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[News]SHE Auction House

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    SHE Auction House

    By Lord Armand


    I was out and about Saturday night and looking for a new adventure. While I was debating on what to do, a moongate suddenly appeared next to me so I decided to follow a person through it to see where it went. When I came through the other side I was standing in front of a large home on a lake. There was a lot of nose emitting from inside and since the door was open, I decided to wander in and see what all of the ruckus was about. As I entered I realized that I had happened onto an auction house with the auction already in motion. I quickly found a seat and tried to take everything in.

    First thing to really stand out were all kinds of red bags scattered across the floor throughout the entire room. As I was wondering what this was about, I hear someone yell golden pop! I couldn't believe my eyes, in front of me was a vendor with a lot of checks of different amounts being given away to the auction participants. WOW!! This was my lucky day as I was able to retrieve a check for 50,000 gold. As quick as the vendor appeared, he was gone and the auction had resumed. There were many rare and beautiful things being auction off along with weapons, armor, powerscrolls and other useful items. Most of the prices seemed very reasonable though I am not a merchant so that is pure opinion on my part.

    A short time later, I saw that some of the red bags were no longer secured to the floor and during the mad rush to them I was able to retrieve one of the bags and it contained a 25,000 gold check. The auction ran smoothly and as time elapsed the golden pop vendor appeared again as well as more of the red bags being released. It made for a very enjoyable evening.

    After the auction had ended and people had cleared out I was able to approach the wonderful auctioneer, Zelda of Zed. She was very pleasant and agreed to being interviewed.


    Armand : How long have you been playing Ultima Online?

    Zelda of Zed : I started playing for about a year when the game first came out, then left for about a year and half, and have been back since.

    Armand : How long have you been part of Shadow Hunters Empire (SHE)?

    Zelda of Zed : Seven awesome years now.

    Armand : How long have you been doing auctions?

    Zelda of Zed : Will be six years in September.

    Armand : When was your first auction with SHE?

    Zelda of Zed : It was September of 2003.

    Armand : Where can you find the SHE auction house?

    Zelda of Zed : Our auction is in Malas, North West of Luna. Near Zedland Lake (formally known as Luna Lake). We are also the 3rd banner in the Luna hub. You can also ask any SHE-SHOT/TNP/or VIP member, and they will get you to the Auction house.

    Armand : What day and time is the weekly SHE auction?

    Zelda of Zed : Saturdays 7pm est. (very rare we have done it on Sunday night and we start at 6pm on Sundays as not to interfere with the HOC meeting.)

    Armand : I hear that you have give a ways during auctions, what kind of events does your auctions offer?

    Zelda of Zed : We have an awesome sponsor, UORedneck. We have 100 mil to give away each week. A SHE Auction house original is the Golden-Pop up Vendors, we also have red bags that through the night I will let go and they have gold prizes between 100k-1mil gold prizes. Other events we have had are our Icy Maze. This has always been a fan favorite, and we plan on doing another one for the Rare's Fest coming up in July.

    Armand : What is the funniest thing that happened to you while running a SHE auction?

    Zelda of Zed : We had a bottle of very rare wine, and I had just regular old wine in my bag I put the rare one on the table and drank some of the regular wine, then starting going *HIC* *HIC*. Poor Rivvy, and a few folks thought I drank the rare stuff. I about fell out of my chair laughing, but after 6 years I have so many fun memories. Anything thing that makes Riv freak out, I'm up for. (Just kidding Riv...)

    Armand : What is your favorite memory of the SHE auction house?

    Zelda of Zed : Well, any time we get Daktari in pink, I am rolling. Over 6 years it's hard to pick out one thing, but watching Zedland grown around the Auction house has been amazing.

    Armand : What was the most expensive item that you ever sold?

    Zelda of Zed : A Keep Home sold for 52 million one night.

    Armand : 11. What was the rarest item that you have ever sold?

    Zelda of Zed : Clainias Spell book and few older things.. We have sold so much it's hard to remember it all, or to pick out one item.

    Armand : How much time goes into preparing for the average auction?

    Zelda of Zed : A couple of DAYS! There is so much to do, but I have an awesome team that helps me pull stuff together

    Armand : How does one submit an item for auction?

    Zelda of Zed : Get a book and bag; put your name icq and starting price in book, we start taking items at 6:30pm est.

    Armand : What would you like to mention about the SHE auction that people might not know?

    Zelda of Zed : We are the longest running auction house on the Chesapeake shard. We also now have a link to the abyss, thanks to our guild leader and my favorite little brother Tigger.

    Armand : Who assists you during the auctions?

    Zelda of Zed : I have the best team, and I love them dearly, and there is no way I could do the auction without them! Rivvy Shelra & Daktari (Lotto Boy), they ROCK!!!!!!!!

    If you run an auction house and would like me to attend please pm me or e-mail me at [email protected]

  2. Zelda of Zed

    Zelda of Zed Guest

    Thanks Armand... I hope you enjoyed the auction.

    We always have a fun time doing it. Since the writing of the artical, we have gotten a new sponsor. Our good friend at uoredneck has moved on to other things. We do have a new sponsor, so i hope you will all welcome with me UOResources. They will also be helping us with the Rares event in July. Make sure to check out thier website, he has super items.