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[NEWS] Stratics Campfire Giveaway

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Aster, May 24, 2008.

  1. Aster

    Aster Guest

    Never owned a campfire in-game?
    Want one?

    Avyi in this thread had the excellent idea of giving away a campfire to whomever answered her question correctly. Inspired by the game she created, Stratics is very happy to offer up to EA-Landers and TSOers a Stratics Campfire Giveaway for the US Memorial Day weekend.

    The giveaway will run through Monday May 26, 8pm CST.
    To participate, keep an eye on this thread in The Big Tent Stratics forum and be the first to respond with an accurate answer to the trivia question inside.

    Winners will be private messaged in order to arrange for a time to meet in-game for prize collection.

    If you do not wish to take possession of a campfire, please refrain from making a public guess. Instead, send a private message to Aster (that's me) stating that you don't want to play, but you do want to know if your answer is correct.

    Good luck!
  2. Aster

    Aster Guest

    To win a campfire of your sim's very own, please answer the following question ...


    What is the name listed in the object description for the game item in the picture below?


    GRINCH Guest

    that cat breed is known as "bombay black"


    GRINCH Guest

    i mean, that "feliticitous feline in sta-put pet carrier" is a "bombay black"

  5. Aster

    Aster Guest

    Awesome job, Grinch! We can talk over pm about when we can meet in-game :)

    What month and year did Maxis Tigger part ways with EA?
  6. Avyi

    Avyi Guest

    Not playing, but wanted to thank you for going ahead with this idea, Aster :D....got your message, but I was caught up with inventory this week at work...ack!...have fun! and I think your questions being related to the game is an EXCELLENT idea!
  7. Aster

    Aster Guest

    Thanks, Avyi :)

    Seems like #2 must be a hard one. If no one answers by afternoon, we'll leave #2 open and move on to #3.
  8. I could be wrong about this but i believe it was a couple years ago as for an exact date and time i cant be for certain sorry.. least it was a try.
  9. Aster

    Aster Guest

    No winners yet for number 2 (not even the people who sent in a pm :p), so here is number 3:

    [3] If you are looking at a "charisma panel," what are you doing in-game?
  10. GRINCH

    GRINCH Guest

    I believe you are doing code when looking at a "charisma panel", i have searched and there is no object in the sims online named that.

    if your not doing code then it would be band object or pizza. But my best guess is code.
  11. If you are looking at a Charisma panel, you are playing Pizza!rolleyes:
  12. GRINCH

    GRINCH Guest

    ha ha, i dont know why i put code, it doesnt use charisma. But i have already mentioned pizza or band object. it has to do with those even though nothing in them is named "charisma panel". That must be a name made up by players in the game. I have always seen the pizza have "charisma station". not panel.

  13. elkhartware

    elkhartware Guest

    black bombay cat:lick:
  14. elkhartware

    elkhartware Guest

  15. elkhartware

    elkhartware Guest

    april or may
  16. Cherri Bear

    Cherri Bear Guest

    I am gonna take a guess on the month here...but I know it was the summer of 2004 when Tigger left. I remember the day when she logged into TC and announced it. It was a sad day. Guessing August of 2004.
  17. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest

    I had made a couple of siggies memorializing Tigger when she announced her departure. According to the timestamps on those images, Cherri Bear would be correct.
  18. Aster

    Aster Guest

    Cherri Bear, you are correct. As near as I can figure, Tigger's last day with EA was August 20, 2004. Send me a pm about when we can get together to settle your campfire on you in-game :)

    No one yet has given the correct answer outloud to number 3 ... but several people have sent the correct answer in over pm.

    [4] You as a sim have a bat that never needs feeding at home for a pet and a fish you can't sell back for a pet at work. Explain how this is possible.
  19. elkhartware

    elkhartware Guest

    a dead fish in aquarium, a dead cocatiel hanging from its perch,
  20. GRINCH

    GRINCH Guest

    There are 2 things i can think of for the bat.
    1. bat wallpaper on your walls
    2. bat wings you buy in clothing accesories.

    The fish thing you get working at the robot factory i believe when you either get the wrong tool or it gives you the wrong tool. I never worked there but I have heard about it.

  21. Aster

    Aster Guest

    Both answers to number 4 have aspects of the total winning answer ... but neither has the whole package so far.
  22. GRINCH

    GRINCH Guest

    A dead bird on your property = bat

    A fish you get instead of a tool at the robot factory= fish
  23. Aster

    Aster Guest

    Grinch, you are correct! PM me about getting your campfire(s) ... it is quite possible there is a "not currently in game" bonus prize that might be yours, too.

    No one yet has answered correctly the Charisma Panel question.

    [5] Describe in accurate detail how to make your sim swim with a hat on. Bonus prize for a picture.
  24. Cyria

    Cyria Guest

    This question is so easy, or I don't understand it correctly, lol.

    1. Buy hat rack.
    2. Make swimming pool with ladder.
    3. Your sim wears hat from rack. (Wear cheesehead hat)
    4. Sim gets in the swimming pool.

  25. GRINCH

    GRINCH Guest

    I have also seen it with a diving helmet also.

    You can also swim with a Blue poombah hat you buy from the accessories rack at stores.

    1. Buy a blue poombah hat.
    2. Go to a house with a swimming pool.
    3. Click on the pool and click "swim here"

  26. GRINCH

    GRINCH Guest

    I dont know how to post a pic on stratics, bummer deal
  27. Shari

    Shari Guest

    When you post a reply there is a little button above your posts that is like a picture of a mountain and the sun, click on that and you can paste the image url in OR just put the URL between two [image] [/image] tags
  28. Aster

    Aster Guest

    Grinch and Cyria, you are both correct. For Cyria's instructions, don't forget to have your sim change into a swimsuit before putting on a hat. Please send me a pm if you'd like to be rewarded for your efforts.

    We've gone a little past Memorial Day, but I'm glad people have enjoyed playing the Campfire Giveaway. The last question in this giveaway is;

    [6] On a regular lot (not one that gave all actions/interactions to the user), what is the minimum number of skill points in each applicable skill that my sim would need to initiate the following actions/interactions?

    *Sexy Wiggle*
    *Make Smoothie*
    *File Nails*
    *Make Carnivorous Vines*
  29. Raisin

    Raisin Guest

    7 Body = *Backflip*
    4 Charisma = *Sexy Wiggle*
    20 Cooking, 20 Creativity = *Make Smoothie*
    2 Logic = *File Nails*
    18 Creativity, 18 Mech = *Make Carnivorous Vines*
  30. Aster

    Aster Guest

    You are correct, Raisin :)
    Please send me a pm if you would like to collect your campfire.

    Thanks for playing, everybody!
  31. And thank YOU, Aster, for taking the time to hold this contest. :love: