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[News] Stories at the YMCA for Christmas Eve Eve

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by JaydeSilverhart, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. On December 23rd, blues and reds (and even one yellow) joined together at the Yew Merry Center for All to exchange stories and holiday cheer. Though the crowd began small, it swelled as the night proceeded and by the third tale, seating was hard to find in the tavern-style first floor of the establishment.


    Our own News Manager, Kimi Mori, led off the stories with a haunting tale of the Howling Banshee. The crowd remained riveted as she detailed the misadventure of Scott of Minoc, who nearly met his doom at the hands of the Banshee.

    As the crowd filtered in, Malice stood to tell a grisly tale of a black wolf and the vampire SpyderByte. Not for the feint of heart, the story drew mixed reactions from the gathered listeners.


    Next rose Thraximus of the Zogs, recounting a particularly bloody battle from the early years of his guild. The tale revolved around a battle for Moonglow City between the B^G guild and the Zogs, resulting in a draw and the end of hostilities between the guilds.


    Tinbal the Odd rose next to speak, telling a tale of the crazed Ed of Cove and his torture of innocent pixies. Fortunately, his friend Al was able to rescue the pixies from further poking and prodding, and escaped Ed's madness. Several of the patrons were clearly distraught at the plight of the pixies, but gained comfort in that they were all released and went on to live normal lives. Tinbal then told a second tale, a short legend surrounding a great Yew tree in the Makoto-jima city of Zento in the Tokuno Islands.


    Not finding volunteers for the next read, Dor herself read a poem from the YMCA's vast library, The Ladies of Sosaria by the famous poet Talanithus. It seems good Talanithus got himself into quite a lot of trouble with the ladies!


    Kimi spoke again next, relating another of Talanithus' lyrics, For Kimi. The poem was written when Miss Mori was in dire straits with her health, and spoke volumes about what our News Manager means to all of us on the Sonoma shard of the Gem.

    Next rose Masara the Invulnerable, who wove a superb epic poem surrounding the seductive Colleen, a master thief of the Black Velvet Band.


    Phoebuise rose next, delivering a short but poignant sonnet lamenting the fleeting nature of love, which resonated strongly with several of the Center's patrons.


    Yours truly took the opportunity to relay a cute little poem entitled Santa Claws, the Christmas Dragon, drawing several giggles from the crowd.


    Tinbal the Odd rose next for his third reading of the night, a powerful tale written by Lord British himself through a scribe; lyrics to the music frequently played throughout the halls of the grievously empty Castle Brittania. The words spoke of a noble, proud citizenry determined to survive against all odds. After surviving and rebuilding following the burning of Trinsic, the corruption of Yew and the monster invasion of Britain itself, this reporter finds Lord British's words to be most prophetic and profound.

    Masara wrapped up the event in poignant fashion, singing in her crystalline voice a lively tune called Through A Young Laddie's Eyes. The moving lyrics focused on the concept of leaving a legacy for future generations.

    As the crowd had dwindled and many of the readers retired for the evening before the readings were done, no prize was awarded this week. However, by all accounts the attendees of this holiday gathering enjoyed the yarns and the beverages immensely.

    Jayde wishes to thank News Manager Kimi Mori for the outstanding pictures. She also would like to apologize for the delay in posting this story; her holiday reveling has delayed her all-important Stratics duties today.
  2. Lord Hunter

    Lord Hunter Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 18, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Oh thrax told a story about B^G? and I missed it! What a shame. I wish I could have read it. Is there any possibilty of getting the stories posted?

    I would love to hear a story of Cice Havaris again.

    Great report jayde and I enjoyed our conversation afterwards as well.

    Look forward to seeing and speaking with you next week!
  3. *nods* Definitely.

    I have a log of the stories, but as it was provided by another, I would need to get her permission to post the stories themselves. In the meantime, any of the individuals who spoke are more than welcome to post here and relay their stories.

    Here's mine, Santa Claws, the Christmas Dragon:

    You won't find him eating cookies, bringing Christmas gifts or coal;
    he's never rode a sleigh or been to see the Northern pole.
    His belly's got no jelly but his cheeks are rosy red
    and when the blizzard stops we're gonna use him as a sled!

    He's Santa Claws, the Christmas Dragon
    and when it's getting cold, it's time to play.
    He loves to flap and fly, although he blots out half the sky -
    watch out Rudolph, dragons have the right of way!

    We're gathered 'round the table for our family's Christmas feast;
    we've tried to make enough for both the in-laws and the beast.
    This year I think we're going to make a couple Christmas hams
    or else we'll have to fight him for Aunt Betsy's candied yams!

    He's Santa Claws, the Christmas Dragon
    he's cunning and he's daring and he's shrewd.
    Better bring your appetite; there'll be no leftovers tonight -
    fill your plate before he eats up all the food!

    Coiled around the Christmas tree, his nostrils full of pine,
    he sleeps off all the Christmas cheer he got from nog and wine,
    The sugar plums are dancing, there's a smile across his face.
    He's snoring and his breath is lighting up our fireplace...

    He's Santa Claws, the Christmas Dragon
    There's jingle-bells that run along his wings...
    and everybody knows he gets excited when it snows,
    because his breath can melt the snowmen when he sings!

    It's great to get his presents from his land of fantasy;
    his hoarde is full of treasures he can place around the tree.
    It's hard to shop for dragons though; though everybody tries,
    we just can't buy hats or sweaters - they don't make them in his size!

    He's Santa Claws, the Christmas Dragon
    Sadly, soon our friend is going to have to leave.
    But every year he'll show when the world gets full of snow
    and it's a party from then on 'til New Year's Eve!
  4. Lord Hunter

    Lord Hunter Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 18, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Best not to get on santa claws wrong side, might end in more trouble then you expected.
  5. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    I always re-post my fiction here on the White Stag forum. I encourage anyone else who writes their own UO based fiction to do the same. [​IMG]
  6. Kimi_Mori

    Kimi_Mori Guest

    For you M'lord hunter, Merry Christmas



    I'll tell the one about the Battle for Moonglow

    Thraximus: ZOG vs B^G

    Thraximus: if anyone knows what guilds those where'
    Thraximus: noobs
    Thraximus: !
    Thraximus: anyway
    Dor: That *was* awhile ago

    Calell: quite a bit
    Malice: a long time ago

    Thraximus: The fog was thick on the marrow near glow
    Thraximus: me and my comrades stormed from the moongate
    Thraximus: in great hast
    Thraximus: the vile Cice had declared a war upon the great empire of zog a day earlier
    Dor: heh
    Thraximus: Laied in Steel and arms, me and my troops barged into moongl,ow
    Thraximus: only to find just one black guard sitting there
    Thraximus: perhaps a scout? or a rookie
    Thraximus: ;-)
    Thraximus: we cut him down like sliced bread
    Thraximus: and then drank his blood
    Thraximus: as was the custome of the time
    Calell: tasteful.
    Dor: eep
    Thraximus: anyhow
    Kimi Mori: *make note to not be the scout*
    Thraximus: just then, Lord Hunter and a squad of about 6

    Thraximus: B^Gs, came craweling in from the dock area of glow
    Thraximus: within seconds a fight rang out around the city
    Thraximus: I called for my general at the time, Puck, to bring reinforcments and he soon came in with 6 zogs
    Thraximus: it was funny because at the same time Hunter or cice, musta called in reinforcments
    halfhand: *hic*
    Thraximus: for hours on in zogs and B^G hacked each others limbs off
    Thraximus: for the glory of empires in the golden age of sonoma
    Dor: *winces*
    halfhand: *hic*
    Thraximus: when honor ment somthing more
    Thraximus: when the day was over
    halfhand: *hic*
    Thraximus: both sides called it a draw
    halfhand: *hic*
    Machine Gun Mimi: !!!

    Dor: *waves to Masara*

    Xero Underhaven: !!!

    Thraximus: and haggered back to their "lands"
    *falls off horse*
    Masara: *waves*
    halfhand: *hic*
    Kimi Mori: *waves*

    Dor: *smiles*

    Thraximus: but soon

    Thraximus: the B^G declared peace
    Thraximus: like cowardly dogs

    Malice: Hhhee
    Thraximus: and Cices glory faded for all time

    Thraximus: never to be seen again
    Thraximus: THANK YOU

    [/ QUOTE ]
  7. Lord Hunter

    Lord Hunter Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 18, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Hehe, thanks Kimi, that was a very fun war.

    I remember gateing into the docks with my men and all hell breaking loose.

    The battle had to have lasted 2-3 hours.

    Ahh, I miss those days.

    And for some reason I think that poor one guard in the begining was Perry, now known as Suicidal Gnome.

    That wasnt our last war either, nor was it our first agaisnt eachother.