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[News]Sosarian Solstice Fair Night - Thursday

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    [SIZE=+1][SIZE=+2]Sosarian Solstice Fair Night[/SIZE]

    Thursdays eve brought the realm another fine installment of the Sosarian Solstice Fair. The nights events on tap were the "Balron Tipping" competition, "Duck Shoot", and the surpise event "Mesanna Roulette" Patrons gathered outside the south luna gate at the fairgrounds for what was a grand night of fun and community.
    Tom of UHOH was the winner of the nights Balron tipping event! With Someone and Demonis rounding out the top three! I managed to have my hand at tipping one of the slightly unsteady Balrons, even managed to put him on his keister! [/SIZE]

    Next up with quite the elaborate setup was the nights "Duck Shoot." Waterfowl of the golden variety lined the fairgrounds pond as contestants went one by one taking thier shot at one duck per player in search of the golden ticket held by one special duck. Contestants were issued finely tuned duck hunting bows to aid in thier efforts! The events winner to be enamored with a plaque in the shard reward hall bearing his name was Masta Blasta (fitting name) with Rachiel in second![/SIZE]

    And for the Fairs finale "Mesanna Roulette!" The benevolently evil one herself in attendance, brave souls one by one stepped up to try thier luck at a game of life's chance rolling the dice in attempt to match the number Mesanna held aside in order to spare thier life! Few and I do mean few were lucky enough to escape with thier hitpoint collection in tact as bodies lay scattered along the grounds with a wave of Mesanna's hand. Players were rewarded with participatory aprons bearing the mark of the evil one herself! [/SIZE]


    [SIZE=+1]Special Thanks to our EM Team for a wonderful night of fun at the fair! [/SIZE]