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[NEWS] Tax Man Heralds Luna Invasions!

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Shiel, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Shiel

    Shiel Guest

    Lord Casca has seen fit to follow up on the raising of the taxes within the provinces and towns by sending a Royal Tax Collector to Luna for the first time last Wednesday, then again last night, in order to try and pry tax money from the Mayor, Gorrow.


    "Hello, Gorrow" he said in a flat voice. "I said, hello Gorrow. The King wants his money." his very voice bespoke menace and I am sure that Gorrow did not like the look of that club either. Certainly he seemed to keep his distance as much as he could...

    Tezza chose to address Wez.. "Hail oh mighty one!"
    He blinked in surprise.."Are you talking to me?"
    Tezza repsonded.. "Well I am facing you."


    Morgan, Prophet and myself among the crowd vehemently denied that WE would be paying any tax. Wez surprised me by his response..


    He then went on to clain he was here to collect what GORROW had been collecting from us..


    "A big bag of gold. That's what I was told to collect."

    The confused populace tried to determine the exact amount that should be contained in this big bag of gold, but to no avail.

    "The money should be coming from him, he is the Mayor."

    "Well collect it then and buy yourself some decent clothing." said Morgan derisively.

    "He is not paying up... and seems to be ignoring me." said Wez. "What is wrong with my clothing?"

    "Dress appropriately." said Morgan.

    "This is appropriate.. " he said, in an injured tone..

    "For killing zombies in New Haven.." Morgan responded.

    "z..zzombies?" said Wez, looking very unsure of himself now.. then he straightened and made an effort to look menacing again "Zombies.. they do not bother me.."

    Wez tried to turn the conversation back to the reason for his visit. "Gorrow! The king wants his money!" He looked around at the crowd, with a look on his face that said he wished they would leave him alone to do his job.

    Daniella asked how much Gorrow owed the King, but Wez did not seem to know the answer to that.

    Morgan tried to install a better sense of fashion on poor Wez at this point. "This is not gold!" he said desperately.. "Try these.." she wheedled. "I will not!" he said. "I prefer what I am wearing."

    "I am here for one thing.. and it's a big bag of gold. Gorrow needs to pay the town taxes."

    "He isn't paying up."

    "He is useless" Morgan said.. "Like Casca and Costume. So kill him!"


    "He can't guarantee the towns safety if you don't pay up."

    "He doesn't protect the town.. " Morgan said. "I'm afraid he does." Wez responded.

    After some heckling by the crowd Wez obviously grew impatient with the conversation. Some had offered to pay what was required but that request also fell on deaf ears. "So I won't be leaving with a bag of gold, eh?"

    "I won't be attacking Gorrow, but he will pay. One way or another." he sighed, as if he wished he didn't know what came next. "I have other towns to visit. Beware Citizens, your Mayor has put you in danger. Grave and imminent danger."

    "Do we look scared?" Morgan asked.

    "No, but best you leave. I would not stay here. It is now unsafe. Take Heed." Wez took one last look around as if it would be the last time he saw it this way.

    With that, he left us through the moongate.
    Then the invasion began. For the sake of brevity I have only included one or two pictures from each night. Feel free to post any you took below.


    On Friday night, he returned to Luna and I joined the conversation slightly after he started. When I arrived, Lethality had just offered to pay the taxes of every man there and had asked who the cheques were to be made out to. Looks like we know who to go to if we need a loan!


    Wez replied that Gorrow should be in receipt of all taxes. Gandorf the Grey demanded to see the books and was told to go and seek audience with the King in Britain. Several people asked how to do this, but he did not seem to know. As he travels from town to town, he says he is not privy to the daily running of the castle.

    "Your Mayor has cast your lot to the Fates" intoned Wez.
    "Blame him for any deaths."

    "You have been warned!" and walked to the moongate and disappeared through it.

    With that the invasion began anew! All types of Daemons and dragons, wraiths and a bone dragon decended upon Luna again Friday night. This particular shot, the daemons flew down from the wall to attack us standing below!


    Perhaps most terrifying of all, a Crimson Dragon was seen right inside Luna Bank! The town guard seemed to ignore it. After a running battle, where it moved all over the bank causing much Chaos in its wake, it finally lay dead in the upstairs room. I hope the maids manage to get the blood out of the inn sheets!



    The Citizens combined together to beat them back, but it was some time before they were able to do so.

    May this be halted soon!

    * How does the tax collector become the Herald for these Invasions?

    * As he works for Casca, does Casca actually order them, or know who does?

    * Who will help us bring a permanent end to the fighting so the Citizens of Luna can live in Peace once more?

    So many questions.. the answers remain yet to be seen.

    In hopes everyone remains safe,