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[NEWS] The Execution of Lady Aino Nystad

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Cymidei Fier, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Cymidei Fier

    Cymidei Fier Guest

    Stern faced and dressed in dark robes Corporal Brackus and the Town Guards stoically awaited the arrival of Lord Casca. A huge rowdy crowd formed of concerned citizens and rebels from the independent kingdoms crowded around the guillotine.

    When Lord Casca appeared he was not met with the adoration of his subjects but with cold indifference from some and hatred by most. Only the guards offered a salute at his approach but this was out of duty, certainly not from the love of a loyal subject for his King.

    Lord Casca began to speak:

    "As we all know for every action, every deed, there is a price and no law or liege can deem it otherwise. And when Lady Aino Nystad first came to me her cause was material but ultimately noble. In her I saw a spirit of loyalty and determination.

    I thought surely I could mold this fiery soul into a force of righteousness. A force so unyielding as to rekindle the hearts of my people during a time so fraught with death, and grief, and war. A ray of light to pierce the dark.

    But Lady Aino has shown me my error. She has taken my generosity as weakness. She deals contemptuously with my other servants and plots secretly against me."

    Lady Aino gripped the bars of the prison cart as Lord Casca spoke as if outraged by his words.

    The royal guard Vizarr barked at her "Unhand those bars!"

    Lady Wildstar broke her silence yelling out "Fake charges by a fake king!" At her words the crowd too yelled in agreement.

    Undaunted Lord Casca continued his tirade: "And in another way, you who plot with her see the fruit of your labor for here she is suffering for your sins. And her recent actions have proven beyond a doubt that the suspicions of her were true. And for which the only price of her actions, her deeds, is death. *Looks into the crowd* No, you should have considered well what you have already started! See now, my wayward children, the price of your unrest?

    You are charged with sedition, unrest, conspiracy against the crown, insubordination and a list of the offenses I am certain your allies here can attest to. At last, noble Lady..here before those who claim to be your friends."


    At Lord Casca's command, Lady Aino was dragged out the prison cart and marched to the guillotine. The crowd errupted once again into a flurry of protests, some casting spells and potions, urging Lady Aino to escape.

    The Royal Guard commented that if Lady Aino ran now, the charges against her would be justified. I could not help but think that if Lady Aino did not run, she would prove nothing in death save for the depth of Lord Casca's depravity and cruelty.

    Lord Casca said "Do you have any final words Lady Nystad?"

    Lady Aino replied with a gentle smile "Yes, my Lord I have three final words for thee KAL ORT POR!!!!"
    Lady Aino could not escape before because of the anti-magus crystallinus that prevented her from using magic. However, by following rumors in Britain we were able to locate the laboratory of Finneus Crick and obtain a blackrock dye that blocked the effects of the anti-magus crystallinus. Many adventurers worked hard to get access to the laboratory and to make Lady Aino's escape possible.


    The King listened to the jeers of the jubilant crowd as they celebrated Lady Aino's escape with sullen rage. Seconds later he ordered his guards to attack the independent kingdoms. More to follow from the other reporters as I Lady Cymidei Fier had to return to the Dark Tower, one of my lowly minions set the carpet on fire and I was unable to attend. :wall: