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[NEWS] St. Valentine's Day Events

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Luka Melehan, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Luka Melehan

    Luka Melehan Certifiable
    Professional Stratics Veteran Alumni Campaign Patron

    May 12, 2008
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    As promised, EM Alcor delivered several quests of types that could be completed and enjoyed by every player type. He even gave us hints on which ones would be more suited for what kind of player. Each quest was based on one of the Virtues and the first to complete each one would wine the corresponding colored rose displayed at Skara's Community Center. Completely certain combinations of three quests first would also win a rose.

    Now since this reporter is little more than a dog trainer and role player at heart, I went for the quest of Honesty. Off I ran to the hedge maze, not thinking it would be a problem. Hadn't been there since the old days, though and quickly became lost. Beyond that problem, all the buildings seemed to have wooden roofs!


    Finally I found the building with the book. It told me the name of the person Alcor was thinking of and instructed me to go to four different places. Thank goodness I had a spot of magic on me, or my quest may have ended there, lost in the maze!


    It took a little time for me to find the establishments in question as I usually hang out in Malas, but in time it was done. I had the answers to the questions about Mr. Gorrow that Alcor wanted.


    Well, poo. Speedy beat me to the rose...

    The completion of the quests was pretty much done in an orderly manner, with only one mishap when a certain thief snatched one of the roses off the table when Alcor unlocked it. He did, however, fess it up, and everyone got their rewards. The event was well attended and I believe, enjoyed by all.


    The following is the official summary of the event, written by EM Alcor:

    My thanks to all who turned up for the events last night. Upon reflection, perhaps Valentine's Day itself was not the best time to hold it, yet I am sure many of those who were out for the evening received rewards of their own! I also perhaps made one or two of the quests a little too hard and so nobody actually completed more than two.

    Here are the quest solutions for anyone who was unable to complete any:

    Quest of Honesty - This was the easiest quest, completed by several and very quickly in some cases. The clue led you to the hedge maze where a book informed you of the person I was thinking of - Gorrow, mayor of Luna. However, the book also asked you to visit four other locations before returning back to me. Had participants truthfully visited these areas they should have seen a book containing scraps of information about Gorrow. Those completing the quest would then be asked random questions to test their honesty. The first person to complete the quest and win the rose was Speedy.

    Quest of Humility - This was an oddball quest. Participants had to visit Laurence the Hermit in Ilshenar. From him, they had to work out that to complete the quest and be truly humble they had to come before me naked with an empty backpack. Henry of NEW was the first to do this and win thereby win the rose, followed almost simultaneously by Ginna.

    To talk properly to Laurence, he had to be given a drink of water. Some people reported problems with this and it now seems that there are two types of water that can be obtained and it only worked with one of them. Apologies for that oversight.

    Quest of Compassion - Camilla the Destitute could be found at the south gate of Trinsic. It seemed that she had been robbed by two well-known thieves and players were asked to replace these. For each item you replaced you were given a letter. These nine letters were rearranged to form the word that I was looking for - samaritan. Jesus was first to come up with the answer and win the rose.

    Quest of Sacrifice - Players had to travel to Bald Island and kill the horrid, red spider called Miss Valentine. Once dead, pieces of her skeleton could be found on the corpse (recall runes renamed "Miss Valentine's chitin"). The first person to come back with this proof was Purple Haze and he won the rose.

    Quest of Justice - The clue led players to David the Miller at Yew Mill. Apparently, his betrothed (Angeline) had been corrupted and killed by an evil mage called Arkazan. He reveals that Angeline's father Naylor is handling the revenge. Naylor says that he had hired a bounty hunter, Clint Bloodwood, to kill the mage, but he is worried that it is taking a long time. Clint was to be found in one of the taverns in Britain. If bought another drink, he would say that he had found out that Arkazan is now after Angeline's sister, Katrina. The trick here was to realise that the drunken bounty hunter would never be able to remember where Katrina was living. To find that out you had to go back and ask Naylor or David. That would lead you to the Hidden Valley where Arkazan could be found and killed. The first person to complete this and return with the proof was Speedy again.

    Quest of Spirituality - I made this one far too hard. Players had to look in AND AROUND the old Virtue shrines for lines of a riddle. I really should have left all the books at each shrine itself, as the first one was. Had you found all the lines, this was the riddle:

    1) My first is in Trinsic, but missing from Minoc,
    2) My second is in a repository, although never in stock.
    3) My third is in the white granules which season what you eat,
    4) My fourth is in rye, but never in wheat.
    5) My fifth is in wrong, yet also in right.
    6) My sixth is in the white chariot that rides the sky at night.
    7) My last is always AWOL, but certainly not a dodger.
    8) And my whole is a bird who sometimes flies the Jolly Roger!

    As nobody had solved this by the end of the event, I said that I would give this rose and the Rose of Truth, to the first two people who could solve it and see me at the tournament. Unfortunately, three of the books apparently decayed soon after and only one person, Missy, got the whole riddle. She teamed up with Whysper, who could not find the missing books, and together they tried to solve it. Eventually Whysper cracked it and the two of them won the roses. Commiserations to Alovia who was also trying to solve it at the end but just missed out.

    For anyone trying to solve this riddle now, the answer is at the end of this book.

    The rose of Love went to Ginna. The rose of Courage (actually should have been the Truth one) went to Speedy again.

    The tournament featured three teams: Speedy and Purple Haze, Henry and Jerk, Calibretto and Sir Morder. Congratulations to Henry and Jerk of NEW for being such good sports despite being obviously outclassed by wealthy and fully skilled opponents. In the end, the contest came down to a fight between the other pair with Speedy and Purple Haze winning. Thanks very much to Soulweaver for providing the arena for us.

    I did not intend for one person to win so many of the rewards, but kudos to Speedy. In future I will try and ensure this does not happen.

    I want to extend a big thanks to Red the thief for returning the stolen rose. I would like to say that I did not know that he had been banned from the tournament building. I think he may have sent a party message, but I missed it with everything else that was going on. Had I seen it I would have asked the owners to let him in. However, I generally did not try and interfere with the various thieves, even when Chad killed Soulweaver in the arena well after the tournament ended.

    Finally, I would like to say thanks to EM Cernunnos for assisting me in the running of the event behind the scenes.

    Answer to Spirituality riddle: Sparrow
  2. RedDaTeef

    RedDaTeef Guest

    Thanks for the thanks EM Alchor.

    Don't worry bout me getting banned from the house. (not yer fault)

    As for events..keep 'em coming and watch out for those pesky thieves!
  3. N49ATV

    N49ATV Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 18, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I agree, keep the events coming. And im sure there will be lots of input from the community on possible event ideas.