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[NEWS]Strangers come to Britania

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Oriana, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
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    Kullervo Nystad Spotted in Dawn
    Article by WildStar, Grand Duchess, Kingdom of Dawn ​
    I was in my private quarters in Dawn when I was alerted by a guard from D-G (Dawn Royal Guard) that there was a strange man in the area. When I asked the guard what was strange about him, he replied that “the man’s name badge appeared yellow.” I went out to investigate and came upon a man named Kullervo Nystad. His name badge was indeed yellow. I went up and asked if he needed any help. He hesitated for a moment than said that he had been separated from his sister, Aino, 10 days ago. He further stated that she was on her way to and that was not a city he liked. He asked if I would pass on a message to his sister. The message was that “He was doing well.” & “I have also met some friends who take care of me.” I told him that I did not go to often but would watch out for her. Kullervo Nystad then stated that he had friends waiting for him but that they would not enter Dawn. I bid him farewell and went back to my quarters.
    I continued to work on matters relating to Dawn but was unable to concentrate. While Kullervo Nystad appeared calm, I had gotten the feeling that he really wanted his sister to know that he was not harmed. So, I decided to see if I could find Aino Nystad. I recalled to Felucca and conducted a quick search of the city but was unable to find her. I decided to write up this account so that others will be able to watch out for her and help the brother and sister communicate.
    (OOC Note: Kullervo Nystad appears to be one of EM’s Role-Played Characters (RPC). *smiles* There is a book titled Nystad Twins in the EM’s Office in Trammel – old Counselor’s Guild in West Britain.)
    Later that same day....
    After receiving the first message from the Duchess of Dawn that there was a stranger lurking around her Kingdom, she soon notified me that there was another stranger claiming to be his sister, Aino Nystad. This time at the new offices for Seppo and Pallando, Baja's newest citizens. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] I quickly grabbed my quill and books and hurried there to get the story of this new stranger. It seems that Lady Aino and her brother Kullervo have been seeking assistance to revive her family's lands to the rightful heirs. Lady Aino had come to speak with the Royal Council and her brother was elsewhere it seemed.
    I quickly assessed her clothing and noticed a few curious things about them. First her boots, they were very sturdy boots. So she must have come quite a long way. Then I noticed the book she was carrying, also quite curious, and she gave an air that she was a well educated and dressed lady indeed.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Soon we were discussing her plight and that Wildstar had seen her brother in Dawn earlier that day. Lady Aino looked relieved, but was frustrated by such sparse details. She later revealed that her brother was often a man of few words. She was asked were she might be staying while awaiting her appearance before the Royal Council.
    She soon lead us to the [​IMG]former BNN News House of days gone by. It was barely furnished as it had lain empty for many many moons. Then she began to reveal her plight in more depth to us.
    Oriana: So tell us more of your situation, m'lady.
    Aino: Well, it all started with a fire.
    Oriana: A fire you say? Where abouts?
    Aino: I will keep it brief as it pains me greatly even though it has been over 10 years to this date.
    Oriana: Oh m'lady, Forgive me for prying.
    Aino: A fire at our manor in which the entire Nystad household perished, but for me and my brother.
    Sara: How sad.
    Aino: To add insult to the pain, the council allowed the neighboring noble to take over our lands and our people.
    Oriana: With heirs still living?? Well that's not right!!
    Aino: Aye. As such, I am here to argue, beg plea that the Nystad household is reinstated.
    Wildstar: The Royal Council is not known for doing the right thing.
    Aino: *smiles* We are within the castle walls,
    Oriana: Hmpf, they have done their fair share of good as well, Duchess.
    Aino: My brother does not believe in my ways and did not wish to come to this city.
    Oriana: Very sad, indeed. So where is your brother now?
    Aino: We parted ways when I left Vesper, where we had been staying for the past year.
    Wildstar: That makes sense.
    Aino: Just today, Lady Wildstar, brought me news of my brother
    Oriana: Oh? Indeed?
    Wildstar: He was in Dawn. It was a brief conversation.
    Aino: He is not much into talking.
    Sara: So what is it that we may do to help you Lady Aino?
    Aino: That is too kind of you. Alas, unless you know one of the council members, I fear there is not much that can be done at this moment. Or if you can convince Kullervo to return to me.
    Everyone nodded in agreement that it was Baja's honor and privilege to help those in need. As that is the sort of citizens we have in our fair land. Everyone offered their services to help this poor stranger, from finding her brother to rallying the citizens for her cause.
    Aino: *looking sad* I'm afraid not. I think it's natural for him to try and find his own way, even if it pains me.
    We all agreed to not pursue Kullervo. But she did ask us all for a favor:
    Aino: Yes but you can certainly deliver a letter for me. *glancing at Nicholas' hands* Maybe Nicholas can scribe some copies? And give one to each of you. He seems to have the mark of a scribe on his hands.
    Nicholas nodded in agreement and ran off for the proper tools and more parchment.
    While we waited for Nicholas to return, the Lady Aino began an attempt to make her new and temporary quarters comfortable. The duchess Wildstar had already commissioned her crafters to make a few items for our new friend. And we offered some advice and a few tips on decorating such a small area.
    Then discussions began of the current state of the towns, Thievery being so prevalent these days. And brigandry and cowardice in other places. When the Shadowlords evil was mentioned Aino gave no comment.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    Soon Nicholas returned with our copies of the letter to be delivered to Aino's brother. I took my leave to tell My auntie Mama that there was a new soul to feed in Britian. She immediately rushed over with food and drink for the Lady Aino and her helpers. But alas Lady Aino was worn from her travels and needed to rest for the evening.
    So come and visit this new visitor at her quarters within the walls of the castle. Perhaps she may divulge more to us as time goes on.
    Oriana, Baja News Reporter
  2. Mama Faith

    Mama Faith Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
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    It has begun. AWESOME!:drool:
  3. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    *Smiles Warmly*

    It certainly has, Mama Faith. It certainly has.