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[News] Storytelling Contest Results

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Eyes of Origin, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]
    Storytelling Contest - December 16th 2009

    A few had gathered at the Fairgrounds on the 16th for the Holiday Storytelling Contest.
    While we wait to see if more would arrive, we were treated to a story from EM Lillimu.
    It started out a sad story about a sad, lonely mongbat named Sharzamam.
    But ended in a new friendship between Sharzamam and her new gargoyle friend.

    Next we were treated to a story by Joy from Elf.

    "The Llama & the Mistletoe"
    By Joy

    Waldo the llama lived a peaceful life at a farm near Britain.
    The elderly farmer brushed him daily and made sure he had plenty to eat and drink.
    The farmer's young grandchildren also visited on a weekly basis, providing treats and much attention.
    The brown and white llama was young, and had never experienced a Christmas before living there.
    His furry ears perked up as he listened to the children talk about Santa Claus, snow and flying deer.
    Everyone at the farm was bustling when it came time to decorate for the holidays,
    and the children helped by hanging tufts of mistletoe in random places.
    Waldo followed behind them to investigate, and he too decided to experience the joys of the plant and pearly white berries.
    He pulled the mistletoe off of a low-hanging tree limb and chewed happily.
    His world went black as he pondered the taste.

    Waldo opened his eyes to an incredible arctic world.
    Snow coated the farm and icicles hung from the fences,
    but that was only the beginning.

    "Ho Ho Ho!" laughed a deep voice from behind.
    Waldo got up and turn around to see
    a pudgy man with fur trimmed red clothes standing in front of a sleigh.
    Waldo cocked his head to the side.
    "My reindeer have all ran off!" the man said. "I need to deliver all these presents. Could you help?"

    Waldo pattered over to the man and allowed himself to be hooked to the sleigh.
    He pulled the contraption along the ground with little effort and felt very proud of himself.

    "This will never do!" The man laughed, "Come on, lift off! Fly!"

    The llama thought the little man was losing his marbles, but did as he asked.
    Waldo gathered his feet and bounced into the air with the sleigh behind him.
    It took all night, but Santa and the lone llama delivered all of the gifts to Sosarian citizens.

    As Santa Claus unlatched the sleigh from Waldo, he said, "You did more work than all nine of my reindeer!
    You truly are a wonder of a llama."

    Waldo went to his straw bed in the barn and fell right asleep...or so he thought.

    A familiar voice assaulted the sleeping llama's ears,
    and he slowly opened his eyes. "Whew, he's waking up.
    Will he be okay, Doctor?"

    "He'll be fine. Just don't give him any more mistletoe!"
    A woman said with a laugh.

    After Joy's story we were at a loss at what to do.
    The evening was still young and no one was quite ready to leave, so we tossed a few ideas around
    and this is what we ended up with!

    Wonderful job decorating everyone :) and Congratulations Joy, it was a very cute story and very deserving of being the winning story ;)

    Thank you for the fun evening EM Lillimu and everyone who attended the Storytelling contest​

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