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[News] Spotlight on UOPODCASTING.

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Guest, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest


    In this issue we hear from UOPODCASTING. Also know as Shane & Frozen Yogurt

    <font color="#CC0000"><u>Out of Char questions</u></font>

    *How long have you been living in Oceania and what drew you to this world?
    <font color="#000099">I was sitting in front of my PC at midnight when Oceania was launched. Therefore the length of time equates to the age of the shard.</font>

    *What was your best and/or worst experience in Oceania
    <font color="#000099">The best experience has to have been a couple minutes after the shard launched.
    I ran from the Ironwood Inn to the Vesper Bank and it dawned on me how much faster it was, when your ping was sub 200 milliseconds.

    The worst experience was when they introduced Trammel.</font>

    *What is you main profession here?
    <font color="#000099">Since Oceania was launched I have been focused purely on PvP.
    I started UO in Dec 97 and therefore spent the first couple years exploring and enjoying the game for the experiences it offered.
    Unfortunately OSI in those days never addressed the cheating and therefore the game lost its innocence and became purely a great PvP game. </font>

    *Who helped you when you first came to the shard?
    <font color="#000099">Having played UO for several years my flat mate and I had a plan on how we where going to make the gold required to place a Tower.
    We would macro a fisherman up and farm SOS bottles, as in those days overnight you could gather 20-30 SOS’s easily.

    We also focused on building PvP characters, so the place to earn easy gold and get into a fight was at the Bucs Den provisioners.
    You were able to kill the NPC’s for gold. Some of the PvP guilds then fought over who controlled Bucs. </font>

    *Did/do you have any major influences?
    <font color="#000099">I played on Pacific for several years in an American guild that taught me how to PvP.
    So I guess that first PvP guild had the most influence.</font>

    *Did you live on another shard before you came to Oceania? If so, which shard, and why did you leave?
    <font color="#000099">Pacific. I left due to the lag and being able to be more competitive on Oceania.
    Plus I was heavily involved in the petition to EA/OSI to get the local shard launched.</font>

    *What type of house do you have, and did you decorate it yourself?
    <font color="#000099">I have a keep and it’s not really decorated. More it contains items that allow me to PvP and that’s about it.</font>

    *What is your most valued UO possession? And how did you acquire it?
    <font color="#000099">To be honest I don’t really have a value on my UO possessions.
    Having lost many items over time I’m not attached to any due to that fact and that EA tomorrow could shut the service down and therefore take away all items.</font>

    *What would be your greatest UO wish?
    <font color="#000099">EA remove the ability for people to cheat and therefore level the playing field.</font>

    *What is your most favourite thing to do in Sosaria?
    <font color="#000099">Fight and kill other players</font>

    *Is there something about you nobody knows?
    <font color="#000099">No I’m afraid not. I think due to the fact I have recorded a number of podcasts people know most things about me in and out of UO.</font>

    *What has been your favourite addition to UO?
    <font color="#000099">The addition of Oceania. If it wasn’t for Oceania I wouldn’t be playing today. The only reason I don’t play Siege is due to the lag.</font>

    *And least favourite?
    <font color="#000099">The ability for people to cheat, and EA’s lack of resolution on cheating.</font>

    *What are your plans for the future?
    <font color="#000099">To continue to enjoy playing UO when I have the time and when it is no longer enjoyable to close my accounts and move on.
    After 10 years that’s a lot hard than it sounds.</font>

    *For those that don't know you, how would you describe yourself?
    <font color="#000099">Brutally honest and blunt. I wear my heart on my sleeve and tell it as I see it. I love confrontation and change. </font>

    *How could someone recognise you in game, is there anything different about you that stands out from the rest?
    <font color="#000099">I’m normally the loud mouth </font>

    <font color="#CC0000"><u>In Character Questions</u></font>

    *Where were you born? and where do you Currently live?
    <font color="#000099">The Ironwood Inn, Vesper.</font>

    *Did you design your home? And do you live with others?
    <font color="#000099">No, through the spoils of killing and stealing from others I own two Keeps.</font>

    *Where is your favourite place to visit?
    <font color="#000099">Anywhere in Felucca where there’s a warm heart beating and waiting to be silenced by my spells.</font>

    *What is your main profession, if none, what keeps you busy?
    <font color="#000099">My primary profession is killing others and stealing their possessions.</font>

    *Are you a member of a guild?
    <font color="#000099">I currently am a member of Tears of Chaos.
    We are a guild dedicated to fighting our enemies and striking fear into those that appose us.</font>

    *What is your favourite thing in Oceania?
    <font color="#000099">I don’t really have a favourite thing.</font>

    *What’s your least favourite thing?
    <font color="#000099">Those that seek to gain an advantage through means not permitted by the law of the land.</font>

    *If you could change one thing in your Sosarian life with a wave of a magical wand, what would it be?
    <font color="#000099">The removal of the ability to bend the laws of physics in our Sorsarian world. (Cheating)</font>

    *Do you enjoy hunts and outings? Which are your favourites?

    <font color="#000099">I only really enjoy fighting others.
    I also enjoy fighting the champions of the Felucca dungeons and selling the spoils of those battles for the coin of the realm.</font>

    *What are your views on the recent demise of Magincia and the not so recent ‘recreation’ of Haven.
    <font color="#000099">These are places I do not frequent and therefore they have no bearing on my activities.</font>

    Thankyou for taking the time to answer the questions and allowing the readers to know a little more about you.

    If there are question's you would like to see asked, or a person you would like to see interviewed please don't hesitate to contact me here, in game, or on ICQ.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You forgot to ask "What flavour is Frozen Yogurt?"! You've left all us Taste IDers hanging! [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Seriously, nice one, good choice of subject too.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yeah i need to think of some more questions. just time is limited and its hard to concentrate at the moment with 2 ratbags running around me and by the time i get some peace and quite im usually to buggered to be able to concentrate haha.
    Ill get into the swing of things eventually :p
    n did you notice i was all big n bwave and had to go to fel :p
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest


    n did you notice i was all big n bwave and had to go to fel :p

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Haha.. yes, vewwy bwave.. [​IMG]

    I've been trying to snap some fel action shots for my pictorial bit I did but, much like pvping myself, I blink and I miss it. Same problem as always; one eye on the subject, the other on survival.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey frozen, how big is your .....?
  6. Synox55

    Synox55 Guest


    Hey frozen, how big is your .....?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Bank account from selling ToC scrolls? [​IMG]
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Wonders if frozen yogurt is "Fat free"?
  8. Thanks Kat for taking the time.

    Theres nothing fat free about FrozenYogurt, its been know to kill you [​IMG]
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    lols no worries bud thanks for doing it for me [​IMG]