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[News] The Dark Age of the Pirates!

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Frarc, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:

    The Dark Age of the Pirates!

    Ones again the people of Britannia where asked to come to a very important meeting at the counselors hall in Britain.
    Daliah the Warlord wanted to talk to us about the increased pirates incidents at the shores of Sosaria.​


    A very large crowd of curious people where waiting for Daliah.​


    Daliah was very concerned about these events at our shores.
    But before she could do anything she had to consult with Queen Dawn.​

    Meanwhile while everyone was waiting for Daliah's return a Fisherman stumbled into the counselors hall.
    He was wounded.​


    Pablo came to tell that he was attacked while he was just fishing.
    A armada of ships showed up at the horizon.
    Ten of the fifteen ship turned towards Pablo's boat .
    Five others turned to another way.
    Barely escaped Pablo came as fast as he could to the counselors hall.
    He noted down the last coordinates for Daliah on a map so she could look for these pirates.​


    Shortly after Daliah came back from Queen Dawn.
    The Queen gave Daliah the order to do whatever she could against these pirates.
    The large crowd surely wanted to help Daliah with this difficult task.
    Daliah had a ship ready at the docks of Britain.
    A good thing there where several more ships at the docks to sail.
    One ship would not hold these many crewman.​


    Daliah followed Pablo's map exactly. Sure enough we started to sail towards Cove.
    Then we saw the ships.
    High up in the sky a flag with skull and bones.
    We found the pirates!​

    But when we came closer to Cove we saw that the town was overran by them. These where no normal pirates!
    They where already death!
    Undead Pirates!
    Our ships landed at the shores.
    Soon enough the crew where attacked by lots of undead pirates!​


    At first there seemed no end to these undead pirates but these brave hero's fought against them all.
    My eye fell on some plans on the docks.​


    We could not make anything out of it.
    Daliah heard something from the barrels near the docks.
    It was a Captain of the ships.

    After Captain Jack Swallow was defeated we found a special sextant on his body.
    Daliah decrypted the plans and saw that these pirates where preparing a invasion.
    Also the location of the other five ships.​

    Daliah made sure the ten ships went up in smoke.​


    The others ships where located near Honor island.
    Lucky some mages had runes to the island to shorten the trip.
    Again when the hero's arrived at the island more undead pirates where waiting for them.​


    After another long battle our hero's where victorious ones again.
    Daliah set fire to the remaining five ships.​


    One more island had to be cleared but before that restock of bandages,arrows and some badly needed repairs had to be done.
    Our hero's made a stop at the Luna moongate.​


    It was time for the final battle.​


    I'm sure Queen Dawn will be proud with all these brave man and woman fighting for there freedom.
    For freedom on land and seas.​

    They stopped this invasion this time but was this just a one time happening?
    Or will we see more ships with skull and bones flags on the horizon?​

    We have to stay alert on land and sea!​

    New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.​

  2. Legacyee

    Legacyee Guest

    Very nice Report Frarc

    Thanks for sharing this with us