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[NEWS]Tale of Two Courts - Spoilers!

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Nh'bdy, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Nh'bdy

    Nh'bdy Guest

    For those of you who have been paying attention around Castle British and few other locales about the realm, you would surely have heard of the theft of the Fire Ruby! For those of you whom are somewhat lost at this point this post should prove helpful and insightful.

    =Characters(in no particular order!)=

    =Baron Greyling The Royal Advisor=
    Location:Castle British
    Occupation:Royal Adviser to Queen Dawn and Council
    Character Relations:None
    Item of Note: Missing Person's Report.[scroll,West on table]

    =Lord Marcus=
    Location:Castle British 2nd Floor
    Occupation:Noble/Known Fencer/Known Cultist
    Character Relations:Nicholai - Visited by
    Greyling - Good man stuck with unpleasant job
    Vasuus - Unhappy with Taxation
    Items of Note: Polished Fencing Rapier[longsword x2; in room]
    Bejeweled Rapier[longsword, on person]
    Note revealing promise[pouch; in room]
    Glory Missive[scroll; plain; in room.]

    =Mariam the Maid=
    Location:Castle British Kitchen
    Character Relations:Distrusting:Vasuus Lok
    Items of Note:Letter[book hidden by Mariam,belongs to Vasuus]

    =Vasuus Lok=
    Location:Castle British South-Western Wing
    Occupation:Legal Representative for Queen Zhah/Ter Mur
    Character Relations:An Ort-Lem - Racial ties
    Mariam -aware of Distrust
    Greyling - Patient in dealings
    Items of Note:proposal to Tax Moongates[scroll,dresser nearby]

    =Isarac Firebane the Magus=
    Location:Mobile/Hanse's Hostle, Malas/Various Inns
    Occupation:Mentor Magus[assumed with mage's guild]
    Character Relations:Nicholai - Mentor[former]
    Items of Note:Necklace of Planes[stolen, not seen yet]
    Wizard's robe Emblazoned with runes[Robe]
    The Staff of High Magery[black staff, red]
    Stinky Boots[boots, red]
    Hanse's Note[Scroll, red]

    Location:Mobile/Sighted at Hanse's/Visits Marcus
    Occupation:Former Mentor, Possible Magus, Possible Cultist
    Character Relations:Isarac - Former Student/Dislikes
    Marcus - Visits Regularly
    Items of note:Necklace of Planes[Stolen during Dual at Hanse's]
    Staff of Akalabeth[Black staff, grey]

    =An Ort-Lem=
    Location:Queen Zhah's Castle
    Character Relation:Vasuus - Racial Ties
    Items of note: none
    Further Note:Name roughly translates to "A Mage"

    =Wisp 1=
    Race:Wisp[Extension of Xorinite, perceived sexless]
    Location:Fire Isle, Fel AKA Settlement of Blackrock
    Character Relations:Wisp 2 - Racial Ties
    Items of Note: None
    Further notes:The North-Western Wisp

    =Wisp 2=
    Race:Wisp[Extension of Xorinite, perceived sexless]
    Location:Fire Isle, Fel AKA Settlement of Blackrock
    Character Relations:Wisp 1 - Racial Ties
    Items of Note: None
    Further notes:The Southern Wisp

    =Queen Dawn=
    Location:Assumed to be Castle British
    Character Relations:Britannians - Rules Over
    Items of Note:Cloak["Europa" gold in hue]
    Crown["Europa" gold in hue]
    Skirt/Chest Armor[Pure White]
    Further notes:Queen of Britannia
    Hero, slayed the defiled Blackthorne
    All around O.K. gal

    =Queen Zhah=
    Location:Assumed Queen Zhah's Palace
    Character Relations:Gargoyles - Rules over
    Items of Note:Horns[Glow "Europa" Gold]

    =Items of Note=
    -Fire Ruby-Recovered by Queen Dawn from the Shadow Lord's defeat,
    similar to the Sun Gem used to create the Gem
    of Immortality, if not less powerful. Originally intended
    to be cut and added to Queen Dawn's crown. National
    Treasure. Immensely powerful. Immensely evil.
    Has since been stolen.

    -Xorinite Crystals-Crystals unearthed by earthquake at Fel Fire Island.
    No longer on the beach, assumed recovered.

    -Necklace of the Planes-Stolen by Nicholai during his duel with Isarac.
    [picture not available]

    -Secret Note-Stolen and hidden by Mariam the Maid, owned by Vasuus.

    -Marcus' Note-Holds the "promise" Hidden in a pouch in Marcus' room.

    -Taxation Note-Speaks of the proposed Moongate Tax

    -Dueling Rapiers-two rapier's found in Marcus' room.

    -Nicholai Missing Report-found near Baron Greyling

    -Lord Marcus' Bejeweled Rapier-Marcus' Rapier

    -Hanse's Note-Firebane's Reservation

    Updated Items, found 1/21/2010 1:35am EST

    -Ominous Master Scroll- Queen Zhah's Palace's Magic Room

    -Secret Missive- Marcus' Room

    -Mutual Prosperity Proposal-Castle British's Logistical Room

    COMPLETE transcription of all talking roles to come soon!
  2. Nh'bdy

    Nh'bdy Guest

    All character names are in bold, keywords are in normal text and their results are posted after the "=". All speech is as full as I could find and are accurate for the first phase of the quest, the character reactions will be updated as the quest progresses.

    Baron Greyling

    =Greetings to thee I am Baron greyling Royal
    Advisor to the "Council" and Queen.
    =Queen Zhah is asking for a Mutual Peace and
    Prosperty Law..itis unpopular in the council.
    =Nicholai? He was an apprentice to "Isarac"
    Firebane, the blind mage.
    =Isarac reported that Nicholai went missing just
    before that "earthquake" on Fire Island
    =There was an Earthquake on Fire Island near the
    "Settlement" of "Blackrock" in Felucca.
    =There was wisps lingering on Fire Island that may
    have evidence we need or a way to get it.
    =*Opens a sealed report* Rare "Xorinite" crystals
    were discovered following the earthquake.
    =Xorinite crystals hmm, the "blind mage" could
    probbably tell you what they are used for
    Blind Mage
    =Isarac likes to visit Hanse's Hostel and other
    inns and taverns scattered here and there.
    Fire Ruby
    =The Fire Ruby is a national treasure, we were
    going to have it cut down for Queen Dawn's "crown"
    =The fire ruby is full of dark power and we decided
    it would be safer contain it than cut into it.
    =Maria means well but I can't risk starting a war over a servant's daydream.
    I need proof!

    Lord Marcus
    =Hail to you, I am lord "Marcus"
    =Yes I am Marcus, what do you want?
    =*whispers* speak the promise
    Vasuus Lok
    =Vasuus Lok cares only for queen Zhah and what "Zhah" wants, Vasuus will make sure
    she gets it.
    =Vasuus wants queen dawn to sign a trade agreement to tax the moongates!
    =What of that old blind mummer?
    =A maid? Oh yes what about her?
    =*turns the blade over admiring it* Magnificent isn't it!
    =Greyling is a skeptic but a pratical man with an unpleasent job.
    Fire Ruby
    =*Marcus turns to the canvas, you notice he has made a detailed painting of the
    fire ruby*
    Archaio decretum arius
    =The Fire Ruby has been taken, now we must prepare for the great transformation!

    Vasuus Lok
    =To know why human comes to visit Vasuus Lok?
    =To know, Queen Zhah seeks friendship of all Briannian's people both human and elf
    =To avoid marcus, his talk waste much time! *waves her hand grandly*
    =To Approach greyling with petitions for Ter Mur requires much patience.
    =To know human mage, seek wisdom of my people in matters of imbuing.
    =To say, Queen Dawn has many watchful servants in her palace.
    =To know little servant watch Vasuus Lok and suspect "treachery"
    =To hear "threats" against body and reputation brings great distress
    =To hear many threats to arrest and persecute my people
    =To tell all humans my people are honorable and desire "alliance"
    =to learn of ways of wingless ones and protect our lands
    Fire ruby
    =To hear much talk of Fire Ruby gem, yet know little of it.
    to be
    =To mock speech of Vasuus Lok shows lack of control

    =The Baron says we must find proof of a plot to confront the "ambassador"
    =The Ambassador's name is Vasuus and she has a "secret"
    =I found a secret letter from Nicholai *whispers I hid it in the stable*
    =Marcus spends all his time just outside the laboratory
    Vasuus Lok
    =Vasuus lives in the castle and she is always watching and prowling the halls.
    Fire Ruby
    =*shudders*It is the same gem that Queen Dawn took from the Shadowlords
    =Nicholai is a magician, he comes to court and visits Lord Marcus

    Am Ort-Lem
    =To ask why petty human approach Palace of Queen Zhah
    =To hear human speak words of Master's promise, then Am Ort-Lem say more
    Archaio Decretum Arius
    =To fear not, An Ort-Lem will guard what is precious.
    *looks in the direction of the soul forge*

    =thy yndxny cyyncxl hys xcstructyd ys ty ryvyyl thy prymxsy thy mystyr syyght
    (The Undarian Council has instructed us to reveal the promise the master sought)
    ty kyyp sycryt
    (To kee psecret)

    =Thy prymxsy xs: yrchyxy dycrytym yrxys
    (The promise is: archaio decretum arius)
    (ancient order/rule arises)


    Updated Dialogue, found 1/21/2010 1:10am EST
    Mariam the Maid
    =I couldn't stop them from stealing the "fire ruby".
    Fire Ruby
    =I saw a gargoyle take the fire ruby when I took a tray to "Lord Marcus".
    Lord Marcus
    =Lord Marcus was watching the stairwell and door to the "laboratory", he demanded I stop.
    =*whispers* Baron Greyling knows Marcus is a traitor, the royal guard is watching his every move.

    Lord Marcus
    The Arisen Order
    =I will only speak of it to those who know of the "promise".
    =Our Master used a gargoyle mage to dispel the runes protecting the "fire ruby".
    Fire Ruby
    =The "gargoyles" will try to crush the fire ruby and drain it's magical "power".
    =We cannot peacefully co-exist with gargoyles, Queen Dawn is foolish!
    =The fiends have shown their true colors the council should prepare for war.

    Vasuus Lok
    Fire Ruby
    =To know fire ruby stolen by our people cause "Queen Zhah" much outrage.
    Queen Zhah
    =To know, Queen Zhah desire "audience" with Royal Britannian Guard in her palace.
    =To help your people find true thief and keep peace my Queen has "plan"
    =To Palace of Royal City go on January 24, 2010 at 8:00 PM EST then you will meet Queen Zhah

    Baron Greyling
    =Search Lord Marcus' room he know he is involved with the Cult.

    Am Ort-lem
    =*stares* TO know human suspect Am Ort-Lem of thievery but know I am "noble" of Ter Mur
    =To know Ter Mur Nobles are protected "Queen Zhah" you cannot arrest or question!
    Queen Zhah
    =To know Queen Zhah plan to ambus humans who bring accusation of dishonor to her court.
    =To take my share of fire ruby when shatter at soul forge then give Master his share.

    Updated Dialogue, found 1/24/2010 at Tale of Two Courts PartIII

    Queen Zhah

    Heroes and members of Royal Britannian Guard.
    A gargoyle noble took the Fire Ruby from Castle Britannia
    To have trusted An Ort-Lem has caused scandal.
    The Fire Ruby must be returned to Queen Dawn.
    To desire peace with People of Britannia is not enough.
    In times of trouble, Ter Mur must help the Royal Britannian Guard.
    You grow tired of words and Queen Zhan know you are ready to fight.
    My warriors have searched all of Ter Mur and the Abyss.
    Many of my Warriors have died in attempts to confront An Ort-Lem.
    By uniting together we can do what cannot be done by my people alone.
    There is only one sign of An Ort-Lem and the Fire Ruby.
    Magical red fires blaze in the skies over the northern desert.
    Go to Northern desert and seize the Fire Ruby from the traitor!

    *Claps his hands together, clearly unimpressed*
    Back away now peasants!
    The Chaos Vortices were proving to be an obstacle.
    Now that they are dispelled I will take my prize.
    *looks deeply into the burning facets of the Fire Ruby.*
    The Fire Ruby is mine alone, I share it's power with no one.
    *wraps his fingers around the Fire Ruby with a greedy smile crossing his face.*
    The Gem of Immortality will be restored and with it the Promise will come to pass.
    An Ort-Lem thought he could keep me from the Fire Ruby with his weak magic.
    Enough! I have important work in my laboratory.
    Kalll Orrrt Poorr