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[NEWS] Silver Steed Named, Zoo Plaque Engraved, Crystal Presents Awards

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Sara Of Baja, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Name The Silver Steed Contest Winners Ceremony


    EM Faine Morgan’s Speech:


    Welcome, Citizens of Origin. We gather here tonight to celebrate a community feat of historic proportions for this shard. By your hard work and dedication, you have fully stocked your zoo and seen the birth of the elusive Silver Steed.

    This feat was not accomplished by one person. The saying goes … “It takes a village to raise a child.” In this case it may be said, “It takes a community to raise a zoo.” You have all truly shown the meaning of community in the past weeks are you worked to help the Silver Steed be born into our lands and keep him and his zoo mates healthy and happy.

    Unfortunately, EM Laurana could not be with us tonight. However, she sends her greetings and congratulations to the people of Origin, and wishes you to know that she is here in spirit.

    And now it is my privilege to introduce you to Crystal Canyon of Crystal Canyon Community, the sponsors of the Origin Name the Silver Steed Contest.

    Crystal Canyon’s Speech:


    Greetings. I would like to thank all of those who participated. There were some really great names submitted … Glad I didn’t have to choose the winner! (* laughter *). EM Faine will announce the winner starting from 4th runner up.

    EM Faine Morgan:

    And now I would like to call up the people who had the top five names voted on by the citizens of Origin. When I call your name, please join us for the presentations. After everyone has been recognized, I’ll announce the winners, as Crystal said, from 4th Runner Up:
    • Fujin, who submitted the name Bling Bling
    • Intoxication, who submitted the name Doc the Stallion
    • Artraea Morrigan, who submitted the name Etain
    • Donald the Bold, who submitted the name Silver Streak
    • Hero, who submitted the name Quicksilver
    These were submitted to the judges in alphabetical order with the submitters’ names removed. The judges final decision was as follows: (EM Faine Morgan paused here to pull the envelope from the folds of her robe.)
    • 4th Runner Up Bling Bling by Fujin
    • 3rd Runner Up Doc the Stallion by Intoxication
    • 2nd Runner Up Silver Streak by Donald the Bold
    • 1st Runner Up Etain by Artraea Morrigan
    • Which means Origin’s Silver Steed shall from this day forward, be known as Quicksilver, submitted by Hero
    In honor of Origin’s community accomplishment, we now place this plaque so that all future generations may read it and know that Origin’s citizens have declared that the Silver Steed shall, forever more, be known to all as Quicksilver.



    Crystal Canyon [CCC] congratulated and presented awards to all the winners who were in attendance. After many hearty congratulations and much applause, the group left the Silver Steed area to start the LSN Search for the Animals.
    Thank you, Crystal Canyon and [CCC] for sponsoring this event that gave Origin their unique Silver Steed plaque!

    The following is from EM Faine Morgan and EM Laurana's website:

    'On Thursday, March 17th, the citizens of Origin gathered at the Royal Zoo to hear the results of the CCC Name the Origin Silver Steed Contest. EM Faine Morgan and Crystal Canyon made brief speeches to the crowd followed by the presentation of a plaque bearing the new name of Origin’s Silver Steed.

    After the players who submitted the top five names were called up, the winning names were announced from 4th Runner Up to Winner. The results were as follows:

    4th Runner Up - Bling Bling by Fujin
    3rd Runner Up - Doc the Stallion by Intoxication
    2nd Runner Up - Silver Streak by Donald the bold
    1st Runner Up - Etain by Artraea Morrigan
    Winning Name - Quicksilver by Hero

    Crystal Canyon presented the top five contestants with awards and mementos for their contributions. EM Faine Morgan then engraved the brass sign in front of the cage to read “Quicksilver - Born on February 19, 2009″.

    The naming ceremony was then followed by LSN’s Tamer Scavenger Hunt which raised a wonderful amount of points to keep Origin’s animals healthy and happy.'
  2. I would just like to thank everyone that participated in this event. The names that were submitted clearly showed that a great amount of time and thought was put into each one. They were all very creative and impressive, to say the least.

    A big thank you also to our EMs, Faine Morgan and Laurana for all the time they spent getting us all rounded up and helping us pull this event together. The truth is that without their guidence, it would have never taken place. Now, Origin citizens truly have something unique and something to be very proud of.

    To all of the folks who donated prizes for this event, I would like to express my sincere thanks. The great rewards only made the contest that much more exciting! Cassie Darksong of CMA Auctions donated 1 mil, Pads of the Cu, and a Bake Kitsune Statue, along with XMG guild and AV Guild, who each also donated 1 mil in gold.

    I would also like to thank Lady Margo ( Lady Vivian) for her dedication to our zoo and for her ability to get all of us excited enough to start donations again. And to Intoxication and LSN, for allowing us to have our event take place during thier taming event, which also helps to keep our zoo full.

    And last, but not least, we would like to thank our reporter, Sara, for taking the time to show up at our event, take pictures, and come out of the fields to make sure that we had an article posted.

    Origin is a such a grand place to be. :love:
  3. Lady Tiger

    Lady Tiger Guest

    I'd like to Thank the Most important person that helped the zoo... That is Lady Vivian with out her there would be no zoo with animals in it.. Thank you Very much Lady Vivian
  4. Flora Green

    Flora Green Guest

    That's nice of you to point that out, Lady Tiger. Lady Vivian IS the person who got everything going.
  5. Lady Vivian is also Lady Margo. I guess I should have used her Stratics name in my post thanking her for everything she has done for our zoo and our shard.
  6. Lady Vivian

    Lady Vivian Guest

    I thank you all for your kind remarks. I had a lot of fun doing the "urging" but I've said it before and I'll say it again - it was the combined effort of ALL the members of the Origin shard, working together, that made this dream come true. Without everyone's help it would still be a dream. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I am proud to be a part of the community of players that comprise Origin Shard. :love::hug::love: