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[News] Sherry Talks of a Council Meeting

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
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    Thursday night (21st of July 2011) many members of the shard showed up at the royal stables after hearing that Sherry the Mouse was going to tell Delilah, one of the Royal stable hands, about a meeting that took place at Castle Britain. Sherry was very upset that Delilah had not kept this quiet about this subject, but relented and shared the following information with all that gathered there.

    You doubtlessly remember the meeting some time ago, a summit of Nobles from across the realm that took place here at the Castle. Many of you fine knights and mages I am sure were busy assisting the Commander in what turned out to be a very necessary mission to protect the town, and the visiting dignitaries. But while you were out there, I was here, watching, while unwatched, all that was happening. The crowd of interested citizens was enormous as nobles from across the land entered through the front gate. There were Guards stationed everywhere, as there was the lingering memory of the terrible massacre that occurred here once before not too long ago... There was much excitement in the air and into this the nobles walked.

    They arrived mostly separately, and filed into the Castle towards a guarded entryway that leads underground, to a secret meeting chamber. As you know, I am quite small and the Castle has been my home longer than any other. I was able to observe unnoticed as the nobles entered this chamber. It took some time for all to arrive.. Oh, there were many, but I will get to that.

    Just as the Guards were to shut the doors, a strange robed monk came rushing in, his brown robe fluttering as he ran, with a worn looking crook in his hand. A little ways behind him followed a young woman dressed in green finery of a peculiar fashion. They were the last to arrive and she looked at the monk with keen interest. For reason that will soon be made clear. They entered the chamber and mingled about for a bit, enjoying bits of wine, fruit, and... cheese.

    After some time, they made their way to a large stone table and took seats; an awkward silence ensued, unbroken for many minutes, as the nobles glanced from one to another. The silence was finally broken by a noble from here in Britain, actually. Sir Andrew Agathe was his name, a retired knight.

    Below is a listing of some of the more important people in attendance.

    Sir Agathe from Britain
    A big hearty man who spoke loudly, yet in a kind fashion. It was he that asked who had called for the meeting. Andrew Agathe, the Knight, Who had apparently come at the insistence of his longtime mentor Sir Kerwin Irons.

    Sir Kerwin Irons from Trinsic
    Another former knight. Sir Irons was an older gentleman. Who....doesn't seem quite gentle. He was loud, and ornery. He dressed impressively for a knight, though, and cast an imposing picture especially given his age. He struck Sherry as a very unforgiving person, but fair and honorable to those who deserve it.

    Lady Constance Demaje from Vesper
    A very....shrewish woman whom Sherry did not like her at all! She was haughty and rude. Lady DeMaje seems to have inherited her title and wealth from a late husband. She was with her current husband Karel DeMaje at the meeting.

    Karel DeMaje from Vesper
    Who apparently is the former manager of the mint in Vesper. Who some of you may have met as Sherry believes it was his mint that had presents stolen by that imp creature many months ago. Karel is a portly man who seemed kind, but also bumbling and more than a little timid.

    Vizier Said Halabi from Nujel'm
    The Vizier was present to represent the interests of the Sultan of Nujel'm. Although there seemed to be some grumbling over this point, least of all because the Sultan himself did not make an appearance, but especially because the Vizier claimed that the Sultan was ruling from the "Old World", as well as this one. He was tall and thin, and tended to look down his nose at all. He spoke smoothly, though his words slithered like a serpent. He did not have a kind word for many, though he seemed to appreciate the Lady DeMaje. He saved his sharpest words for the mysterious monk fellow, Brother Lian Vinre.

    Brother Lian Vinre from New Magincia
    Brother Vinre hails from New Magincia and his revelation of this was met with many polite smiles, though I got the sense that few would be very welcoming. He gained their respect and admiration, however, as the meeting stretched on with his wise words, and his modest attitude. By the end of the meeting, all welcomed him, other than the Lady DeMaje and the Vizier, of course. Brother Vinre seemed especially supportive of the young woman who followed him into the Castle, a Lady from Skara Brae, Lady Aila MacTarnaghan.

    Lady Aila MacTaraghan from Skara Brae
    The young Lady had recently lost her father, a Lord of Skara Brae and the leader of many of the Rangers there. When Sherry “lost” she quite literally, as he vanished some time ago and his daughter has had to step in to lead. She spoke softly, but directly, She was a bit distracted at times, and was a target for the Vizier and Lady DeMaje's sharp comments. It was she who informed the other nobles of the great deed Brother Vinre had performed before entering the Castle. It is said that he helped the defenders outside the walls defeat a great mercenary. Who was clad in pure black armor.

    Lady Bellows from Minoc
    She has a keen mind, but seemed to speak more from common sense and hard experience. She encouraged the young Lady from Skara Brae to stand up to Lady DeMaje and reprimanded her for not doing so. She expressed her desire to help the realm in any way she could and spoke of the sacrifices all those present would have to make in order to do a complete and effective job. She seems to be a very stern person.

    Lord Cecil Montgomery from Yew
    All those gathered seemed to know of him as he is supposed to possess a great mind for legal matters and forms of Justice. Yet few paid him any heed as he has become a terrible drunk, as of late. He spoke earnestly, but with a defeated voice. His brilliant mind might still be there, but I am afraid for the moment it has been drowned in too much wine. He was largely ignored during the discussions

    What were they discussing, you may want to know? Well, the biggest concern, of course, was in addressing the lack of leadership in the realm, since the death of our Queen, we have been largely leaderless, as a new council had not been established. After much discussion, it was agreed by all those present that they would form a *new* council in order to lead until a new, worthy King or Queen should come forth. They agreed to lead with Honor and would vacate their positions if a just, popular uprising of the people would occur. They would lead as equals, though it was recognized that they should elect one who would perhaps stand slightly above the rest.

    It was suggested that Sir Andrew Agathe lead, and the suggestion was well received. Yet... Brother Vinre voiced a concern that perhaps this new leader of a new council should not come from Britain, the heart of the realm. As it would not be in the spirit of Humility, for someone to assume the place of a proper monarch in such a way. Sir Agathe agreed.

    As a suitable replacement, he suggested that Brother Lian Vinre himself should represent the Council. As he believed Britannia had suffered from a lack of Humility in the past and that perhaps if not for this, the Queen would still be with us. Vizier Halabi was the only one to voice an objection, though he did so quite loudly, and many, many times. Vinre, for his part, initially refused the nomination, but finally agreed to at least consider it. He said he would have a decision by the time of their next meeting, the date of which Sherry sadly missed.

    After this, they ended the meeting and one by one left, the Lady DeMaje first of all with poor Karel in tow. Sir Agathe stayed a bit longer, as he pulled Lord Montgomery aside to speak. Sherry could not hear their words, but she believed the kind Knight was trying to reach out to the troubled lord from Yew. Slowly they all departed from the chamber and left, having agreed to meet again soon.

    Sherry the Mouse told everyone gathered this, because she wanted word to reach out to the people of the realm. As for the hope that such a meeting brings, the Nobles somehow neglected to have a scribe nearby to spread word! Sherry believes that once more people hear of what has transpired these Lords and Ladies will make themselves seen and available to speak with in their respective towns.