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[News] Shattered Crimson

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Lady Mana, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Lady Mana

    Lady Mana Guest

    Dragons. Dragons everywhere! Or at least, that’s what it’s seemed like the past while. Years ago we found ourselves dealing with Tal’Keesh and her kin, and with the arrival of the Crimson Dragons, we’ve been forced to see our own neighbors cower in fear or lash out in hatred. But on the eve of March 21st, 2009, that all changed. The heart of darkness was destroyed.


    Having heard that an important venture was planned, a great number of Britannians stood outside Empath Abbey’s doors and treaded the green grass in anticipation. If you were among them, you might have recognized a familiar face: a strange elf named Kalathiro. In fact, it was from him that they had heard word the night would begin as soon as Maeda, Captain of the Guards, came to greet them. After a steady wait (and plenty of grape eating), the time finally arrived. Opening a moongate to somewhere deep in the forests of Yew, Maeda briskly led the gathered Britannians through another moongate, and in to a strange cavern.

    Exploring the unfamiliar grounds proved difficult, because a great number of atrocious monsters surged through the cavernous halls and tested the group’s strength. Most perilous were the Shadow Fiends, and any who approached them were fortunate if they managed to avoid a quick defeat. Indeed, the battle through the cavern was perilous. But! As to be expected, success eventually guided them to the core of the tunnel. It was there, amidst a torrent of daemonic beings, where a large crystal sigil stood.

    After a brief battle, all threatening beings were slain and only a curious crowd remained. What was this sigil? This blood crystal, which emanated such an ominous aura? As contemplation grew to swift frustration, all eyes stopped and paused on a newly arrived face.


    Casca, Lord Casca, and King of Britannia, addressed the crowd. Some of those he addressed whispered curt remarks of dishonor, while others bowed their head in allegience. Regardless, Lord Casca spoke to all in attendance and reassured them that everything was soon to be sorted. According to him, the blood sigil was behind all of Britannia’s recent misfortunes. If it were destroyed, then the dark grasp of the Crimson Dragons would be loosed. Today, they would witness history.

    And with that, Lord Casca raised his black staff and smashed the crystal to pieces.

    Blown back by a clash of magical forces, it took everyone a moment to regain their feet. As they stood, a few shards of the crystal remained… but not for long. As soon as people had grabbed what remnants they could, Lord Casca led them back to Empath Abbey and gave his closing speech. He voiced how his actions had saved Britannia. But, to his great dismay, a young Crimson Dragon lurched its way towards him and the crowd. Casca, deciding to disappear, left the Crimson Dragon alone to taunt and insult the surrounding Britannians. This did not last long. A small woman, Fayaxion, delicately made her way through the crowd and with a great voice, beseeched everyone to flee the area immediately. No one did, but her reasons soon became clear. Doffing her dress and human form, Fayaxion became a large, shimmering Platinum Dragon.
    The Crimson Dragon was quite intimidated, because it either ran away or was forced off by the Platinum Dragon’s sheer power of will. Either way, before many words of thanks could be offered, Fayaxion ruffled her wings and flew high away in to the sky.

    As Fayaxion disappeared from sight, only one question stood out amongst the many. What happens now?


    Lady Mana
    Lieutenant of the Royal Britannian Guards
  2. It was a great event! Thank you EM's Sezja and Kaen!
  3. Stupid skiing...
  4. Lady Mana

    Lady Mana Guest

    Hey now, skiing is supposed to be great exercise!
  5. Lord Nabin

    Lord Nabin High Council Sage - Greater Sosaria
    Professional Stratics Veteran Supporter Stratics Legend Glorious Lord ACW

    Sep 3, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Yes It was a wonderful event. I was a bit laggy as I was on the road playing on a wireless uplink to my laptop, but I had a blast!
  6. Skiing's great, but sometimes it makes you miss events.
  7. Sky-byte

    Sky-byte Guest

    Aww man! I missed it! Oh well. :(
  8. Sir Kelek

    Sir Kelek Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 4, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Skiings great Richard but it seems it can also kill u!! :eyes: