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[News] The 2nd HLP Trade Caravan (Graphic Intensive)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Kayne, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    On Tuesday evening the second Trade Caravan took place. Once again many defenders showed up to protect the caravan in this dangerous trip that would take us from Britain to Trinsic. Thanks to all the vaillant warriors who did fight on our side!</p>

    And now the full story! </p>

    The gates started 20 minutes before the caravan depart and the Britain bridge wasn't very full. I started to fear that the road brigands would outnumber us by far! </p> [​IMG]

    But soon enough more and more people joined us and I regained confidence. </p>

    Once again we had a "special treatment" from our local beggars. My ears still hurt! </p> [​IMG]

    Before the time of depart comes many people were assembled on the Britain bridge! It looked like the travel would be safer than expected! </p> [​IMG]

    Before the depart, I made a little speech to brief the people and introduce the two other caravan leaders. People were instructed to follow the closest caravan leader they had. </p> [​IMG]

    More people kept arriving as I was finishing the short briefing and we were ready to start marching! </p>

    We started to march in relative order on the road down to Trinsic. </p> [​IMG]

    We were reaching the limits of the town of Britain and I thought to myself... "way too quiet!" </p> [​IMG]

    It didn't lasted long for the first brigands to be spotted! </p> [​IMG]

    And the first squirmishes started... right outside Britain's borders! It was going to be a long evening! </p>

    Many squirmishes later we finally reached the Trinsic road bridge! </p> [​IMG]

    As we expected, the brigands were camping it and we had to battle and cast our way through the fields and arrows! </p>

    We tried to clear the surroundings of the bridge to allow the Caravan to pass through it and continue on it's road to Trinsic! </p> [​IMG]

    That's where things turned to the worse... in the heat of the battle, the defenders started to chase the brigands who ran on the road down to Trinsic where more of them were waiting. </p>

    But... in the same move, they let the caravan defenseless... and I found myself with a handful of defenders and a pack load of attackers! It didn't took long before the world was alternating between colors and greys... </p>

    I was running back and forth trying to gather what was left of the Caravan to make our way through the enemies but it was useless. I then decided to run to Trinsic and raise a rescue mission with the people there. </p>

    I finally came across the main body of the Caravan near the Trinsic entrance. </p> [​IMG]

    Fortunately, the rest of the Caravan leaders could gather the survivors and promptly headed south to rejoin the main group. But on the road to Trinsic entrance the brigands attacked us again! </p> [​IMG]

    The battle raged on on the very door of the Paladin's town! </p> [​IMG]

    We repelled the attackers but soon enough they did fight back and we were pushed to the doors of the town in defense! </p>

    We finally entered the town of Trinsic with the brigands chasing us to the Bridge! </p> [​IMG]

    When the minds and the hearts calmed down, we finally regrouped to heal our wounds and see how things turned out. </p> [​IMG]

    The result wasn't too brilliant, most of the sword holders got killed and looted of their precious belongings. So we couldn't save but 2 swords from the 8 that departed Britain. </p>

    Let's just hope we'll do better next time and that we'll be able to keep the Caravan grouped for a better ending! And possibly less casualities! </p>

    Finally we thanked everyone and took our way home to rest from this evening of battle and glory (well... and death!). </p> [​IMG]

    Once again, thanks to everyone who attended and made this event and enjoyable one! Thanks and congratulations to the Reds who were highly outnumbered but still succeeded in stealing most of the swords! </p>

    Thanks to all those who showed the good spirit we europa players are so proud about! You all make those events an enjoyable time! </p>

    A personal thanks to Tyreus (one of the Reds) for rezzing me</p>


    Thanks to Paidric this time round for the report and the screenshots it contains. I spent most of the event dead and on my own so my report wouldn’t have contained very much. </p>

    I’m setting a little community minded challenge for the next caravan. I think it will be fun to involve people even further in this.
    What I want is for a member of the community to write the next report. To be posted here on Stratics as the official news report with thanks to the writer being given. All you need to do is before the next event send me via pm or to the Europa email address a short report on one of the caravans that have already taken place.
    The only other thing I ask is that whoever gets picked to write the official report that you send it to me as soon as possible after the event has finished so that it can be posted as quickly as possible.</p>
  2. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    Not at all sure why this posted 7 or 8 hours in the past. Oh well its posted and thats the main thing.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Someone is slightly embarrassed about being photographed in her undies in that last screenshot [​IMG]. I guess one of my more fortunate chars will have to take pity on a poor archer and transfer some gold, so she can afford to insure her armour the next time [​IMG]
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks Paidric for the pics and story... [​IMG]

    Edit: Thanks for the correction Kayne...
  5. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    Dont thank me, thank Paidric the report and pics are all his i just got his permission and reproduced it all here.

    The last part about the writing of the report is mine.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Great event, Many thanks to everyone that put effort into making this happen. Was very fun