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(NEWS) The Blaze Tent, The Dawn and The Battle

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    [​IMG]The Blaze Tent, The Dawn[​IMG]
    and The Battle

    August 8th, 2009


    In Attendance:
    Arrow [TNP], ABRACADABRA [IAN], Autolycus, Bud Miser, Bridgette [TNP],
    Bella of Zed [SHE], Bravo Kitty, Blackguardian [VTG], Blackthorns [MOB],
    BeastMaster [H^TE], Callisto, Count Zero [SHE], Drucilla Frost [RAZE],
    Droop [RAZE], drakemore [RBG], Doopliss [DWxC], Deth Karail [RBG],
    Earik, ExiledConnections [KFC], Ebenezr Wildweed [$GS$], EnFiNeT [OATH],
    Fairfax [S|A], FURIO, Genocide Junkie, Gothic Knightwind [RAZE], GRIM [[email protected]],
    Human, HITMAN [CKS], HachiMan, Hudson [DWxC], hause [NC-17], Ivan [TEB],
    Indian Chief Joe RBG, Julius Michaels [P8V], Jigo [RBG], Kristina [KDS],
    knight Wolf, KallasBR, Keebler, KingHen [KFC], KallasBR [P8V],
    Lord Gareth [OkuC], Lady Jade [[email protected]], Lazy Man H^TE, Lady Thera [-CF-],
    Lord Mirt [TEB], Limerence [S*D], Lady Emma Silvermane [RBG], Lord Ryce [FwD],
    Lord Kenndrix VI [P8V], Lord Nostadamus [SHE], Lineus [TEE], Lord Tolek,
    Lord Gramps [F*V], Lady SantanaII [IAN], Lord taselholf, Lord Celestial Knight,
    Mynn [CAT], Malia [DWxC], Murmandamus, Niva the Savage [T_T], NANOC [DWxC],
    Nancy Drew [DREW], Prometheus [H^TE], Promathia [FoA], Pink, Pets'R'us,
    Phoenix [DWxC], RAGNAR, Ry, Raven [FwD], Radaghast [DmG], Radaghast [DmG],
    Sami [S*D], Sage Delta [H^TE], Silence [OATH], San Grellon, Sherry [KFC],
    TinkerBell, Tobi [RAZE], TriX, Vampiro [SHE], WitchBlade [Kai]


    "From whence she come we do not know, only that she has returned!
    And together we shall fight this evil king. and the vile Shadowlords shall be pushed
    back into the hell they come from!

    Lady Dawn has returned to us!"


    Greetings Citizens
    I hath heard of Casca proclaimed himself ruler
    of this land. He wants to take over Luna with the help
    of the Shadowlords and destroy this fine city. We have
    seen what evil can destroy. I hath called upon the Platinum
    Dragons to assist in fighting the Shadowlords and Casca.
    I shall also need you the citizens to assist me too.

    If we are successful and thy citizens want me to be your
    Queen and Ruler then I shall.


    Greetings old friend.

    Hath been to long indeed M'lady.

    The citizens need thy assistance.

    You no doubt are aware. The vile elf hath allied himself
    with the Crimsons and the Shadowlords. A pox upon this land
    they are. Together we shall overcome this Tyranny.

    The Shadowlords and Casca art trying to destroy Luna.

    Never! Together we shall rise up. The Crimsons and Shadowlords
    shall fear the name Fayaxion! I offer you the aide of my race.
    We shall unseat this unjust king!

    Their are many foul creatures to slay but, not the ones here
    that need a bath. Together we shall destroy evil.

    And let all citizens of this land be free of those Evils!

    I hath word of the Crimson Dragons assisting Casca.

    And so they shall be crushed!

    I heard that Casca departed extremely fast when things got tough.

    His Cowardice Knows no Bounds!!

    I shall fight to the Death if needed to save these lands.

    Art thou with me... If So Yell Aye!!

    Dawn turned to KallasBR who did not say Aye!)

    Hath thee Nothing to say or art thou a spy?
    I shall turn his lights out permanently if needed.

    Thy enemy is already advancing toward the gates,.
    Thy enemy comes in droves. The guards are doing all they can but
    still need help. To the gates and defend thy City!!
    Farewell and Safe Journeys my friend.

    The gathered forces marched back into the city and began to battle
    many different creatures at the East Luna Gate. They were joined
    shortly by Dawn and Fayaxion.





    After the invasion force was beaten back. Lady Dawn spoke to the gathered force.
    The remaining invasion forces needed to be cleaned out of Luna City.

    Not too close or thy shall feel the cold of my steel sword.
    (She said to Nancy Drew)

    Loot thy corpses and collect thy rewards.

    (With that said people Scrambled to get to the corpses
    in hopes to find a special EM item.)

    Citizens go in groups of four and circle thy city to make
    sure their is no more invasion.

    Everyone mounted up and followed along side Dawn to inspect
    all the entrances to Luna City.


    Once all forces were gone from the city Dawn stood at the famous Escus mall and
    addressed the men and women who defended Luna city.

    Dawns Speech


    "Citizens we have beaten back part of the invasion.
    Their will be one last battle to come with the fighting of
    the Crimson and Platinum Dragons. I feel that battle will be very soon.

    I fear that battle shall be in the morrow sometime.
    The battle shall be within 24hours. Casca hath gotten word by
    now that we beat back his attempts.

    The battles winners shall be determined by your Event Moderators.
    They will monitor the outcome.

    The times for battle will be when Casca decides to show his pitiful self.
    The Event Moderators will monitor who is winning and who is losing.
    Not all shards will be the same.

    Some will side with the Platinum Dragons.
    Some shards the Crimson dragons.

    Its you the citizens who decide the fate of this shard.

    The house of Commons was destroyed and by my creed I proclaim
    it to be rebuilt. By your winning the battle against Casca I shall become
    your Queen.

    I fight with you and not against you. I am no dictator.
    I let you decide the outcome of tomorrows battle.
    You get the honor of knowing you destroyed Casca.
    Destroy Casca and Luna Stands."

    ExiledConnections Screamed: "BRING BACK LORD BLACKTHRON!!!!"

    "Lord Blackthorn is no longer in this realm.
    If spilling my blood to save you is what it takes then I shall see
    tomorrow in battle. Till tomorrow Citizens who from now on I will
    refer to as Friends. Hail Friends!"

    (A Hail came from all over the crowed gathered outside of Escus.)

    "Safe Journeys to all my friends."

    With all of that said, Dawn left the group to gather her strength for the
    coming battle tomorrow night! While still gathered people had something
    to say as well.

    Julius Michaels
    "Let Dawn be Queen and let Luna Burn"

    "Tes! Let Luna Burn!"

    Ebenezr Wildweed

    "I challenge you right now Dawn!"

    Genocide Junkie

    "I better get a fricken drop in my pack."

    "Were with you Dawn"

    Lord Gareth
    "Dawn Wins Luna Stands? Hmmm...."

    Bravo Kitty

    Ebenezr Wildweed


    "Bring Back Lord Blackthorn!!!"​