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[NEWS]Tales of Crimson and Gold

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Nh'bdy, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Nh'bdy

    Nh'bdy Guest

    Widow Ninja and Lotus respectively.

    It is not often that Tokuno summons what they refer to as mainlanders, let alone openly extending sell sword contracts to such outsiders. Lady Masako's foot fall was barely heard as she landed atop the small cover that Zento's bank allowed. The lady informed us of a recent theft and through what the crowd seemed sure was torture a member of the Red Widow Ninja had been indicated to be behind the theft. Some elements of the gathered noted Lady Masako grimacing at the mention of the practice.

    The gathered were ordered to attack the fortress at the foot of Mount Sho and to locate The Golden Lotus. Luckily the same location had hosted one of the Tome of Love texts from the past, traveled adventurers quickly located evidence of the Lotus.


    True to their nature ninja materialized from the shadows, wearing peculiar baubles and glowing with what seemed like an unholy Aura, a local produced a weapon and challenged their nature as human, calling out "Oni!!"

    After a prolonged session of combat and the subsequent looting, Lady Masako inspected the lotus and directed us to Mt.Sho to speak with a mysterious figure only referred to as Joachim.

    After some prying, the Artificer satiated us with a tale of Crimson and of Gold.​