Captain Aino Nystad quit the King's service because she felt she could no longer trust him but as she tried to escape, her exit was barred by anti magic crystals. Nystad was wracked in pain, presumably by Lord Casca's antimagic barrier as a result of her spell casting and was clapped in irons by Royal Guard Leoric and taken to Yew prison where she has since been moved to an unknown location.



    After Captain Aino left, Lord Casca addressed the crowd with scorn! Casca's lies and delusions about the independent kingdoms were apparent with every word he spoke.

    He accused one and all of defying him for hubris alone and causing great suffering to the people. Lord Casca also expressed his displeasure at the sufferings that befell Aldragar Morr, the missing prophet. He accused the gathered people of Britannia of being mindless vultures and far worse!
    One person, who we shall keep them nameless for their safety, shot back at Casca's comment the known piracy that has swept our lands recently.


    After the event at the throne room had ended, the people gathered outside of Lord Blackthorne's castle led by The Widow. Who many have come to know and has since declared herself Queen of Sosaria and that she was in fact married to our beloved King who is believed to be missing, or worse, dead. The Widow then declared Xel the Wanderer the protector of the fortress until Lord Casca is driven out.


    And when things calmed down some went to visit Lady Aino in the Yew jails before she was moved buy seemed to be under some sort of magical barrier which made it so no one could hear her words. As of right now no one knows just where Casca has taken the fair Lady but most do pray for her safety and quick release.


    As for this reporter, I was deeply offended when Casca had said the herald's did not report the truth normally I return stolen...I mean...Dropped goods but I shall not be returning this nicely engraved gold ring with a bright blue gem that I found next to Casca while giving his irate speech!