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[News]Something Wicked This Way Comes (a recap)

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Napa Valley News, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Napa Valley News

    Napa Valley News RSS Feed
    RSS Feed Stratics Veteran

    Jan 22, 2010
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    Greetings fellow Britannians!

    The following excerpt was overheard by a local Healer. This healer in no way wishes to be named, nor will he tell the location that he heard this, but in reference to tonight's events, I felt it pertinent to relay.

    The leader of the Bloodstone cult stared at a blood red crystal deep in thought. You can make more? he asked.

    Yes, said one of the cult members with great pride.

    But does it work... the Bloodstone leader eyed each of the cult members in turn. Silence answered him.

    One of the members finally offered up a comment, We need to test the stone.

    Yes, yes we do. The Bloodstone leader acknowledged the member who commented with a nod. Tell me, he continued What sentient creature is the most uncorruptable?

    This evening we were again called to British Castle. My horse threw a shoe and I was very late in arriving, but I tracked down one member of the Guard who was happy to explain the night's happenings.

    Delilah Crow lead the Royal Guard to a Gypsy Camp rendered empty. The entire area coated in blood with no corpse to be found. The Gypsies had obviously met with a foul end.

    Wandering around, the investigating team was met by a strange hoard of the undead. Both beyond the power of the normal creatures of this kind found in Sosaria, and carrying an odd mutation in color, they attacked. The Royal Guard fought them off valiantly, their show of skill giving the one lone surviving Gypsy the bravery needed to come out of hiding. The terrified survivor told the Guard that a Red Angel had killed everyone in camp.

    The Royal Guard, ever aware of their world, quickly surmised that the only "angels" in Sosaria were the Warriors in the Ethereal Fortress. A fierce, yet peaceful race, it was very difficult to believe that any one of them could have enacted such carnage. Yet, with little choice, the Guard made their way to Ilshenar, and the Ethereal Fortress.

    It was there that they encountered one of the Warriors in question. Typical, he looked upon the group with barely contained disgust, disclaiming most as evil. I suppose when compared to their purity, it must be so, yet a task was set to prove the Guards loyalty to the light. If they could prove they were good, the Warrior would give them the information they sought.

    Having been told that they were to kill a tainted Terethan Matriarch in the basement of the Fortress, they wasted no time doing it. I was assured that it was no easy task, but that the Taming Brigade made mince meat out of the diseased creature.

    When they returned triumphant, the Warrior looked resigned. The Guard had, after all, fulfilled their bargain. He proceeded to inform them that an unknown Necromancer had come and dropped a red crystal on the ground. When it was spotted by one of the Warriors, he went over to pick it up. Upon touching it, he had changed to an abomination. A Warrior of evil, touched by the taint of necromancy.

    That was all the Warrior would say. At the end of his speech, he told them all to leave. I believe we can assume that this tainted Warrior is the Angel that attacked and destroyed the Gypsy camp. The bearer of this mysterious crystal remains completely unknown, as does the whereabouts of the Red Angel.

    Previously we were plagued by mutations of another kind. Is this the next step in their plan? Or do we face a new evil altogether? It is disturbing to think that someone has the power to create something so insidious that even the Warriors are not immune to it's evil. If it can taint even their goodness, what chance do the rest of us have?

    Best Gaming Wishes,
    Salya Sin

  2. Salya Sin

    Salya Sin Guest

    My apologies everyone! I got home late for this one... and was left trailing behind the group. LOL! These events move around fast if you are trying to catchup!

    I also.. in my rush... forgot to load my Screenshot program... so as I was clicking... it was just a button being pushed. Luckily I was able to grab Lord Richard and ask him what happened. THANKS RICHARD!!!

    Any mistakes are mine... and if I didn't get something in.. please reply with the details. With the upcoming story line being much larger than just a shard wide event... it will be important for anyone needing the information to be able to find it.

    For anyone wanting to know where the first part came from... it can be found here http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=217030, on the EM thread.

    Thanks everyone! I'll do better next time!