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(NEWS) The Excavation Continues

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    [​IMG]The Excavation Continues[​IMG]
    August 08, 2009

    Written by Lady Phoenix [DWxC]
    Pictures by NANOC [DWxC]


    The group gathered on the shores where the Posiden's Fury lays in wreckage and grew impatient waiting for Lady Andrea Kildare to arrive. Slowly she made her way through the awaiting crowd and with much hemming and hawing and a most embarrassed look on her face she had bad news to tell us. It seems the Royal Engineers were unable (was it they were unwilling?) or unattainable at the moment to make the much needed winch. She went on to explain it may have something to do with the Luna invasions and all help is needed there. She promptly sent us over to the coconut grove where Balander has taken up residency in a tent.

    Balander informed the gathering of volunteers that this artifact was indeed spawned by the hand of the great god Posiden so that mortals would not be able to find it nor of the power to use it. What could this artifact be that controls the seas? The great mage wanted to know if we all remember the password that we had gotten from a simple riddle. Yes, Yes we yelled and then the word GOLDFISH could be heard. Balander needed to return to his home in Moonglow, that he so hastily left when first hearing of the finding of this artifact. Having been to his home months ago few could remember where it was located. Suddenly shouts from the group said it lays southeast of Moonglow..take the east gate out of town. With no encounters, quite surprising as Lord Casca still wishes to see this man Balander, we safely returned to his home. Balander pulled several books from the shelves, flipping pages and muttering but obviously we had been followed for out of no where executioners and evil mages appeared surrounding us. The battle raged on both inside and out. Our group fought hard, telling Balander to continue looking for this tome of knowledge, while we kept the forces back.


    I have found it ..he cried...most disturbing it is for it seems we need a magical energy crystal to recharge the battery. Lady Crystal offered him a power crystal asking if this would work.. he sadly shook his head. Another offered him a communication crystal...muttered Nay this is not the crystal. The crystal you seek is in a magical place, an ancient magical crystal of this type would not be found easily. Balander went on to say.. I will send word to Commander Foxx so that he might plan how we are to obtain such a crystal and where it perhaps is located. Commander Foxx will leave a scroll telling all when and where we are to gather. We are to check the Pirates Den located in Buc's Den (trammel) word will be left there for us.

    **(Please note the Andrea Kildare scroll is old and should not be taken as the scroll left.)**

    *Special Thanks to Lady Phoenix and Lord Nanoc for covering the story while I was away. Also a thanks to the owner of Loopy's At The Fair. Id be lost trying to get around without your rune books.*